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Hey guys.

Very often, I hear from members of the community who are having a difficult time navigating the business side of the industry.  Honing their craft, no problem.  Building relationships, winning champions and getting past the gatekeepers, a challenge that not only puts many through the wringer, but dampens their creative spirit as well.

I'm here to tell ya, the fear, the resistance, the reluctance can all be overcome.  And it doesn't take much.  In fact, just a few changes in commitment, approach and attitude can not only help you move from neutral to drive, but give you an immediate competitive advantage. 

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Indie Film Grit podcast and we talked about the best practices of navigating the business and creative sides of the business.  We also discussed common mistakes that hold people back from making the connections and building the relationships necessary to succeed in this business.

In addition to this very important topic, host Tim Patrick and I spoke about:

  • The origin of Stage 32 and the education it provides filmmakers
  • Building relationships and networks
  • Crowdsourcing vs Crowdfunding
  • The brand of content vs. the brand of self
  • The future of filmmaking and where we're headed
  • Writing "Crowdsourcing For Filmmakers" and why crowdsourcing is such a now strategy

So here's some free content with actionable advice and information you can listen to anywhere at any time. I hope you enjoy it and share it where possible. And, of course, I welcome questions and thoughts in the comments section below.



Listen to the podcast below!

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