Writing Memorable and Authentic Characters

Taught by Sarah J. Cornelius


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Class hosted by: Sarah J. Cornelius

Creative & Production Executive at Whitewater Films

Sarah J. Cornelius is a Production and Development Executive at Whitewater Films. Whitewater’s CEO is veteran producer Rick Rosenthal, the Oscar and Emmy-nominated director and Producer whose more than 100 credits include Amazon’s TRANSPARENT, Oscar-nominated documentary feature CARTEL LAND, and BAD BOYS with Sean Penn. Whitewater has produced projects for Paramount Classics, The Orchard, Showtime, CNN Films, Netflix, IFC, and Samuel Goldwyn Films. Whitewater’s numerous notable films have won Independent Spirit Awards, the Sundance Directing Award, a Primetime Emmy, and audience awards at SXSW and Tribeca Film Festivals. Whitewater released two features in 2021 including THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR on AMC-owned horror streamer SHUDDER, and SMALL ENGINE REPAIR starring Jon Bernthal and Shea Whigham via Universal and Vertical Entertainment. Sarah is currently the lead producer on two feature films in development, both of which she discovered through Stage 32. Full Bio »


Learn how to make your characters stand out from an executive who has worked with Paramount Classics, The Orchard, Showtime, CNN Films, Netflix, IFC, and Samuel Goldwyn Films!

Creating authentic and memorable characters is the key to your next success. And Stage 32 is going to give you the tools and knowledge you need to get the most out of your characters in this in-depth 4-part on-demand class. 

You’ll learn what executives are looking for in great characters as you're guided by Sarah J. Cornelius, a production and development executive at Whitewater Films. Whitewater has produced projects for Paramount Classics, The Orchard, Showtime, CNN Films, Netflix, IFC, and Samuel Goldwyn Films, and received numerous film awards, including Independent Spirit Awards, the Sundance Directing Award, a Primetime Emmy, and audience awards at SXSW and Tribeca Film Festivals.

Whether you have a written screenplay or are setting out to develop your ideas, this in-depth class will show you character-building skills to enrich your story, paying particular attention to what makes a compelling protagonist. When you put in the work to create authentic characters, you create a story with greater odds of nabbing A-list actors and directors who want to tell that story and ensure that your script gets made.

In each session of this course, you’ll receive comprehensive information on how you can develop strong, believable characters. You’ll cover:

  • The foundation of a character
  • The relationship between characters and the world
  • Writing authentic dialogue
  • Understanding motivation vs. wants vs. desires
  • Knowing internal vs. external barriers
  • How to show your character’s physicality and actions
  • Getting clear on how character fits within an arc
  • And so much more

You will work on all of this across four on-demand sessions in this exclusive Stage 32 course as you immerse yourself in character creation and hone your skills. Don’t underestimate the power of believable, dynamic, and complex characters. 


***Although this class is offered on-demand and homework isn't required, we strongly suggest doing the exercises and assignments throughout to get the most out of this course. 


Praise for Sarah's Stage 32 Teaching

"Just a ton of information from someone that is clearly on the 'inside' of the industry." --Kerry B.

"Sarah was spot on about structure, It aligns with everything else i have learned, seen, experienced." -- David G.

"She was informative and great." -- Lauren F.



What You'll Learn

In this beginner-intermediate level and intensive 4-session class, Sarah will comprehensively teach you how to develop strong, believable characters. In Session 1 she will provide an overview of the foundation of character. In Session 2 she will focus on relationships and the character’s “world.” Session 3 will delve into writing authentic dialogue. Finally, Session 4 will look at structuring all of the character elements into a screenplay.

Session 1: The Foundation of Character

  • Determining motivation
  • Identifying the “why”
  • Mapping wants and desires
  • Understanding conscious vs. unconscious

Q&A with Sarah


Session 2: Relationships to Others and The World

  • The key relationships
  • Creating conflict and tension
  • Understanding internal vs. external barriers
  • The importance of physicality
  • Defining actions

Q&A with Sarah


Session 3: Writing Authentic Dialogue

  • What dialogue says about a person
  • When less is more
  • Show don’t tell
  • Using exposition (or not)

Q&A with Sarah


Session 4: Plugging Character into a Screenplay

  • Getting clear on how character fits within an arc
  • What are reversals and how to use them
  • Course wrap-up

Q&A with Sarah



  • This class is designed for beginner and intermediate students looking to learn the elements that go into a writing compelling characters. This is an in-depth, practical, and detailed class with significantly more content than a standard 90-minute webinar.
  • This class will consist of four sessions, each roughly two hours in duration. In addition to the presentation-style lessons where Sarah will be walking you through various elements of character building. 

