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Hello Stage 32!

As you know, it has been the good kind of crazy all week here at Stage 32. On Monday, we announced that we are screening official selection SXSW 2020 films that have been affected by the cancellation of the festival last week. If you are new to the party, you can find the announcement here, the amazing media support here, the epic Stage 32 and indie film community rallying here, and the continuing media blitz here

So here we are, Friday, March 13th, 2020. The day filmmakers, musicians, and businesses across the globe have been preparing for all year. The day SXSW was supposed to kick off its 34th annual Conference & Festival. However, instead of the eager, exciting energy that typically flows through the streets this time of year, the city has a completely different rhythm. One that is irregular, and not in the "Keep Austin Weird" kind of way. 

Being that I live and work remotely here in Austin for the magnificent LA-based Stage 32, I have seen and felt the ripple effects of the cancellation first-hand. Not only that, but this year would have been my 10 year anniversary attending SXSW. So, I wanted to take a moment to talk to you, face-to-screen, about how much the Stage 32 initiative means to me personally as an Austinite and long-time lover of SXSW. 



If your film was impacted by the cancellation of SXSW or you know someone who was affected, please visit:
SXSW filmmakers can also email questions to:
We're asking all our creative and industry friends to rise up and join us! Please share our initiative on social or wherever you see fit. 32 SXSW Screening Update  Live from Austin with Taylor C BakerStage 32 SXSW Screening Update  Live from Austin with Taylor C Baker


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