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Welcome to the weekend, everyone. This is one jammed packed blog filled with content (I believe) you’ll want to discuss and share with your fellow creatives. Let’s get to it.

Under ENTERTAINMENT AND INDUSTRY NEWS this week: A look a the most daunting aspect of working in indiefilm today; a little film festival controversy revealed; all sorts of diversity articles; FX’s CEO keeps talking and talking and talking; NY and Toronto Film Festivals make programming announcements; a look at the studio box office collapse; why marketing can ruin your movie; Film L.A. raises their permit fees; Iceland raises their incentives; a couple of VR articles and much, much more.

In the VIDEOS section, 12 essential female cinematographers; THR’s Reality Rountable and the Sundance short that broke the Duplass brothers.

Under TIPS, 31 life hacks to improve your life plus screenwriting, acting, filmmaking and film editing tips and tricks.

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Five Pieces of Advice for Film & Media Composers - Here are five pieces of advice I wish I'd known when I was starting out as a media composer. Firstly as my disclaimer; these are by no means hard and fast rules. Think of the following as food for thought and NOT a recipe for success, but it may help you avoid cooking up a few dodgy meals. Click here!

Collaboration Agreements: What They mean And How They Work - Under the US copyright law, although ideas alone are not protectable, an author or creator owns a copyright in his or her work the moment the author’s expression of the idea is 'fixed in a tangible medium.' (i.e., when the expression of an idea is written down or recorded in some manner.) Once created, a copyright extends for the life of the author plus 70 years, and in the case of collaborators on a copyright, it extends for the life of the last surviving collaborator plus 70 years. Click here to review the issues that can arise and the pitfalls to beware of with respect to collaborations between and among creators of books, screenplays, stories, theatrical plays and television show scripts.


Mentor Series: Write A TV Bible That Sells (August 13, 20, 27 and Sept 10) Your TV Series Bible is an extremely important, and often overlooked tool for selling your pilot in the industry. It’s a document which explains in detail – who your characters are, what they will be up against, where future conflict will come, and what themes your show will be exploring. It gives studio and network executives’ confidence that you know what you’re doing, and that the show has the story potential to live on for multiple seasons. Michael Poisson (Director of Development at Silent Machine Entertainment, Krysten Ritter’s production company that has a first look deal at Universal TV) will be giving a lecture about how to write one section of your series bible, and then you’ll be assigned to write that section for a project of your own. The following week Mike will offer one-on-one skype sessions to discuss your work, give you any notes, and answer any questions that you may have. So, at the end of this Intensive, you will have a strong and well-executed bible that you’ll be able to use as a selling tool for your own TV series. Click here to get full details on this amazing opportunity and register now! 

Writing Contracts: What You Need To Know (Aug 16) In this Stage 32 Next Level webinar, Jordan Barel (Development, for Producer/Actor Paul Scheer and Abominable Pictures) will teach you paragraph by paragraph exactly what is included in the standard writer's contract. He will cover three different types of contracts: purchase agreement, option agreement, and negative pickup. We will discuss terms in both a legal and practical matter so that students get the information they need to best be prepared to negotiate their next agreement. Such things will include material and boilerplate terms, what can or can't be negotiated, and how lawyers themselves will be reading and reviewing your agreement.

This will be an in-depth legal discussion walking you through each sentence of a standard purchase and option agreement. We'll also use template agreements as examples to give you a better sense of what these agreements should look like. Click here to register for this webinar now!


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