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Happy Filmmaker Friday Stage 32!

I am incredibly jazzed to share with you an incredible video series called "Casting: An Actor's Perspective" by actor and long-time Stage 32 member Jon Snow. Jon has worked with some of the biggest casting offices in Los Angeles as an audition reader for over three years. He has been in well over 10,000 auditions and has had an unprecedented ringside seat to auditions performed by newcomers all the way to name stars. 

As an actor himself (you can see him on GOOD GIRLS on NBC, ALL RISE on CBS, and THE ROOKIE on ABC to name a few), Jon has soaked up a well of information on what works, and what doesn't work, when it comes to booking your next acting gig. We are so excited that Jon is sharing his insider tips with the Stage 32 community!

Get to know Jon in his first video below, followed by two insider tips on how to nail your next audition. Stay tuned, we will be following along with Jon's video series and posting more tips in future blogs right here on Stage 32!

After three and a half years of being a reader in multiple casting offices in Los Angeles, and participating in more than 10,000 auditions, I'm sharing with you the knowledge and insight I've gained by being a fly-on-the-wall in the room with casting director's, directors, producers, and showrunners. So take the journey with me, and discover some insider secrets that will help you manage your fears and expectations, as well as give you an edge as soon as you walk in the audition room.


Click Here to Watch Jon's Introduction & Welcome


Audition Lesson #1: Tell, Don't Ask

In this video, I break down how to be a leader in the industry, and how to take control of the audition room as soon as you step foot in the door.


Click Here to Watch "Tell, Don't Ask"


Audition Lesson #2:  First Beat, Forget the Rest

In this episode, I'll tell you how to create genuine discovery, and why you should never again beat out your entire scene for an audition.


Click Here to Watch "First Beat, Forget the Rest"



About Jon Snow

Casting An Actors Perspective  Episode 1 Tell Dont Ask

Jon Snow is, first and foremost, an escapee of a cult, and a thriving survivor of sexual abuse. Born the son of a Fundamentalist Baptist preacher, Jon grew up primarily in St. Louis, Missouri before his great escape from the church and it’s mental, emotional, and physical abuses. Now, Jon is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA as an actor and writer living in Los Angeles with his partner, Auriell and their two dogs, Molly and Justin.

He’s been seen on All Rise on CBS, The Rookie on ABC, Good Girls on NBC, as well as other tv shows and films. Jon is a speaker and a solo performance artist who focuses his work and artistry into continually honing his voice so that he can tell his story of escape and healing in an effort to help others who have felt oppressed, demeaned, and unheard, find the strength and power of their own voices.

Keep up with Jon on his website, IMDb, Instagram, and YouTube

Watch Jon's Comedy Reel & Drama Reel!

Videos edited by Melissa Blue at Rock Your Reel


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