Top 10 Lounge Posts - Summer Film Resources & Networking Tips

Top 10 Lounge Posts - Summer Film Resources & Networking Tips

Top 10 Lounge Posts - Summer Film Resources & Networking Tips

Karen E Ross
Karen E Ross
a year ago

The film and television industry is global, yet, to many who live outside of the major production hubs (e.g., Los Angeles, Vancouver, Atlanta, New York City, London, etc.) it can feel out of reach. Stage 32 is the best community to keep us all connected, but what makes us the best? We help each other! But what are you doing to help yourself?

RB often recommends on his “Ask Me Anything” series to read the trades. Which ones are you reading? Deadline, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire? Pro tip: IMDb Pro is a great way to keep up with them all. Why not keep Stage 32 in your rotation! In addition to keeping up with Stage 32’s blogs, in the lounges you can share links to news articles to start discussions, reflect on your journey, and ask questions.

Top 10 Lounge Posts  Unpacking the Latest  Greatest

Remember, reading the trades gives us all the competitive edge, but the competition is a collaboration in truth. So, reading, discussing, and unpacking news from the trades prepares you for your next collaboration. Being generous with your time and energy invites generosity in return. This is the beauty of the positivity of the Stage 32 community. What’s in the news that’s got your attention?

Today’s collection of Stage 32’s Top 10 Lounge Posts is a fantastic collection of threads started by news in the industry that keeps us sharp and relevant! Not seeing a topic you’d like to talk about? Try searching the Lounges by going to the Lounge landing page, entering a key phrase in the top right search bar, and seeing what conversations have already begun. Still no dice? Start the discussion yourself! The Stage 32 community is incredibly uplifting, so don’t be afraid to jump in!

1. Transmedia - Interactivity in Film, Theatre, and Games Needs emotional connection to work

  • This is a great example of innovation happening in the industry, and talking about it in a timely manner keeps you in the game

2. Transmedia - Netflix’s The Witcher Series Seems to Be Plotting Something

  • Sometimes the way forward is by being aware of what other mediums are available - keep tabs on this post and others in the Transmedia Lounge to make content for multiple platforms!

3. Animation - Bugsbot G The First Korean TV Animation Series Made with Unity

  • The Animation Lounge is a great place to talk about the latest and greatest software being used to create animation - jump in to learn more about Unity!

4. Animation - Tax Breaks for Animation

  • When big changes in the industry happen, knowing about them sooner allows for our projects to move forward faster - like tax breaks!

5. Cinematography - A good Sunday read on the recent Fargo B/W episode

  • Unpacking the latest and greatest episodes and their techniques also helps to keep your own material relevant - what cinematic styles have opened your eyes lately?

6. Distribution - Summer ‘21 Outdoor Events, A Resource Post

  • Resource Posts, like this one, may start with an article, but allow others to comment with other links so you can reference the thread for a collection of links! What Outdoor Events are you joining in this summer? SHARE HERE!

7. Filmmaking - Theater or Streaming Service

  • As times change, having a pulse check is a great way to gauge if the community echoes or contradicts the sentiments of the news

8. Producing - The FYC From Your Car Emmys marketing campaign, your thoughts?

  • Exploring the news also gives us ideas on how to approach our own projects. Who else has explored a “from your car” event to promote their film?

9. Producing - Jupiters Failed Legacy

  • Analyzing the failures of others’ projects is also a great way to unpack and understand what’s going on in the industry and how to move forward. Who else watched Jupiter’s Legacy?

10. Producing - Delayed Payments Due to COVID Expenses

  • See something shocking in the trades? Check-in with the community to see if this is a one-off or a common occurrence!

Honorable Mentions:

Filmmaking - Do’s and Dont’s for Cast and Crew on Set

  • If the link you’re sharing is to something you’ve created, then just be sure it starts a conversation that helps all of us improve our craft or keep us in the know about the business. If it’s promotional, best to keep it in the Your Stage Lounge.

Composing - Time Signatures and Rhythms

  • Find something cool and informative on YouTube? Definitely share it and get the conversation started!

Post-Production - Dialogue Editing

  • Because ultimately we all want to get better at our craft, don’t be afraid to share what you’ve been struggling with and what you’ve found to help you over the hurdle!

In case you’re hooked and want more good mojo, check out our previous Top 10 Posts, too!

Don’t forget - you can bookmark any “evergreen” posts, whether by topic or by opportunity. You can also share the post by clicking the “share” button on the bottom, right-hand corner of the post. Not sure which lounges you are subscribed to? You can confirm your subscriptions here.

No matter where you are in your process, you are always welcome to start the conversation in the Stage32 Lounges! Not sure where to start? You can DM me or email me at For now, why not start with the links above? Click, read, comment, and start a post of your own! I look forward to seeing each of you in the lounges!

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