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There are a ka-zillion teachers, 5 billion books, and 60 million webinars out there to teach you how to become a better screenwriter. There are even writing coaches to guide you.

All of them make some really valid points.
And all of them have feedback that may be more subjective than anything.

Everyday on Stage 32, different questions regarding writing and formatting pop up. And, because we have so much experience here, our writers and other creatives jump on board to answer. (Which we love, love, love.)

Got a Problem in Your Script Fix it With These Tips

Despite all of the "rules" and opinions and structure, one thing is for sure; every writer should start out by learning the most fundamental aspects of a script. And then, (as I was so dutifully told back in the day), the writer can stray from those fundamentals to create their own unique pieces of work.

Eric Bork, best known for his work as a writer on HBO's Band of Brothers, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Script Problems that many of us face - and what we can do to overcome them.

Read the full article here:

Top 10 Script Problems



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