Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Happy New Year, everyone.  Hope you all had a terrific holiday season and are now ready to launch into 2016.

Those of you who have been around the site for a while know that on New Years Day we use the Stage 32 Blog to discuss and share our plans for the coming year.  So what are you looking to accomplish in 2016?  What are your creative goals?  What skills are you looking to learn?  What fears are you looking to overcome.  Everything and anything is up for grabs.

Remember, this is the most collaborative and supportive community on the planet, so let it all hang out!

Some of what I am looking to accomplish in 2016 includes two new screenplays, producing a film I am in the contract phase on, (finally) finishing my crowdsourcing book for Focal Press (about 80% home!), shooting a short, continuing my acting pursuits and, of course, implementing and launching a variety of features and resources right here on Stage 32.  That's my jumping off point!  What say you?!

Let's share and support!  Success begins with putting ourselves in position to win each and every day.  No better day to start than the first day of a new year.






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