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Happy Thursday Stage 32 Community!

I am beyond honored to present an amazing blog from long-time Stage 32 member, North Carolina-based screenwriter and author, Rashika Roberts!

Rashika is the human equivalent of sunshine (check out this Instagram live we did with her to experience her joyous & inspirational energy) and is an incredible example of the magic that can come from networking on Stage 32.

In the six years Rashika has been a member of Stage 32, she has popped into countless Introduce Yourself Weekends and made incredible connections with Stage 32 members from all over the world. In her blog below, Rashika gives you her advice - one Stage 32 member to another - on how to make the most out of your profile!

Be sure to check out the Stage 32 blog tomorrow for a special Introduce Yourself Weekend Challenge from our fearless leader and CEO, Richard "RB" Botto!

I hope all of you are well and looking forward to making some pretty amazing connections on Stage 32!

I am a mother of three girls, one and a half college grads and a little Einstein. My eldest is an entrepreneur and teaches influencers how to grow, increase leads, and sustainability. My middle child attends SCAD and has been in more films than I’ve ever written. My baby girl has mastered 2D, 3D, all things technical more than mommy and preparing to do some work for Crunchyroll.

I didn’t share that to chat about my children. I’ve done so as a reminder of how important education is. My girls wouldn’t be experiencing their dream careers at such young ages without solid foundations. Now that they’re on their way it’s my time.

When I joined Stage 32, I’d made the decision to get serious about my writing career. I honestly didn’t know what that actually meant but I was ready. Before diving into the festivals, webinars and all of the wonderful services, I went directly to the success stories. Time is irreplaceable so I needed to be sure I was utilizing mine well. By the time I got to the fourth story, I was sold on the platform.

I was pumped! I created a schedule to write and rewrite. I located Stage 32 Instagram and started following so I wouldn’t miss out on a thing. I was all in when someone said, “be careful, you can blow a lot of money trying to get someone to look at your stuff.” That should have deflated me, right? The hell if it did! I thought, all of the cash I’ve shucked out for my children’s education and you think I’m going to forget about myself, bye Felicia! Investing in my education is just as important! It was time for this spicy mama to win!

I’ve learned more from Stage 32 education than I did in film school, no bull. And have made more connections online during the pandemic shut down than I did when I was traveling to LA and Atlanta for projects.

It also hasn’t cost me a fortune. The platform was created with positive intent. The collaborative initiative has bolstered so many opportunities. There are a plethora of amazing resources and like a business, a good plan of action can increase successful results.

“Stage 32 is Meets LinkedIn For Film, Television, and Theater Creatives.”

- Forbes


How to Maximize Your Entertainment Career with Stage 32


So where do you start when you’re new to all of this?

It’s About You

After joining, create a bio. Tell everyone who you are and what you do. An updated bio makes it easier for members to connect. Without it, you’re just an image. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m less likely to be interested in who you are when all I see is your picture staring at me. This is a great space to humbly brag, so go for it. You’ve worked hard. You’re here for a reason. Make it count!

Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself Weekends are once a month on Stage 32 in the Introduce Yourself Lounge. The next Introduce Yourself Weekend starts tomorrow (Friday, 2/19), and I will see you there!

Take a deep breath and go for it. Share one or two sentences with a few details about you and your creative goals. I’ve been a member for six years and continue to pop in to say hello and e-meet new members. I can spend well over an hour chatting/networking. It’s a great conversation starter and perfect for introverts.

Introductions create follows. Follows can create leads. You’re probably planning to Netflix and Chill. Why not meet and greet on Stage 32 before you get started!


How to Maximize Your Entertainment Career with Stage 32


Lounges on Stage 32

Locate a comfortable space. Pop into a Stage 32 lounge of your artistic choice. From animation, acting, and screenwriting, to filmmaking, post production, financing, and more - there is a Stage 32 lounge with thousands of members ready to chat with you about your chosen craft. 

If you’re not ready to participate, no worries, reading the comments are inspiring. The lounges are very similar to college discussion boards, but they’re free! They’re so simple to navigate and the creatives are super helpful, respectful and offer great advice. You’re not being graded so no pressure, we’re all in this together.


Layout A Budget

It doesn’t matter how much you make. It’s all about how you spend it.

It’s very easy to get excited and want to be a part of every festival, webinar, pitch service, writer’s room etc. That is all good. Your head is in the right place my friend. And there’s no such thing as blowing your money here because the return value is exceptional.

When you are a creative you are an Entrepreneur.

Create a monthly schedule that maps out what you want, when you want it, and how much you’re planning to invest. This helps you see where your money is going and stay on track with your goals. I call mine the Power Play just to make it fun and because I’m a huge risk taker!


How to Maximize Your Entertainment Career with Stage 32


Four P’s for Successful Outcome on Stage 32 and Life!

Process: Take some time to review the site.

Plan: Make a list of what you’d like to gain. (and give)

Prioritize: Prioritize your goals. (what’s most important to focus on)

Proceed: Once you’re organized, jump in.

I am a storyteller with hopes of changing the world. We are creatives giving back to provide peace, love, diversity, mystery, triumph, adversity, and soul. Keep growing, learning, and honing your craft.


About Rashika Roberts

How to Maximize Your Entertainment Career with Stage 32

Hello Stage 32 creatives! I am a big personality, short chic pretending to be tall in sparkly heels. I am also a screenwriter and author with a knack for comedic dialogue and character-driven content. I am a show host on iHeart Radio and I've interviewed everyone from Laila Ali to Adam Carolla.

My creative writing career started as an author. I published and illustrated my first children's book in 2014 and my self-help guide in 2017. My book, How To Get Away With Marriage inspired my blog, which soon led to a column for the Good Men Project Magazine and ultimately editor. After writing and editing for Good Men for three years I launched my magazine, Bold. While I enjoyed interviewing promoting, and advertising celebrities' upcoming shows and products, it was the storytelling that motivated me to expand my career.

I obtained a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment and a Certification in Contract Law from Harvard. I have written award-winning short films, Clean Kiss, Life Out Loud, and Don't Open the Door. I wrote and produced an award-winning short film, Beautiful Reality. I wrote and produced a short-form children's animation, an adaptation of my book I Love My Name. Recently, I launched a podcast, The Natural Chic Show, a show that highlights series episodes of drama, horror, and comedy features I've written and can be located at . I have a short-form animated series in development.

I joined Stage 32 to make connections and build relationships. Six years later, I am a blogger and ambassador who simply can't brag enough about the education and authenticity of the platform.


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