How You Can Attach A-List Talent To Your Project

Hosted by Dori Zuckerman


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Dori Zuckerman

Webinar hosted by: Dori Zuckerman

Veteran Casting Director and Producer at "Harami"

Veteran casting agent Dori Zuckerman has spent her career working with A-list talent. She has cast over 100 TV series and feature films and has worked with Academy Award and Emmy-winning talent including George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Paxton, and Rashida Jones, among many others. Dori is known for her ability to spot up-and-coming talent including casting Halle Berry in her first professional role. She is a member of the Casting Society of America and has twice received their award for excellence in casting. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Do you have a project that needs a top-tier piece of talent attached to get the proper attention of buyers and financiers? 

Actors bring your characters and story to life, but before your film is ever seen on screen, signing the right top talent can bring financing and get your project sold. So how do you as a writer, producer or filmmaker approach A-list talent to be a part of your film?

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, top casting director Dori Zuckerman, who has worked with director Garry Marshall and talent including George Clooney, Elijah Wood, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more, will give you an insider’s view on the types of projects that attract top talent, as well as strategies to position your project, break through the gatekeepers and actually sign top talent to get your project made.

You'll leave this webinar with essential information and important tools to approach difference-making talent for your own projects that can help propel your work and career. 

Dori has cast over 100 TV series and feature films.

Dori is a member of the Casting Society of America and has twice been the recipient of their award for excellence in casting.

What You'll Learn

The First Steps

  • Assessing which talent has value and best serves your film
  • The tools you need to have prepared
  • Checking Availability
  • Money or talent first? That is the question

How to Attract Talent

  • What attracts talent
  • What turns talent off
  • How to successfully pitch talent
  • The process of reaching out
    • Who do you reach out to
    • How do you find their information
    • What is the best method?
  • Tips and tricks to get past gatekeepers

The Offer

  • Understanding the key points in a talent offer
  • Which terms you should negotiate and which are standard
  • Getting familiar with SAG requirements
  • How much money should you offer?
  • Understanding Favored Nations and Making it work for you

Final Advice

  • Which roles should you cast first?
  • How many recognizable talent do you need in your project
  • How to work with talent Agents and Managers
  • And more!

Q&A with Dori

About Your Instructor

Veteran casting agent Dori Zuckerman has spent her career working with A-list talent. She has cast over 100 TV series and feature films and has worked with Academy Award and Emmy-winning talent including George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Paxton, and Rashida Jones, among many others. Dori is known for her ability to spot up-and-coming talent including casting Halle Berry in her first professional role. She is a member of the Casting Society of America and has twice received their award for excellence in casting.


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