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Last year, my good friend, fellow screenwriter and valued Stage 32 member, Beth Fox Heisinger, came up with the idea of running a 30 Day Write Club for the writers on this platform. The idea was to make each day in November count by having our writers support and encourage one another. The goal was to get thoughts on paper, words on pages and, ultimately, projects completed.

Hundreds of writers participated. Some quit, but a large majority made it to the finish line, enriched and emboldened by the experience.

Today, Stage 32 and the Stage 32 Happy Writers present year 2 of the 30 Day Write Club. And Beth is back to kick the whole thing off once again.

Let's get writing!




It’s that time of year, people. Can I get a hearty “YES!”

It’s time for November Write Club. So let’s hunker down. And. Get. It. Done. Whatever “it” is for you. We’ll use the 30 days of November as a personal deadline for whatever project you’re working on; be it a first draft, a rewrite, a TV pilot, a short, a feature, a pitch, whatever.

There are no parameters other than what you choose to accomplish within the month of November.

We’ll support, inspire and cheer each other on throughout our 30-day endeavors. We’ll encourage each other to reach our individual goals.

Please keep in mind: this is not a competition. This is not a win/lose thing. No word count. No page count. No. This exercise is about pushing forward.

In the weeks ahead we’ll share our highs and lows within the ongoing Screenwriting lounge thread, and share our progress within the weekly November Write Club check-in blogs every Sunday. Remember participation is key. You must check in and report your progress, and participate by supporting and encouraging others all month long. There’ll be a well-earned “gift” at the end, an extended push forward with whatever step may be next for you.


So whaddaya say? You in?


Let's share our individual progress, offer help and tips, and post motivational quotes to get us through this 30 day exercise. We'll stay in touch in the Stage 32 Lounge here and check in on RB's Weekend Blog.


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