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We want to give a huge shout out to Ron Newcomb for having our fearless leader, RB, as a guest on the Film Trooper podcast. This is an inspirational and motivating podcast filled with a ton of advice and information to help you as a creative. RB talks about how many filmmakers get wrapped up in how to "crowdfund". Most filmmakers are too focused on having people give them money to help make their movie. Most filmmakers don't stop and ask, "What can I give back to the people I'm asking money from?" Some will say, "People will get my movie." But the reality is ... most people don't want your movie. The real question should be, "How do I rise above the noise to get support for my movie?"

That's where this podcast comes in.


Listen to the Podcast

I'd recommend taking some time to plug in your ear buds because this is one hell of a motivational podcast where RB goes over:

  • RB's new book Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers
  • The origins of Stage 32 
  • Best practices and tips on how to use Stage 32
  • Advice on crowdsourcing
  • Advice on crowdfunding
  • Advice on how to get yourself out there in the entertainment industry
  • Advice on how to stay motivated
  • Stage 32 success stories
  • Lots and lots of laughs & motivation!


Creatives Prepare to Get Motivated  Film Trooper Podcast

To play the podcast, click here


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