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Your home for screenwriting education, inspiration, and community


It’s time to hold yourself accountable and take the steps you need to meet people and launch your writing career as a professional. You’ve found your community to do just that.


Welcome to the Stage 32 Writers’ Room.



NEW! Exclusively for Writers' Room Members - Open Writing Assignments 
Writers' Room Members hear about new writing gigs from top studios, producers, streamers and networks - and submit their work for consideration -  ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Each month, we release new writing assignments from the biggest production companies in the business. You will be able to submit your scripts through the private members only Writers' Room portal. Submit your script and you will be considered for the job! It's that simple. 

What is the Stage 32 Writers' Room?
A Worldwide Community of Writers Who Support Each Other 24/7

The Stage 32 Writers' Room is a private community of screenwriters and professionals from around the world dedicated to supporting one another and providing you the tools you need to be a professional writer. This is your exclusive writers' group where you meet with industry executives to get advice, participate in fun, exciting and interactive webcasts, get access a private lounge where you can discuss your projects, swap scripts, practice your pitches and attend table reads all in an encouraging environment.


Who's in the Stage 32 Writers' Room?
Top Entertainment Industry Professionals from All Over the World

The better question is who isn't in the Stage 32 Writers' Room? From Oscar-nominated writers like Meg LeFauve (INSIDE OUT, CAPTAIN MARVEL) to Jordan Peele's Development Executive from Monkey Paw (GET OUT, US) and top A-list directors like Conrad Vernon (THE ADDAM'S FAMILY, SAUSAGE PARTY, SHREK 2), you never know who will be in the Stage 32 Writers' Room each week. During our webcasts you will have direct and exclusive access to these top managers, producers, film & television executives, directors, and working screenwriters to speak about your projects and answer industry-related questions. These industry professionals listen to pitches and offer feedback to members during our "Pitch Tank" webcast and impart specific, actionable advice during our 'Executive Hour" webcast. It's a collaborative and supportive environment for creatives and professionals from all over the world.

What Resources Do You Get in the Stage 32 Writers' Room?
Interactive Webcasts, Professional Support, Writing Challenges and Motivation
Each week, our Stage 32 Script Services team and industry executives will provide you with a wide variety of actionable information designed not only to help your writing, but to assist in succeeding in this increasingly complex business. Every month, you will learn more about a different aspect of writing through multiple weekly interactive webcasts:
  • The Breakdown Webcast: You will learn the ins and outs of script writing by us breaking down some of the top produced screenplays. Every breakdown focuses on a different tool you will need to apply to your script, which include writing Compelling Characters, writing Dramatic Irony, writing Exposition and more!


  • The Pitch Tank Webcast: Now you can learn to be better in the room! You can get the chance to pitch your projects directly to industry experts who will break your pitch down and offer feedback. Previous guests include ViacomCBS Senior Executive Janean Jeffries, JASON BOURNE Development Executive Drew Gatto, Universal Distribution Executive Ken Korba Jr., award-winning TESLA Producer Aimee Schoof and more! 


  • The Executive Hour Webcast: You will get to speak directly to some of the top thought leaders in the entertainment industry. You will get a peek behind the curtain at their process and get timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus get your questions answered. Previous guests include Oscar-nominated INSIDE OUT writer Meg LeFauve, AKEELAH & THE BEE award-winning Filmmaker Doug Atchison, A QUIET PLACE Development Executive Lindsay Schwartz, "BATES MOTEL" Development Executive Kevin Nicklaus, and billion-dollar MONEYBALL and MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING Executive and Producer Amy Baer and more! 


  • The Write Now Challenge Webcast: It's time to hold yourself accountable to write and we're here to help you do just that. During this monthly challenge, you are given 4 weeks to write a short scene based a prompt given at the beginning of the month. This is designed to keep your creativity flowing and get yourself in a rhythm to write consistently. Let's get you writing!


  • The Pitch Tank Practice Sessions: Working on a new pitch for a project? You can get peer-to-peer feedback from your Writer's Room community on your pitch and project during these weekly practice sessions. Members have improved their pitches week after week and even had their scripts requested as result of these practice sessions! 


  • The Table Read Webcast: Want to hear what your script sounds like in the hands of professional actors? During this virtual round table, actors will read your features or television pilot live for the group. This is followed by a Q&A with you from the other members of the community. 


