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Happy Veteran’s Day, Stage 32 Community!

Thanksgiving is almost here (for those of us in the U.S.), November Write Club is in full swing, and hopefully you’re making time for yourself and others! Others? Yes, finding safe ways to be social can be a huge boost to your creativity! So often, as we work on our projects, we can lose sight of who the story is serving. A good reminder of that can be to watch people interact in everyday situations. Otherwise, we lose touch with our audience, and eventually with the authenticity of our characters. I’m sure many of you are experiencing “social atrophy”, as am I, but as we flex those interactive muscles again, I hope you consider the stories from today’s interview. Remember to look up and engage with your surroundings, ask people to get involved with your projects, and express your gratitude early and often. This may even be why November Write Club was created – so your sociability drives your creativity! Our guest today is a great example of successful collaboration.

For today’s Member Spotlight, I challenge you to get social again! Sign up for a class and get to know your classmates. Jump into one of the Stage 32 Lounges and give a shout out to your project’s team. If you’re able, ask a friend to join you for a socially distanced walk or coffee date. If you’re not sure where to start, why not ask in a post in the community? You don’t have to solve every problem on your own! Stage 32 is here to facilitate those connections that are vital to creativity. We're the community that wants you to keep going!

In this Member Spotlight blog, I invite you to meet Grace Yee, whose short film SHIRi, is currently screening in the Oscar-qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival.

Grace is a writer and actress in Los Angeles who was studying veterinary medicine before she made her transition into acting. Through study and performance, she found a supportive group of creatives at a scene study class at Beverly Hills Playhouse. When a chance came up to finally produce one of her short scripts, she found her dream team in producer Diane Foster and director Micah Coate. Her first ever produced film, a comedy short film named SHIRi, is one of Stage 32’s Short Film Contest winners, qualifying it to be screened at Raindance and HollyShorts.

How did it start? With a hilarious incident at a grocery store that could have been overlooked had Grace not been engaged with the people around her. As you’ll see, engaging with people is Grace’s strong suit, including veterans! I’m delighted to introduce you to this effervescent and talented soul.

I’m so grateful to have met and spoken with such animated creative. Definitely add Grace to your Stage 32 network, and follow on Instagram. You can also find out more about Grace’s “Operation Canteen” for Veteran’s Day on Facebook or on Instagram. What organizations for veterans do you support? Share below!


Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Actor & Writer Grace Yee


Next up, we’ll be talking with Louisa Kendrick Burton, who was the first to host a table read through the Writer’s Room and has been making huge strides on her pilot since. Louisa is an actress, screenwriter, and director, not to mention hosts a show on Facebook about her life raising twins! We will be chatting with her about her introduction to directing, her inspiration for her new series, and how best to approach directing a virtual table read, even as a screenwriter.

If you're digging the series, leave a comment below! Don't forget to share with your friends and let them know where they can meet more cool people like Grace!



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