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Your home for screenwriting education, inspiration, and community


The Stage 32 Writers' Room is your writers' room. No matter where you are in the world, you now have the support, access, and education to thrive in your craft and career. We're all in this together!
What is the Writers' Room?
A Worldwide Community of Writers Who Support Each Other 24/7
The Stage 32 Writers' Room is a community of screenwriters from around the world, serious about their craft and pursuing a life in the industry. This is your exclusive writers' group where members get support from other writers, meet and speak with 2 industry executives per month, participate in multiple craft and business webcasts per month, and get access a private lounge where members can discuss their projects, swap scripts, give and receive advice, all in a supportive and exclusive environment. And if you miss the webcasts live, not to worry! They are available for on-demand 24/7 viewing in our Writers' Room Vault.
Direct Access to Industry Professionals
During webcasts, members have direct and exclusive access to top managers, producers, film & television executives, directors, and working screenwriters who speak about members' projects and answer industry-related questions. These industry pros listen to pitches and offer feedback to members during the "Pitch Tank" webcast and impart specific, actionable advice during the 'Executive Hour" webcast. Previous guests have been Oscar-nominees, Emmy-nominees, award-winning filmmakers and screenwriters, prolific producers, and studio executives on the inside of the industry. 
Screenwriting Education and Motivation
Each week, our Stage 32 Script Services team and industry executives will provide you with a wide variety of actionable information designed not only to help your writing, but to assist in succeeding in this increasingly complex business. Every month, writers will learn more about a different aspect of writing through multiple weekly interactive webcasts:
  • The Breakdown Webcast: We breakdown produced screenplays focusing on a different aspect of writing every webcast. Previous breakdowns have included how to write Romantic Comedy, writing Compelling Characters, writing Dramatic Irony, writing Exposition, 


  • The Pitch Tank Webcast: Learn to be better in the room. Members pitch their projects and experts break it down and offer feedback. Previous guests include ViacomCBS Senior Executive Janean Jeffries, JASON BOURNE Development Executive Drew Gatto, Universal Distribution Executive Ken Korba Jr., award-winning TESLA Producer Aimee Schoof and more! 


  • The Executive Hour Webcast: Working executives speak directly with members! Timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus your Q&A's. Previous guests include Oscar-nominated INSIDE OUT writer Meg LeFauve, AKEELAH & THE BEE award-winning Filmmaker Doug Atchison, A QUIET PLACE Development Executive Lindsay Schwartz, "BATES MOTEL" Development Executive Kevin Nicklaus, and billion-dollar MONEYBALL and MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING Executive and Producer Amy Baer and more! 


  • The Write Now Challenge Webcast: Let's get you writing! During this monthly challenge, members are given 4 weeks to write a short scene based a prompt given at the beginning of the month. Members are able to revise existing scenes in their scripts using the prompt or write something totally original! 


  • The Pitch Tank Practice Sessions: Working on a new pitch for a project? Get peer-to-peer feedback from your writing community on your pitch and project during these weekly practice sessions. Members have improved their pitches week after week and even had their scrips requested as result of these practice sessions! 


  • The Table Read Webcast: Want to hear what your script sounds like in the hands of professional actors? During this virtual round table, actors will read your features or television pilot live for the group. This is followed by a Q&A with you from the other members of the community. 


  • The Coverage Report Webcast: How is your latest script coming together? Each month, up to 3 members receive peer-to-peer feedback on the first 10 pages of their feature or television scripts! Writers submit their scripts for feedback from their fellow members who give thoughts on what is working and what could use further development.


  • The Writers' Roundtable: When there are more than 4 Wednesdays in a month, we spend the final webcast of that month over to you! This is an open forum in which members discuss the current state of the industry, the opportunities and challenges they are facing, observations about the market, and much more. As long as it is positive and supportive, anything goes!
Exclusive Benefits
Writers' Room members also receive other amazing perks including 10% off all Stage 32 coverage and consulting services, contests entries and writing labs! And the more writers you refer to the Writers' Room the more perks you get - including FREE pitch sessions, Stage 32 Next Level Educational Webinars, coverage, consultations and more!



"What I love about the Writers' Room is the opportunity to meet writers from all over the world. Being a member has helped improve my writing and has boosted my confidence. I highly recommend membership."

- Martin R., Optioned Screenwriter & Writers' Room Member


"The Writer's Room is a must have for any creative. It's fun, motivational, interactive, educational,'re learning LIVE from professionals and executives within the industry, no matter your location. It is the perfect medium to grow both your craft, and knowledge of the business."

- Imo C., Screenwriter & Writers' Room Member

Upcoming Webcast Schedule

Screenwriting Plans

Breakdown Webcast - Learn from the Masters

We breakdown produced screenplays focusing on a different aspect of writing every webcast.

Screenwriting Plans

Pitch Tank Webcast - Improve Your Pitching

Learn to be better in the room. Writers pitch, experts break them down and offer feedback.

Screenwriting Plans

Executive Hour Webcast - Industry Advice from Industry Pros

Working executives and you! Timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus Q&A's

Next Webcast: Wed, May 19 - 4:00PM PDT

The Executive Hour with writer Mike Gauyo of "GINNY & GEORGIA" and "INSECURE"

Mike Gauyo is a TV writer who has most notably written on Netflix’s hit series GINNY & GEORGIA. Originally born in Haiti, Mike broke into Hollywood as a production assistant until being discovered by Issa Rae who staffed him on her podcast FRUIT.

Screenwriting Plans

Write Now Webcast - Develop Your Craft

Let's get you writing! Challenges, table reads, and analysis. Write more, improve with ease.

Next Webcast: Wed, May 26 - 4:00PM PDT

The Write Now Webcast: Tuning up your Tone

For this challenge, take one (1) scene from your existing script and do a "tone pass'" with help from the Breakdown Webcast: Tackling Tone. We will read the submissions live for the group!

Writers' Room members also receive 10% off Stage 32 Coverage, Consulting, Contests, Writing Labs & Live Events!

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