  • The Coverage Report Webcast: How is your latest script coming together?Get a second set of eyes on your work from members in our community - Each month, up to 3 members receive peer-to-peer feedback on the first 10 pages of their feature or television scripts! You can submit your scripts for feedback from your fellow members who give thoughts on what is working and what could use further development.


  • The Writers' Roundtable: When there are more than 4 Wednesdays in a month, we spend the final webcast of that month learning more from you! This is an open forum in which members discuss the current state of the industry, the opportunities and challenges they are facing, observations about the market, and much more. As long as it is positive and supportive, anything goes!
What Other Benefits do Stage 32 Writers' Room Members Get?
Exclusive Discounts on Script Coverage, Consulting, Contest Entries, Writing Labs and more! 
Writers' Room members also receive other amazing perks including 10% off all Stage 32 coverage and consulting services, contests entries and writing labs! And the more writers you refer to the Writers' Room the more perks you get - including FREE pitch sessions, Stage 32 Next Level Educational Webinars, coverage, consultations and more!


“Since I joined Stage 32 in February my writing has really taken off in a really big way. A Horror feature screenplay was optioned by a studio. Stage 32 has just been fantastic. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever invested in emotionally since February - because the of help of Writers’ Room members who have had conversations with me, read my scripts, and had constructive criticisms. The support is just awesome. It opens up a lot of doors.” - John M., Optioned Screenwriter & Writers' Room Member


“My goal has always been to get staffed and this year trying to get back the momentum I had in 2019. But this year, I sold a script. It was exciting! I’ve never been more proud and Writers’ Room members were very helpful in looking at it and making sure I was submitting my best work." - Louisa K.B., Sold Writer and Writers' Room Member


I’ve picked up a mentor through Stage 32 - a Writer/Producer - who has been reading my stuff and providing feedback, which is really nice." - Jenny R., Writers' Room Member


I want to thank the Writers’ Room members who have helped me is so many ways over the last year and this year. I especially want to shout out to the members of the Writers’ Room. We’re giving each other tips, encouragement, sharing information…and it’s been a great way to network even more. And we get writing done too.” - Martha C., Writers' Room Member


“I really enjoy writing. I write every day. And it really helps having the Writers’ Room. It’s fun to be able to join other people and know they’re writing along with you.” - Jill H., Writers' Room Member


"What I love about the Writers' Room is the opportunity to meet writers from all over the world. Being a member has helped improve my writing and has boosted my confidence. I highly recommend membership."

- Martin R., Optioned Screenwriter & Writers' Room Member


"The Writer's Room is a must have for any creative. It's fun, motivational, interactive, educational,'re learning LIVE from professionals and executives within the industry, no matter your location. It is the perfect medium to grow both your craft, and knowledge of the business."

- Imo C., Screenwriter & Writers' Room Member





What is the Stage 32 Writers’ Room?

The Writers’ Room is a premium service that allows for screenwriters who are serious about a career in the industry to connect and interact with industry professionals:

- Multiple weekly interactive webcasts to connect with industry professionals

- Exclusive access to Open Writing Assignments with A-List Companies

- Access to a Private Members-only Lounge

- Access to every previous Writers’ Room webcast on demand


Are there any other exclusive perks?

Yes! Writers’ Room members receive:

- 10% off Stage 32 Coverage, Consultations, Contest entries

- 10% off Stage 32 Next Level Education Labs and Classes

- Annual members receive 1 (one) free contest entry per year

- Surprise Perks including Free webinars, discounted Pitch Sessions, and more!

The savings that you’ll get on the services pays for the Writers’ Room membership! The more you utilize the Stage 32 services, the more valuable the membership becomes!


How Does the Stage 32 Writers’ Room Work?

Multiple times a month members connect online via Zoom for webcasts with leading industry professionals. Main Writers’ Room webcasts take place every Wednesday at 4pm (Pacific).

In addition there are peer-to-peer webcasts in which members can get live feedback on their scripts, practice their pitches, and host table reads for their projects. Nearly a dozen live webcasts every month!


Who have been some of the previous webcast guests?

Previous guests have been Oscar-nominees, Emmy-winners, and come from companies including Paramount+, Disney+, MoneyPaw, Netflix, Bold Films, Sony Pictures Animation, Pixar and more.

