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Happy Friday Stage 32! 

Today's blog by Roth Rind is a true testament to the power of the connection and creativity waiting for you in the Stage 32 lounges. As you may recall, at the beginning of April Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto Challenged the community to the April Content Challenge. RB challenged you to post, engage, and connect with one another in the Stage 32 lounges. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay connected and stay creative - and there really is no better place to do that online than the Stage 32 lounges. 

Director and screenwriter Roth Rind took RB's April Content Challenge and posted a stop-motion video with the question "What have you been creating since the beginning of this pandemic?" in the Animation Lounge. Both the question he posted and his awesome video caught my attention - I was personally inspired to get creative with editing some of my own videos and got the itch to learn how to do stop-motion animation (what better time than now, right?). I wanted to expand his question into a blog post for the Stage 32 Community, so I connected with Roth on Stage 32 and he was thrilled to accept my invitation to write a blog for you folks!

There is still a week left to join the April Content Challenge! No matter what hat(s) you wear in the entertainment industry, there is a Stage 32 lounge for you. So hop in a lounge today, you never know who you will connect with and inspire. So without further adieu, enjoy Roth's quest to stay creative in quarantine. 

Hello hello hello to all of you beautiful humans in the Stage 32 Hive!

You might be reading this and wondering, “Which voice in my head is doing the talking?” I can assure you it’s all eight of them. But do not worry, they are social distancing. Everyone is FINE.

I am honored and privileged to be writing you during this uncertain time, but I am certain of this: The platform for creative thought is open and thriving. Like many of you, all of my projects entering production were suspended indefinitely over a canyon of uncertainty. This left me feeling powerless and wondering what can I do. Not just for myself, but for my fellow filmmakers. Does this sound familiar?

However, this quarantine has not stopped artists from doing what they do best: Feeding the soul. Script pages are flying, musicians are jamming, actors are performing… content is still blooming! I wanted to ride that train with them. With project development halted, I opened my computer and jumped headfirst into creating some of the visual effects shots for the project, “PILLAR,” a sci-fi futuristic television series that enjoys dark comedic elements and socio-political issues.



Ok, so now what? I went back to my roots making content that puts a smile on your beautiful faces by using nothing more than an iPhone as my lens and that sponge between my ears.



The night before shelter-in-place was put into effect, I grabbed my good friend Vincent Oshana and we took to Hollywood Boulevard with a stack sunglasses, a phone, and persistence. Shoot. Move. Repeat. It may seem daunting, but trust me when I say the biggest hurdle is time and patience. Grab your phone and give it a go! 



And you don’t need to leave your home to create. Check out the example below made right in my living room:



Use your space. It doesn’t have to be just a bathroom, a kitchen, or a living room. Remember, we got into the business of storytelling because it allows us to express our creative instincts in any way our imagination sees fit.

What have you been creating? What is inspiring you right now? What is feeding your soul? Share with the world. Right now, humans are listening more than ever and they are hungry for what you have to offer them.


About Roth Rind: 

Roth Rind

Roth Rind’s debut to the industry dove into producing and directing branded content for web and television. He pivoted into creating music videos and scripted content taking films such as THE BUMBRY ENCOUNTER, THIS IS FINE, CHRISTMAS TRADITION, and IMAGINATION on the festival circuit garnering international attention and global distribution. This has opened doors for Rind to pitch and develop multiple television shows and features with his creative partners: Jay K. Raja, Jerome Stolly, and Brandon Silberstein.


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