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Hey, Stage 32-ers!

It's been said that this business is a marathon, not a sprint. Nothing quite highlights the need to reserve your energy like a pandemic, but sometimes keeping occupied during downtime is the best way is to step back and absorb. You may not know this, but I first signed up for Stage 32's Writer's Room about a year ago because they hosted weekly webinars every Wednesday at 4pm PST. Jason Mirch has fostered a fantastic group of dedicated writers with these webinars, and we just recorded our 100th webinar! Rest assured, the 100th episode is only possible because the first episode was launched. No matter where we are on the creative or professional journey, we all have to start and make the dedication to keep going. We all want to meet people that will inspire us to keep going.

For our second "Member Spotlight," I encourage you to take every opportunity to absorb what's being offered by responding to an engaging post in a lounge, joining a live webinar, or even reconnecting with previous mentors who have taught you something you now employ. Perfect timing, as this months Introduce Yourself Weekend starts tomorrow (8/21)!

Stage 32 is the place to recharge, reflect, and ramp up for that next big project. We're the community that wants you to make it to the finish line of that marathon! Without further ado, in this Community Spotlight blog, I invite you to meet a fellow adventurer and brother in production: Sandeep Sharma.

Sandeep is a director/editor from NYC, who started his career in production doing on-set sound for highly acclaimed films such as Fire (1996). With the extra time afforded to him during COVID, he's learning about animation. As a long-time contributor to the lounges and a veteran webinar attendee, he has some great insights into why attending live webinars are so energizing. Today, we also talk about the importance of being present on set, learning by observing directors, and the enjoyment of discovery.


Click HERE to Watch Sandeep's Member Spotlight!


Next up, Diego Cantu, a writer/producer from Mexico, now in Los Angeles, who recently released a series filmed during the pandemic, The Insiders, with Bandwagon Media and Legion M. As a new member, but a long-time producer, he has some great insights on the untapped Latino stories, the genuine opportunities for content-makers, and loving the process to succeed. We also talk about the opportunity for creativity when faced with limitations.

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