About Your Instructor

Sarah J. Cornelius is a Production and Development Executive at Whitewater Films. Whitewater’s CEO is veteran producer Rick Rosenthal, the Oscar and Emmy-nominated director and Producer whose more than 100 credits include Amazon’s TRANSPARENT, Oscar-nominated documentary feature CARTEL LAND, and BAD BOYS with Sean Penn. Whitewater has produced projects for Paramount Classics, The Orchard, Showtime, CNN Films, Netflix, IFC, and Samuel Goldwyn Films. Whitewater’s numerous notable films have won Independent Spirit Awards, the Sundance Directing Award, a Primetime Emmy, and audience awards at SXSW and Tribeca Film Festivals. Whitewater released two features in 2021 including THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR on AMC-owned horror streamer SHUDDER, and SMALL ENGINE REPAIR starring Jon Bernthal and Shea Whigham via Universal and Vertical Entertainment. Sarah is currently the lead producer on two feature films in development, both of which she discovered through Stage 32.


Q: What is the format of a class?
A: Stage 32 Next Level Classes are typically 90-minute broadcasts that take place online using a designated software program from Stage 32.

Q: Do I have to be located in a specific location?
A: No, you can participate from the comfort of your own home using your personal computer! If you attend a live online webinar, you will be able to communicate directly with your instructor during the class.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: You will need to meet the following system requirements in order to run the webinar software: Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.
If you have Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion): The webinar software does not support these operating systems. If you are running one of those operating systems, please upgrade now in order to be able to view a live class. Upgrade your Windows computer / Upgrade your Mac computer

Q: Will I have access to the class to rewatch sessions?
A: Yes! After the purchase of the class, you will have on-demand access to the video recording.


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Join veteran screenwriter Brian Herskowitz and receive sample feature script outlines and scenes while learning how and why professional outlining can set your work above the rest!   Are you ready to learn how to write a professional outline for your feature screenplay? A professional outline for your script is the roadmap you follow to write your first draft and it will save you time, effort and some unnecessary rewriting. It helps you work out the kinks early and feel confident about where you’re headed. And the outline isn't just for you. An outline helps any reps, producers, and executives your working with see what you’re going to do with a story before giving you the go-ahead to write the feature film. In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll learn how you can increase your earning power by knowing how to craft a strong outline so your work stands out from the competition. Along the way, you’ll receive sample scenes and outlines from the feature films discussed in class that you can take with you for future reference. Taking you through this vital skill is acclaimed screenwriter Brian Herskowitz, who has completed over a dozen feature films and has been staffed on popular shows like HERCULES and TOUR OF DUTY. He’s worked with top-tier talent, including Academy Award winner Jason Alexander, with whom Brian co-wrote the FOX pilot MANTIC. He’s also the author of the essential screenwriting resource PROCESS TO PRODUCT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE SCREENWRITER. Brian will teach you the 12 guideposts he developed that you can use to keep from getting lost as you write which ultimately allows you more creative freedom. You’ll cover premise, theme, concept, characters, and structure. All of the elements you need to pen a successful feature screenplay. And he’ll also show you the many real-world uses that your outline will deliver for you.  Don’t miss out on this chance to work with an accomplished screenwriter with decades of experience and walk away with a practical process that you can use to up your screenwriting game today.   Testimonials for Brian's Teaching and Stage 32 Education “As a collaborator with Brian and a guest in his class, I am hugely impressed with his screenwriting knowledge. I heartily recommend him and his course.” - Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Pretty Woman, Listen Up) "I have a master's degree and a doctorate, Brian is by far the most caring and best teacher I have ever had." "The course was everything I needed and then some. An excellent course." "Mr. Herskowitz is very knowledgeable, patient, and superb at discerning problems and helping us solve them." "A solid course in which I felt I had learned a LOT by the time it was over."

How to Write and Sell a High Concept Screenplay

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Stage 32 Screenwriting Lab: Write Your Franchise Launching Feature Film Script In 8 Weeks

