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Happy Sunday, everyone.  And for those celebrating in the States, Happy Labor Day weekend.

In this edition of Coffee & Content, I have two videos I believe you'll find most informative.  First up, it's Stanley Kubrick and The Shining.  It's well documented that Stephen King was not on board with Kubrick's adaptation of his epic novel.  In this video we see how and why Kubrick made his choices in what he included, expanded upon and what he left behind.

Next up, a look at the first season of True Detective, widely hailed by many as a masterclass in character development and storytelling.  The video below explores how those characters became so richly drawn.

Hope you enjoy the content.  As always, I ask you to hit those share buttons above and push this content around the interwebs so others can benefit as well.  Give to live!

Have a great rest of the weekend.




How Stanley Kubrick Adapted The Shining Into a Cinematic Masterpiece

True Detective - Developing Characters 


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