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Welcome to the weekend everyone. And it’s that time of the month again. Time for Introduce Yourself Weekend. Whether you’re new to the community or a vet, head over to the Introduce Yourself section of the Lounge and feel free to tell everyone a little bit about yourself. But don’t stop there! Be sure to welcome others and network! These weekends always lead to amazing connections and collaborations.

Also we’re in the thick of the April Content challenge. Thousands of pieces of content have been shared. But that’s not enough! We encourage everyone to participate!

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We have collected some of the best content the community has shared in the POPULAR AND INTERESTING LOUNGE DISCUSSIONS section below!

This week, under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: How indie films can thrive in a blockbuster world; Maria Bello sounds off on female representation in film; a plethora of Cannes news; all the latest on the SAG-AFTRA elections; 60 Minutes discovers the China film market; Amazon promises theatrical for all films; James Cameron speaks out against the Screening Room and much, much more.

In the VIDEOS section this week, I have Scorsese, Spielberg and Redmayne.

Under TIPS, the hidden power of trusting your gut instincts plus acting, filmmaking, indiefilm and screenwriting tricks and info.

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Have a terrific and creative (Introduce Yourself) weekend!





To Edit Or Not To Edit - That Is The Question - I get asked by a lot of writers, "does presentation really matter, as long as the content is great?"  YES, it does matter, because if someone is reading your work and all they can see are glaring spelling, grammatical or formatting errors, it will seem as though you don't care enough and if you don't care enough about your own work, why should anyone else? Whether that is a producer or someone reading your novel, it's the same. If your work is not at its best and it's being read by a publisher or producer, your work will most likely be going to the bottom of the rejection pile before the reader has reached the end of the first couple of pages. Read Rosalind Winton's article on what to look for here

Content Challenge Update - Over 5,000 Pieces of Content Shared! We're just a little over a week into the Stage 32 Content Challenge and already over 5,000 pieces of content (articles, photos, videos, etc) have been shared. This has led to some incredible networking as well as terrific conversations and debate. I have more information about what's gone on so far as well as where the community can still use your help in this video...

Filmmakers - See Breaking News From NAB 2016 LIVE on Stage 32! - EXCITING UPDATE! Stage 32 will be broadcasting a breaking news LIVE feed from the 2016 NAB show in Las Vegas, NV all week long! NAB is the premier conference to discover emerging technologies and latest innovations in digital media, film, entertainment, post-production and more! Read here to get all of the details in this amazing event!


The Next Steps After A Failed Crowdfunding Campaign (Apr 21) The crowdfunding landscape is incredibly exciting but also ever changing and increasingly difficult to navigate. New crowdfunding platforms are constantly being launched, new projects raise the bar and change backer expectations, and it often feels like there is an infinite amount of conflicting opinions on how “best” to run a campaign. Even after doing everything “right,” statistically, most campaigns will fail. However, “failure” doesn’t mean the end of the line for your idea – in fact, it can even lead to greater successes down the road! Having run four crowdfunding campaigns (three “unsuccessful” and one final “successful” campaign raising over $75,000) and learning first hand what works and what doesn’t, Erin will share her experience and discuss some of the tips and learnings she has picked up along the way for running a strong campaign for your unique project, including potentially reshaping your understanding of what “a successful campaign” really means. She has diverse experience spanning the past 10 years in developing games within a variety of environments, including as a developer, publisher, academic, and indie. She is passionate about the potential games have to empower, educate, and inspire players of all kinds and to make the world a better, more playful place. To this end, she founded the game studio Flying Mollusk to further pursue these ambitions.

What you will learn:

  • What to Do If Your Campaign Ends Unsuccessfully
  • Is Crowdfunding Right for Me?
  • Research
  • Wise Crowdfunding Planning/Scheduling
  • Pre-Production Action Plan
  • Launch

To register for this informative program, click here!

How to Hook the Executive in the First 10-15 Pages (On Demand) Stage 32 Happy Writers is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 4-part class: How to Hook the Executive in the First 15 Pages taught by Lee Stobby literary manager and founder of Lee Stobby Entertainment. This class will give you the much needed tools to craft a killer opening to keep the executive engaged and excited about your script!

What you will learn:

  • Part 1 - Importance & Mistakes - The most important elements of the first 10-15 pages including tone, giving your protagonist an interesting opening, setting up flaws, normal routines and a compelling inciting incident
  • Part 2 - Committing to Tone - Lee discusses tone and different ways a writer can make the tone clear in the first 2 pages.
  • Part 3 - Characterization - He runs through how long the normal routine section should be as well as common mistakes writers make during the sequence and some tips on how to hold the executive's attention.
  • Part 4 - Plot - Lee discusses the importance of the inciting incident, including what page this should take place on, how heightened it should be based on tone and some ways your hero should react to this event.

Read more details about what you will learn and register here


Pitch Elissa Dauria
Creative Executive, Maximum Films & Management
Specializes in family friendly, grounded sci-fi, drama, thriller and horror features & TV pilots (no zombies or YA romance).
Sunday, April 17th · 12:00 - 2:30 PM PDT (Click here to register now!)

Elissa Dauria is currently a Creative Executive at Maximum Films & Management. Their clients include DreamWorks, Illumination, RatPac, and NBC Universal TV, among others.

Pitch Jordan Elizabeth Goettling
Assistant to Partners/Founders, Heroes and Villains Entertainment
Specializes in horror, thriller and mystery (features & TV) - Sunday, April 17th · 2:00 - 4:30 PM PDT (Click here to register!)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Jordan grew up surrounded by talent and developed a discerning taste for budding writers and actors. After graduating with a degree in Marketing/PR, she pursued her passion in the entertainment industry, honing her skills and connections through executive assisting celebrities. During which time, she also worked at several boutique PR agencies eventually going on to volunteer her time working for actors and films she felt warranted the additional help and visibility. From there she worked as a producer on several low budget indies and went on to executive produce/line produce her own million-dollar feature. She recently made the move from ICM Partner's Talent division to Heroes and Villains Entertainment, where she works primarily with writers and directors. Jordan works directly under both partners on the representation side and is heavily involved in the development of in house projects. She is currently looking to build her own roster and is particularly interested in building out the horror presence at HVE.

Pitch Adam Neuhaus
Director of Development, ESPN Films and Original Content
Saturday, April 23rd · 10:00 - 12:30 PM PDT
Specializes in comedy features and dramatic 1-hour pilots.

Adam Neuhaus is a Creative Producer for non-scripted, digital, scripted, film, gaming, experiential and sponsored content. He currently works as the Director of Development for ESPN Films and Original Content overseeing the 30 for 30 short films and a variety of ESPN storytelling initiatives. Among his outside projects includes the narrative video game, 1979 Revolution by Navid Khonsari and the short documentary,Saving Happy Birthday, directed by Jenn Nelson which will air on The Guardian this spring.





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