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Today's guest blog comes from Stage 32 member Cali Gilbert. Cali is an international best-selling author as well as an award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in multiple art galleries across America. Additionally, Cali is an immensely inspirational member of the Stage 32 community who proves that being discouraged is a choice, and that with hard work and determination you can lead your life down any path you choose.

In today's blog, Cali discusses how she has used the technique of visualization to take her from despair, to best-selling author, to an attendee of the Cannes Film Festival. She gives tangible advice that all creatives can implement into their routines - advice she herself has taken and garnered success from.

I thank Cali for her continued contribution to the Stage 32 Blog.



Over the last few years I have been very blessed to see my entire world turn around after experiencing massive loss in both 2011 and 2013. The one thing that kept me going was always holding on to my dreams and learning the technique of visualization. When I was first starting out as an author of books, I decided to look at those authors I admired and respected and wanted to learn from. I researched what they did to write their books and to make them successful in a publishing industry that was constantly changing.

When I published my first book back in 2011 I would envision myself sharing my book with the world, through book signing events at local bookstores or other events through the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where I was living at the time. I attended speaking events and book signings of other authors and as I sat there listening to them share their stories, I would envision myself one day standing in their shoes with my own books.

As I walked down the streets of Sausalito and San Francisco I would gaze into the windows of local bookstores and envision my book sitting on the shelves. I would simply take a mental picture and capture the feeling of what it would be like to have my work represented that way.

As time went on I would learn new techniques to visualization and how they sped up the manifestation process. Soon I would be taking photos of these same store windows and then I would photo-shop the cover of my own books onto the shelves and place the new photo on my Vision Board or some place I could see it on a daily basis. Soon the images would engrain into my subconscious mind and I knew it was just a matter of time before my dream became reality.

I also used the same technique when it came to reaching the bestseller list. I would go on to Amazon and look for the books that sat in the #1 spot. I would then capture a screenshot of the page and photo-shop my own book cover, title and name in its place. Before I knew it my own books would reach bestseller status and two of them actually reached #1.

I’m currently working on the editing phase of my 7th book, PEARL, where I describe these episodes of creating my dreams through visualization. I’ve been smiling a lot realizing that every single time I practiced this technique, I had actually manifested what I had intended. My books did end up on the shelves of those bookstores and I did actually speak at those same author events with my own books. I couldn’t help but smile at the ease that began with a simple intention.

In early 2014 I set a new intention, this one pertaining to film, but I had yet caught the filmmaking bug which is funny. Somehow my soul knew that this too was part of my journey, just as it knew back in 2013 that it was LA where I would end up. I posted a photograph to my social media network of myself at the Cannes Film Festival. I have been to Cannes (back in 1998) and did fall in love with the south of France. Back then however, screenwriting and filmmaking weren’t even a speck in my imagination. Last year when I posted the photo it was just for fun as I had friends who also wanted to go to Cannes. I didn’t even think about going as a filmmaker.

The funny part now is that here I am a year later actually working on a short film which I do indeed envision screening at Cannes. Some of my dearest friends here in LA have screened at Cannes and it just seems so natural that I would be there some day. So today I’m sharing this blog and stating this intention to the world that this time next – 2016, I will be at the Cannes Film Festival with MY film, sharing my story with the world.

I truly believe in the power of visualization and I have used it in so many ways, not just in my career. When I first visited the home I’m living in, I knew it would be mine and I began envisioning how I would decorate each room. It’s amazing to watch the magic unfold.

So if you have a dream, close your eyes and see yourself living that dream. FEEL it with every ounce of your being. Try to use all of your senses, the sights, the smells, everything. The more you can truly feel what it’s like to live your dream, the quicker you will manifest it.

Dream on and dream BIG!

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