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Hey, Stage32-ers!

It's been great to meet so many of you, and I love the conversations we've been generating in the Lounges! Sometimes when we chat online, though, we still feel the distance between us. With so much of our social interaction being virtual now, camaraderie's uplift seems more crucial than ever. Luckily, our fearless leader RB Botto and our fantastic team are here to keep you going! As your Community Manager, I want to assure you that our members are real. No matter where we are on our creative or professional journey, we all have experience, passion, and ambition. We all want to meet people that will keep that spark of creativity alive in us.

On today's first-ever "Member Spotlight," I encourage you to make your connections real – with a direct message, a Zoom "coffee date," or even virtual gatherings. Stage 32 is not the place to sit back and wonder, "what if." We're the team that wants you to make it work! Without further adieu, in this special community-building blog, I invite you to meet a super-cool new member: Suzanne Garnett.

Suzanne is a writer/producer from the Northern United Kingdom who began her career doing production assistant work on some of the most popular shows and films imaginable. Seriously, check out her profile. It’s impressive! Now she has moved back home to the U.K., and she's revving up with a few projects of her own. As a writer/producer, she hopes of highlighting both her hometown location and diverse voices that are often overlooked in small towns. Today, we talk about the importance of never quitting and what she looks for in a director.


Click here to Watch Suzanne's Member Spotlight!


Stay tuned for our next Community Spotlight featuring Sandeep Sharma, a director/editor from NYC, who is taking the extra time afforded to him during COVID to explore animation. As a long-time contributor to the lounges and a veteran webinar attendee, he has some great insights into why attending live webinars are so energizing. We also talk about the importance of being present on set and learning by observing directors.

If you're digging the series, leave a comment below! Don't forget to share with your friends and let them know where they can meet more cool people like Suzanne!



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