Members are able to pitch projects or speak directly with all of the previous guests during the webcasts. All of these previous webcasts are available on demand in the Writers’ Room Vault.


How will the Writers’ Room help me advance my career?

You will be amazed at how your consistent participation in the Writers’ Room will move your career forward by leaps and bounds. Writers’ Room members who have utilized the exclusive opportunities have had their projects optioned, been signed, and have even been hired to write feature films.

Members also have exclusive access to Open Writing Assignments (OWA’s) from industry leading companies including Blumhouse, Amazon Studios, Wonder Street Entertainment, Circle of Confusion and more. Submissions are always FREE for Writers’ Room members and you must be an active member in order to be considered.


What is an Open Writing Assignment?

An Open Writing Assignment (OWA) is a particular need for a script or a writer that comes directly from a production company, studio, financiere, manager or agent. Typically these companies only share their OWA’s with agencies and management companies.

The Writers’ Room team works directly with A-list companies to find out their OWA’s and bypass the agencies to allow members to submit directly. This is only available to Writers’ Room members and new listings are posted multiple times a month! You can access the latest OWA’s at the Writers’ Room Home Page by clicking here.


How do I join the Stage 32 Writers’ Room?

It's easy to join the Writers’ Room! Just choose the plan that is best for you and you can immediately take advantage of your exclusive members-only offerings.


I can’t join the webcasts live. Can I still catch up?

Yes! Every Wednesday Writers’ Room webcast is available on demand 24/7 so members can watch any webcast they miss live. Simply unlock the Writers’ Room Vault for instant access to over 200+ hours of content (and growing weekly)!


I have only started my screenwriting journey. Can I still join?

Do you love screenwriting? Are you passionate about having a career in the industry? Do you want to learn more on the craft and the business? If so, then yes! The Writers’ Room is the perfect place for screenwriters of all levels.


How do I stay connected with other Writers’ Room members when we’re not meeting online?

Members have 24/7 access to a private Writers’ Room Lounge where they are able to connect with fellow members and ask questions, provide feedback and advice, swap scripts, and support each other.


Are there any incentives for getting my fellow writers to join the Writers’ Room?

Yes! We love new members and when you refer your friends for a full paid membership, you will receive amazing perks like FREE Pitch Sessions, Webinars, Consultation Calls, and more.


How much does the Stage 32 Writers’ Room cost?

There are several options to fit your budget. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual memberships. See the plans by clicking here.


Can I downgrade or cancel?

Absolutely. While we hate to see you go, you can cancel your membership by accessing the Writers’ Room Home Page and then scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Once you cancel your membership you will immediately lose any access to OWA’s, webcasts in the Vault, Private Lounge access, and all other Writers’ Room benefits.


I’m still not sure the Writers’ Room is for me.

That’s because you haven’t asked the one question that will have you totally and completely convinced the Writers’ Room is right for you. Email and ask!


Upcoming Webcast Schedule

Screenwriting Plans

Breakdown Webcast - Learn from the Masters

We breakdown produced screenplays focusing on a different aspect of writing every webcast.

Next Webcast: Wed, Jul 6 - 4:00PM PDT

Special Summer Series: Developing a Healthy Mindset for Screenwriters with Special Guest Jasmin Bristow, Mindfulness and Emotional Wellness Coaching

Jasmin's mission as a coach is to rekindle the light inside creators, visionaries, and carers who feel disconnected and burnt-out by utilizing mindfulness, and whole-hearted coaching. She will discuss value oriented goal setting during this hour.

Screenwriting Plans

Pitch Tank Webcast - Improve Your Pitching

Learn to be better in the room. Writers pitch, experts break them down and offer feedback.

Screenwriting Plans

Executive Hour Webcast - Industry Advice from Industry Pros

Working executives and you! Timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus Q&A's

Screenwriting Plans

Write Now Webcast - Develop Your Craft

Let's get you writing! Challenges, table reads, and analysis. Write more, improve with ease.

Writers' Room members also receive 10% off Stage 32 Coverage, Consulting, Contests, Writing Labs & Live Events!

Other Perks of Membership

Stay Current

A screenwriting newsletter designed to inspire, educate and keep you informed of industry news

Craft & Business

Exclusive to you, learn the ins and outs of the craft & business with Producer Jason Mirch