How to Network Online and in Virtual Settings as an Introvert

Hosted by Jennifer Winberg


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Jennifer Winberg

Webinar hosted by: Jennifer Winberg

Branding & Digital Media Expert (clients: FOX, Disney, Sony, Lionsgate)

Jennifer has over 10 years of branding and entertainment experience in digital strategy, social media, and integrated marketing. Recently, she launched the Digital Marketing Team for the Day and Date Film Division - Lionsgate Premiere. She's worked on a wide range of films from limited theatrical, VOD, Independent, and Home Entertainment releases. Jennifer has worked with mini and major studios such as: Disney, Fox, Sony, Lionsgate, and Gravitas Ventures. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn how to network online and in virtual settings to get the most out of every opportunity from an expert in entertainment digital strategy, social media and integrated marketing!

The key to succeeding in in the entertainment industry, or really any industry, is to put yourself out there. We all know this is a business of relationships and that building relationships takes time and effort. So how can you do those things while being naturally shy? How can you overcome your self-imposed barriers. Believe it or not, it's easier than you think.

Staying connected remains key, and to do that, it’s necessary to be versatile.

So how do people successfully network from home? How do you use powerful tools such as Stage 32, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Zoom to help get yourself out there? And where do you even start the conversation as a naturally introverted person? The good news is you already have all of the tools to do it—you just have to power up and commit.

Jennifer Winberg has over 10 years of branding and entertainment experience in digital strategy and social media working with Lionsgate, Disney, Fox, Sony, Lionsgate, and Gravitas Ventures. Along the way she has mastered the art of digital and has helped thousands of creatives overcome their fear of networking online. Jennifer has developed a passion and expertise in the art of networking and will share her experience exclusively with the Stage 32 community.

Jennifer will discuss the importance and benefits of staying connected and the larger positive implications of being involved. She’ll then delve into the tools we all have to stay connected, even from our own homes, and the best ways to go about using them. Next, Jennifer will go over how to find your tribe and how to use your community not only to advance in your own goals but also to give back.

She will give you the rundown of how best to approach new people virtually, including where to start, and right and wrong approaches she’s seen. She’ll then give you tips on how to make a good impression in virtual settings and how to define your brand. Finally, Jennifer will go over the best ways to set goals and then actually stick to them so that you can overcome your fears and reservations about getting yourself out there and get the results you desire!

This is a great opportunity to learn how, even if you're an introvert, to get connected and stay connected in the industry to help you find the success that you want!

Praise for Jennifer’s Stage 32 Webinars:

" Fantastic, optimistic and informative, I feel I have a lot to work with and was a pleasure to be a part of"

- Christie S.

"Great webinar - lots of interesting and useful information. Great speaker! Thanks!"

- Ron H.

"Lots of good advice. Took 9 pgs of notes!"

- Martha C.

What You'll Learn

  • The Importance of Staying Connected
    • Keeping busy during COVID
    • The strengths of community
    • The Boomerang Effect
  • Tools to Better Connect Virtually
    • Owning your space
    • Video chat systems – Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
    • Social networks - Stage 32, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
    • Online collaborative tools – Slack, Microsoft Team, Google Docs, Mural
  • How to Find Your Tribe
    • How to identify the right groups
    • Setting up a support system
    • Always keep learning
  • What to Say and How to Approach People Online
    • Where to start? How do I start my email?
    • The right and wrong way to approach people
    • Plus up your connection, how to find a relatable thread
  • How to Make a Good Virtual Impression
    • Importance of appearance
    • Defining your brand -what’s your log line?
    • Your SEO
  • Being Agile
    • How to work in an agile way
    • Coming to terms with change
    • How to pivot
    • Letting passion drive
  • Setting Goals
    • Keeping yourself accountable
    • Make it manageable
    • Improving your skills
  • Q&A with Jenn

About Your Instructor

Jennifer has over 10 years of branding and entertainment experience in digital strategy, social media, and integrated marketing. Recently, she launched the Digital Marketing Team for the Day and Date Film Division - Lionsgate Premiere. She's worked on a wide range of films from limited theatrical, VOD, Independent, and Home Entertainment releases. Jennifer has worked with mini and major studios such as: Disney, Fox, Sony, Lionsgate, and Gravitas Ventures.


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Reviews Average Rating: 2 out of 5

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