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Holding auditions for models and actors is expensive and time consuming. Securing a location, hiring a photographer / videographer, and renting equipment can cost upwards of $1000 for the day – not to mention the time spent actually running the casting, reviewing each image and video, and uploading all of the files to a central location.

Those days are over.

Our very own Stage 32 member Drew Doyon founded a new platform UpCast, which is an innovative casting platform that digitally connects talent and productions throughout the entire casting process. Instead of submitting outdated headshots, UpCast lets actors and models submit live photos and videos so that productions can see what they look like today – not two years ago. 

If you’re booking talent or requesting auditions based on photos, the photos might as well be current, right? And if you need a self-tape or someone with a specific look – UpCast will get you live video proof right on the spot.

Drew is not only an actor,but also an entrepreneur who spent eight years dealing with the frustrations of auditioning as an actor and model in Los Angeles. From sitting in traffic... to racking up daily parking tickets… to getting coverage at work, he knew there had to be a better way.


Say Goodbye to Outdated Headshots. Make Your First Call a Callback With UpCast. 


Here’s how it works.

In less than a minute, you can sign up with UpCast and create your first project. UpCast is completely free for production companies, casting directors, and anyone involved in casting talent. 

Once you’ve created your account, UpCast’s user-friendly interface walks you through the process of creating your first casting call. Create a role with a unique title and description. Specify the role requirements (e.g. age, ethnicity, skills, etc.) Select whether you’d like talent to submit a live photo or video. Upload any sides or references… and you’re done! 

Your new role gets added to UpCast, and any actors or models who match your role criteria will then be able to submit their live photos and videos via UpCast’s iPhone app.




How do talent submit?

Actors and models audition for your role by submitting live photos and videos via the UpCast iPhone app. They can swipe through roles that match their profile settings, save roles for later, or audition on the spot.



Once submissions start rolling in, UpCast offers tools to manage and organize talent. Clicking on a submission brings you to an in-depth profile page which showcases the talent’s portfolio, video reels, resume, social links and more.

You can rank individuals from 1 - 5 and mark them as Selects, Audition, or Cast. Then, easily message talent to request more information, invite them to an audition, or let them know that they’ve been booked.

You can even export PDF’s of headshots and contact information in order to share via email or print to have in person on set.


How much does it cost? 

UpCast is completely free for productions. You can create and manage unlimited projects, roles and submissions.

Save days worth of time and thousands of dollars by transforming your casting calls into live auditions. No more renting space just to capture live headshots and videos. No more wasting time meeting hundreds of actors and models who aren’t the right fit or don’t match their headshots.

Auditioning via iPhone – there’s finally an app for that.

UpCast is already live for productions in the greater Los Angeles area and will be expanding into other markets in early 2017. 


Sign up for your FREE account here!


Let's congratulate our fellow Stage 32er, Drew, on this great contribution for productions to be able to cast!  


About Drew Doyon

Drew Doyon is an actor based in Los Angeles, CA and the Founder & CEO of UpCast - the first mobile app that digitally connects models and actors with productions through the entire casting process. He moved from Danbury, CT to Los Angeles eight years ago to pursue modeling and acting which led to discovering there were real pain points in the industry no one was addressing; wasted time and money for both sides of the table.

Experiencing the frustrations of castings first hand, Drew decided to merge his two passions to save everyone in the industry much needed time and money. Modeling for brands like Red Bull, Pepsi, Skechers, Guess, REI, and others allowed him the flexibility to teach himself to code and learn the ins and outs of marketing while working with several startups in Los Angeles.

Soon after raising startup capital, Drew successfully launched UpCast on the iTunes App Store. He created a comedic promo video showcasing the app and highlighting industry pain points that went viral on Facebook. Drew is a lifelong learner who believes education should be free and vacation should be mandatory.


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