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Our Fearless Leader was a guest on the extremely popular indiefilm podcast, Indie Film Hustle, hosted by filmmaker (and Stage 32 member) Alex Ferrari.  This was one lively show.  RB and Alex covered a ton of ground on a variety of indie film topics.  We ask that you not only listen, but spread the love by sharing the show on social media!  Thanks in advance!

Here's a description of the show from the man himself, Alex Ferrari:

Blueprint to Make it in the Film Business with Stage 32

Have you ever wanted an easy blueprint to make it in the film business? I know I have. Well you are in for a treat. I had an amazing interview with Richard “RB” Botto from the online film community Stage

Stage 32 is a US-based social network and educational site for creative professionals who work in film, television and theater. Stage 32 links professionals in the entertainment industry including directors, writers, actors and entertainment staff.

It caters to film industry professionals with featured bloggers, online education taught by industry professionals, news from Hollywood and filming locations around the world, Stage 32 meetups page, an online lounge and a film business jobs page that allows members to connect with others on film ventures, along with standard social media functions.

CEO and founder, Richard “RB” Botto, an Orson Welles fan, drew his inspiration for the name “Stage 32” from the old RKO Soundstage 17 where Citizen Kane was filmed. That sound stage is now Paramount’s Stage 32.

Botto states that he created Stage 32 in order to connect, to educate, and to increase the odds of success for creative professionals in the film and television industries, regardless of their geographical location.

I sat down and picked RB’s brain about what it really takes to make it in the film business. What came out was an remarkable conversation where you really feel like a fly on the wall. I would’ve killed for the information we cover in this podcast when I was starting out.

So enjoy this fascinating interview with Richard “RB” Botto from Stage 32.

Click here to listen to the Indie Film Hustle podcast!



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