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The June 2016 On Stage With RB was one for the record books! RB spent 3 hours with the Stage 32 community and had on 2 special guests, first up was Development Executive Tiegen Kosiak (formerly of Zoe Saldana's production company, CineStar Pictures). The second special guest was Zahida Kazar, an Operations Coordinator with independent film distributor, Gravitas Ventures.

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Then RB launched into an epic Q&A session covering the topics below:

  • Is it smarter to go on Itunes or does that decrease my chance of getting on Amazon or Netflix?
  • What are the likelihood of an established showrunner seeing your material and liking it - wanting to produce it?
  • Do you see the quality of screenwriting and projects suffering at all with the more we focus on diversifying as opposed to quality of work?
  • Do you see any downfall with superhero market becoming too saturated?
  • Great webinar! I am a writer based in the UK. Were Tiegan's pointers about original writing relevant completely to writers over here?
  • Were you on 'Bullwinkle'?
  • Difference between the Editor's Guilds? If you are part of one are you part of the others?
  • How can I build relationships with producers and agents?
  • How can one determine, as a writer, what the current "fad" is? Like how can one make sure that you can sell the original pieces, or reboots, etc?
  • Since IPs are becoming so relied upon now, would you say it's more difficult to pitch original material now?
  • Can branding yourself as a director be a trap for yourself as being only known for a certain type of content?
  • I'm actually graduating college soon. Do you have any tips on networking in the business for people still in school?
  • When a mentorship isn't working, how do you discuss it with whoever is mentoring you?
  • I am incredibly impressed by your Weekend Blog - How do you find the time to gather so much information with everything else you do?
  • How did you come to create Stage32, I mean, what was your original idea behind it. And did you already have the right connections in order to do so?
  • I saw you say on your Video Mailbag that 80% of people will not click on an external link. Is that really true?
  • I really love what you've done with The Happy Writers. Erik and Matt are so responsive and helpful and the feedback is done in record time. I'm curious to how you vet your executives and how often you turn people away?
  • How do you start in your process when it comes to tackling editing after your first draft? Do you have certain things you do or is it different every time? (And if there's a method you prefer, what is it?)
  • Can a writer get writing assignments if you don't have a manager?
  • How important is it to have a writing/filmmaking partner? What is the best way to find one?
  • As a writer, what are good resources to find other writers that i can bounce ideas off of?
  • Hi RB, Otello from Falmouth Uk, third year film student! I'm currently updating my profile on Stage 32 and uploading my scripts and interests and such. How do I actually go about showcasing myself as a writer on Stage 32, as well as other social media places? Such as instagram? What's the best way to get my name out there.
  • Hi My name is Mary Johnson and I from Jamaica. I am an author. I am also interested in creating a manga version for my novel Renwar Vallée - Also thinking of doing screen writing to. So looking forward to learn from this session. Jamaica
  • I just moved to Georgia due to all the filming going on there. I do not know many people however. How can I easily find people to network with in the area who are members of Stage 32?
  • Is it more worthwhile to go independent with film or try and get your film picked up by a major production company?
  • Rich, what are your suggestions for finding production money apart from crowdfunding?
  • I’m based in Greece. Have you worked on European co-productions? Have any advice on navigating Europe’s co-productions?
  • I’m about to launch my films crowdfunding campaign, do you have any advice for me?
  • If I'm in preproduction and building my team and I want to post a job on Stage 32, should I post the name of the film or not? Why or why not?
  • Where do you hope Stage 32 will be in five or ten years and beyond long after your time?
  • In a meeting, how quickly should a professional writer be able to come up with story ideas based on a concept they've been given? Is it a good idea to build the skill of being able to do that in the moment? Are writers typically given a little time to percolate over a concept?
  • What do you do after you've finished your final draft of the script?
  • For those who are afraid of marketing themselves because of their short resume - what do you suggest they do in order to get their work out there, to build up the confidence to get out there and get their career off the ground?
  • I’m producing a $500k independent and have 50% of the funding in. Should I put my project on Stage 32 – I’m worried about someone stealing the concept.
  • I participated to 5 different script pitch competitions delivering a simple outline. All 5 times I was among the first 3 favorite ones. Does this mean anything? Or is it just BS?
  • What’s going on with your script.
  • Where do you hope Stage 32 will be in five or ten years and beyond long after your time?

To watch the June 2016 edition of On Stage With RB, click here.

To view past On Stage With RB broadcasts, click here now.

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