On Stage with RB (August 2014) Now On Demand for FREE

Posted by Stage 32 Staff - Julie

The August edition of "On Stage with RB" is now live and free to view on On Demand in our Education section.  You can click here to view the video.

Stage 32 Founder and CEO, RB spent over 2 hours going over site features and answering your questions. **We highly recommend you listen around the 1:35 mark for some incredible and powerful advice about Stage 32 – “What’s the #1 networking mistake people make on Stage 32 and what would RB’s best tip for networking on Stage 32 be?”

We had an exciting change this month, as RB opened up the discussion and talked to 5 Stage 32 members LIVE about successes they have had using Stage 32. During a 10 minute opening, RB covered the following Stage 32 topics:

  • Updates Section
  • Getting Started / Help / FAQ section
  • New Social Media buttons – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Email
  • Following / Unfollowing Discussions
  • New Feature - Posting Photo / Video / Audio / Logline / Script directly on your wall
  • New Message System
  • New Invite System – Improved way to invite your fellow creatives to join our community
  • Stage 32 Happy Writers new feature - coverage services: top 3 each month listed
  • Stage 32 Success Stories

Then, in a wide ranging, nearly 2 hour Q&A session, RB addressed these topics and answered the following questions raised by the community:

  • Success story – Sloane Warren (live)
  • Success story - Brandi Thomas (live)
  • Success story – JR & Alex Cohen (live)
  • Success story – Laurie Ashbourne (live)
  • Success story – Bill Hartin (live)
  • Should you copyright your work before posting?
  • Are there opportunities for people under 18?
  • What is the low, average and high amounts paid for scripts?
  • Does documentary have a place on Stage 32? (Alex Pop international success story)
  • Stage 32 meetups
  • The global reach of Stage 32 – the universal appeal
  • Advice on pursuing job postings
  • Can you sell work in the US if you are not from the US? (Stage 32 success stories, New Zealand and UK)
  • Distribution
  • Crowdfunding
  • What types of monologues should an actor chose?
  • The number one mistake people make on Stage 32
  • And much, much more...

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