Only 3 Spots Still Available - Grab Your Spot Now Write your high concept franchise-launching feature film screenplay in 8 weeks with the writer behind the SHARKNADO franchise! PLUS! You will be connected with your instructor via email for the duration of the lab. Payment plans available - contact edu@stage32.com for details   “High Concept” movies - movies that launch the franchises the industry is built on - have been a mainstay of the feature film business for decades. From ALIEN to GHOSTBUSTERS to SNAKES ON A PLANE to SHARKNADO, if you’ve been to the movies in the past fifty years, the odds are good that you’ve seen a lot of high concept films that dream of launching a franchise.  High concept stories are those where the premise can be easily pitched in once sentence and that premise is simple and instantly appealing. Ideally, the concept is obviously conveyed by the title alone. “Snakes On A Plane” tells you everything you need to know about that film, and makes a significant portion of the audience want to see it. The famous “Schwarzenegger. DeVito. Twins.” pitch is the kind of thing to make a movie studio drool. But there’s more to a high concept movie than simply the title and pitch. Your easily understandable idea then has to be translated into a screenplay that will hold an audience’s attention for two hours, with characters that the audience can get emotionally invested in and that you may want to reinvest in for years to come.  In this exclusive Stage 32 8-session lab, you will write and workshop your high concept franchise launching feature or made-for-TV movie script of your own to take out to the marketplace. Mentoring you while you are writing your high concept script is accomplished screenwriter Thunder Levin. Thunder is best known as the writer behind the Syfy Channel’s cult hit franchise, SHARKNADO (he's credited on all 6 Sharknado films). He’s also written such high concept movies as ZOMBIE TIDALWAVE and MUTANT VAMPIRE ZOMBIES FROM THE ‘HOOD!, as well as directing the latter. He’s pitched to all major studios and independent production companies and has over a dozen produced writing credits while also directed a handful of feature films. Over eight weeks of lectures, workshop sessions, and one-on-one meetings with Thunder, you’ll cover the crucial elements you need when crafting a high concept movie from the all-important logline to finished script, including developing plot structure and engaging characters to keep producers, directors, execs, and audiences entertained not just by the idea, but the execution. By the end of this lab, you’ll have a finished script in hand to add to your writing portfolio, and a handle on how to pitch the holy grail of movie development. You’ll also learn how Syfy Channel movies and similar films are developed and structured from pitch to treatment to outline to script to shooting script, and how the made-for-TV movie eight act script structure works. Additionally, through workshopping sessions and one-on-one meetings with Thunder, you’ll learn how to constructively evaluate another’s writing, give notes to elevate the work of your peers, and get crucial feedback in an encouraging setting to take your own skillset to the next level. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to work with the writer behind one of the biggest original franchises of the past decade and walk away with your finished "high concept" feature script in hand.   

Writers’ Room 100th Webcast Celebration: Member Spotlight

The Stage 32 Writers’ Room has just surpassed a milestone achievement - 100 webcasts! For the last year and a half it has been the honor of Director of Script Services Jason Mirch to act as the humble host, guiding webcasts that include script and screenwriting breakdowns, virtual pitch sessions to industry professionals, one-on-one conversations with some of the biggest names in the business, and writing exercises that challenge our imaginations and sharpen our skills. The goal of the Writers’ Room has always been to give writers all over the world the support, access, and education to thrive in their craft and career. Our recent Writers' Room guests have included Oscar-nominated Pixar writer Meg LeFauve, Billion Dollar Producer Amy Baer, AKEELAH AND THE BEE Filmmaker Doug Atchison, Universal Pictures Executive Ken Korba, A QUIET PLACE development executive Linsday Schwartz, GREEN HORNET producer Bradley Gallo, and many more - all of whom spoke and interacted directly with our members. Several of our members have connected with each other and have swapped scripts, collaborated on projects, produced projects they have written, and writers have even been optioned by producers largely because of the Writers’ Room! The Writers' Room is strong because of the incredible members who are serious about their craft and advancing their careers. So we are turning the spotlight over to some of our talented Writers' Room members who will tell us how they broke out in a highly competitive industry and achieved success during this Stage 32 Writers' Room Member Success Spotlight webcast! During this webcast, Writer, Producer, Actor & Stage 32 CEO Rich "RB" Botto and Writer, Producer, and Director of Script Services Jason Mirch shine some light on members who have utilized the power of Stage 32 and the Writers' Room to achieve tremendous success in the industry and learn the secrets they have discovered for breaking out! During this webcast the panel includes: Screenwriter, Martin Reese, who received a $5,000 option agreement from Glass House Distribution and Trick Candle Productions for a script he developed with the help of the Writers' Room! Screenwriter, Chris Torres, who landed representation with Manager Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Entertainment after being a part of the Writers' Room and being connected for a meeting by Stage 32! Author and Screenwriter, Christi Corbett, who developed one of her novels into a screenplay which was then optioned by producer Brad Wilson of Higher Purpose Entertainment!Screenwriter and Filmmaker, Chaun Lee, who used the power of Stage 32 and the Writers' Room to develop a short film which she then produced using local crew and cast in Atlanta just prior to lockdown!

Discovering Your “Why”- How to Become a Powerful Woman in Entertainment and Find Success

There has never been a better time than right now to for women and people from underrepresented backgrounds to break into Hollywood. That's not to say the door is wide open; it's still a jungle out there and it's critical you understand the steps you should take to find your way in.   Hear from the incredible Julianna Medina-Politsky, who was at Legendary Entertainment for nine years and helped produce films like GODZILLA, 42, PACIFIC RIM, and the hotly anticipated and upcoming DUNE before moving to the independent space where she now helps produce exciting new films from up-and-coming filmmakers.   Julianna is a fierce advocate for finding space and opportunities for women as well as anyone from underrepresented communities and is going to break down how YOU can best find your path forward  to break into film or television. You won't want to miss the instructive, inspiring, and motivating presentation Julianna has in store!

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