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Hello Stage 32!

As you have likely heard by now, Stage 32 is screening the films affected by the recent SXSW cancellation (more info here, here, & here). The response has been magnificent, and we here at Stage 32 are in awe of the boundless support the entire world has for independent film.

When we first made the announcement on Monday, Variety, Screen Daily, IMDb, and Broadway World were quick to share our message. Since then, we have had over 50 publications, blogs, and fellow entertainment companies join the cause and the media requests keep rolling in faster than we can keep up! Additionally, and most rewarding, the Stage 32 community and filmmakers from every corner of the world have united to support the hardworking filmmakers, casts, and crews that are dealing with the cancellation of SXSW.

We wanted to share some of the most recent coverage. 


CNN MSNBC  Variety are Showing Up to Support Indie Film and Stage 32


CNN - Films Set to Screen at Cancelled SXSW Offered New Platform

MSNBC - Films Set to Screen at Cancelled SXSW Given Second Chance at Exposure

Variety (again!) - 5 Ways Entertainment Companies are Doing Business During Coronavirus


That is just the tip of the iceberg! We want to give a resounding, shouted from the rooftops, THANK YOU to all of the folks that have come out to support. 


No Film School - SXSW May be Cancelled, but There's Another Way to Screen Your Film

Indie Film Hustle - Stage 32 to Help Filmmakers Affected by SXSW Cancellation

Slash Film - Stage 32 Streaming SXSW 2020 Movies for Interested Filmmakers

Awards Circuit - Stage 32 to Help Filmmakers Affected by SXSW Cancellation

The Express Informer - SXSW Films Given Second Chance at Exposure

AIPS - Stage 32 Social Network Platform's Solution to SXSW Cancellation

News 24 France - 2nd Chance for SXSW Filmmakers

The Union Journal NYC - SXSW FIlms Given Second Chance for Screening

WGRR Cincinnati - Films Set to Screen at Cancelled SXSW Offered New Platform

Ramingo Blog - Stage 32 Showcasing SXSW Films in April

Best Celebrity News - Stage 32 Streaming Platform Offering to Play SXSW 2020 Films

Conservative Angle - Stage 32 Sets Online Screenings After SXSW Cancellation

Prime Tweets - Stage 32 Offering to Play SXSW 2020 Selected Movies

Henry Herald (via CNN) - Films Set to Screen at Cancelled SXSW Offered New Platform


We will continue posting updates and more information right here on Stage 32, but also be sure to follow our Founder & CEO Richard "RB" Botto on Twitter & Instagram as well as Stage 32 Twitter & Instagram so you can see all the other great content being shared not only by Stage 32 members, press, and the film community at large.

If you know any of the SXSW 2020 filmmakers, kindly let them know they submit their films at If any official SXSW filmmakers have questions about the Stage 32 screening, please email 

Again, we ask you to please share these media articles through your social, personal websites, other media contacts or anyone else you can think of that would be interested!

Thank you again to all the Stage 32 members, news outlets, and fellow filmmakers all over the world that are coming out to #SupportIndieFilm!



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Stage 32 SXSW Screening Update - Live from Austin with Taylor C. Baker
THANK YOU Stage 32 Members & Independent Film Community Worldwide!
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