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Happy Sunday to all.  Hope you're all having a fulfilling and creative weekend.

Coffee is brewed and piping hot...Let's get to the content.

First up today, many great screenwriters and playwrights - David Mamet is one who comes to mind immediately - speak about the need for writers to create conflict in every scene.  Our first video today dives deep on conflict, citing examples from a plethora of revered films to drive the point home.

Second, a video no filmmaker or producer is going to want to miss.  It's been said that every problem discovered in post-production is likely due to a mistake, oversight or simple neglect during pre-production.  This latest video from Film Courage, takes a look at how you can cover all your bases in the pre-production phase to assure that the rest of the ride through production, post, and beyond goes smoothly.

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Enjoy the content and the coffee!




How to Create Story Conflict

A Pre-Production Checklist for Filmmakers

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