From Script to Set: Getting Ready For Your 1st Day on Set

Hosted by Samm Haillay


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Samm Haillay

Webinar hosted by: Samm Haillay

Producer at Third Films (Winner, Tribeca 2018 - Island of the Hungry Ghosts)

As lead producer at Third, Samm has eight feature credits to his name, these include coproductions with Sweden, Germany and Australia. These have premiered in Cannes, Venice, Sundance and SXSW and have featured at London, AFI, MoMA Docs as well as countless others. Recently, in 2018, his feature Island of the Hungry Ghosts won best Feature documentary at Tribeca. He is a member of BAFTA, EAVE and ACE. He sat on the Short Film Jury in Berlin 2010 to award the Golden Bear. He is a group leader for EAVE, Feature expanded and the Venice College Cinema. He also delivers training for Creative England, Film London, Arts Council England and FACT. Samm has been a patron or board member at several film festivals and is also a film academic. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

The script is finally ready…now, how do you prepare for your first day on set? There are a lot of factors that go into preparing for your film shoot. We’ve brought in producer, Samm Haillay, to talk about the process from script to set.

Samm is an eight-time feature film producer, whose films have premiered at Cannes, Venice, Sundance, SXSW and who’s film Island of the Hungry Ghosts won best Feature documentary at 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. He’ll be going over everything from schedule, budget, casting, locations and more to get you prepared for day one. He’ll be sharing his decades of experience and helping you avoid common mistakes made, as you get ready to shoot your film.



What You'll Learn


  • Why to schedule
  • Breakdown
  • Shooting demands
  • Day and night shoots
  • Setups per day


  • Where is your cash coming from?
  • Turning time into money
  • How long do things cost?
  • Contingency
  • Your fee
  • Running out of money & what to do

Story Boarding

  • Visualization of each scene
  • Planning time
  • Helping with cast and crew


  • How do you find great actors?
  • Screen tests
  • Interviews & auditions


  • Where to look
  • Letter drop?
  • Tips to help you get locations
  • Format


  • Where to get equipment
  • Specialist needs
  • Insurance


  • Who is doing what and why?
  • Results of the tests
  • Recommendations
  • It's not what you know

Physical Production

  • During breakdown
  • What to learn from read throughs
  • Research


  • Paperwork
  • Teche recce/scouting
  • Rehersals
  • Hire agreements

Q&A with Samm!

About Your Instructor

As lead producer at Third, Samm has eight feature credits to his name, these include coproductions with Sweden, Germany and Australia. These have premiered in Cannes, Venice, Sundance and SXSW and have featured at London, AFI, MoMA Docs as well as countless others. Recently, in 2018, his feature Island of the Hungry Ghosts won best Feature documentary at Tribeca. He is a member of BAFTA, EAVE and ACE. He sat on the Short Film Jury in Berlin 2010 to award the Golden Bear. He is a group leader for EAVE, Feature expanded and the Venice College Cinema. He also delivers training for Creative England, Film London, Arts Council England and FACT. Samm has been a patron or board member at several film festivals and is also a film academic.


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When we write scripts there are so many elements to consider in order to create a great story. There’s world building, introducing a vast ensemble of characters, interweaving conflict, creating stakes, and so much more, all while having to hook your audience in a short amount of time. It’s very easy to go overboard and try to cram all of these elements into your story where it gets to a point of oversaturation. This is why it's common for first drafts to be overcomplicated and hard for others to read or get through. Of course, we want to include all the aspects that make the formula of our script a success, but it’s important to do it in a way that is clear, concise, and effective. Making your script clear and not overcomplicated  isn’t necessarily always the easiest thing to do. Learning how to trim our stories is difficult and cutting out things that we love is challenging as writers, especially when we’ve spent so much time investing in our projects. However, there are useful strategies and tools you can use to simplify the complexity of your script and create a product that gatekeepers will want to read and executives will want to produce. Screenwriting is all about telling a lot in a short amount of time. Being concise is a skill every writer should master. Samm Haillay is an award-winning producer and BAFTA member whose films have premiered at Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto and London Film Festivals and have collected 35 international awards and nominations worldwide. Samm is also the founder of the BFI Vision Award and MEDIA Slate Funding Award-winning production company Third Films and his short films have collected over 50 international awards and nominations including at BAFTA, Berlin, Venice, Edinburgh and Chicago. Samm has picked up much talent and expertise from the filmmaking industry and shares his experience with the Stage 32 community. Samm will give you invaluable tips, strategies, and exercises that you can use to simplify your own complex script. He will discuss all the vital components of what scripts should include - and then help you boil down everything from what you want to keep in your story to what it actually needs. Samm will share the practice] he developed called “The Story Rainbow”, which examines the relationship and interconnectivity between Story, Narrative and Plot and can be used to further develop your own project.. He will be focusing on how to keep your script simple - yet complex - rather than confusing and complex. Samm's unique understanding of how to simplify complex script has greatly elevated his own career and he is beyond ecstatic to help members of the Stage 32 community to achieve the same.

Film Crew Essentials - Learn to Become An Unforgettable Crew Member

"One of the most informative and educational experiences I have had. Ever." -Nancy G.   4-part class taught by Kenny Chaplin, DGA/DGC Assistant Director who has worked for filmmakers like Terrence Malik, Ang Lee, David Mamet and Ridley Scott!  Available On Demand For You To Watch Instantly   So you want to make a film but don’t know where to start. You’ve graduated with a film degree, but don’t know how to get your foot in the door. You’ve had the good fortune of being involved in a feature film that came to your community and you now have the ‘bug’. Or maybe you’re making a pivot in your life and want to switch to a more creative and exciting career. The film industry is BIG and there’s so much that goes into it. Without a larger understanding of how it all works, what all the different jobs do, and what sort of entry points you can find to begin your new career, it can naturally feel overwhelming to get started. We’ve luckily brought in the perfect person to assuage your fears and give you the tools you need to take the next step towards your filmmaking dreams. Kenny Chaplin is a long-time filmmaker, DGA & DGC assistant director, and all-around industry veteran with over sixteen years in the trenches of the Hollywood, working hand-in-hand with directors like David Mamet, Terrence Malick, Ang Lee, and Ridley Scott. He has 'wrangled' Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack, Woody Harrelson, Sean Penn, and Eva Longoria, and has worked on the films END OF DAYS, DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR, BODY OF LIES, RUNAWAY JURY, THE THIN RED LINE, and many more. In addition to his mountain of experience on large film sets, Kenny has also spent the better part of two decades presenting live seminars across North America and helping aspiring filmmakers see their worth and find their way in. Over four jam-packed sessions, Kenny will teach you the culture, protocol, and skills required to work and stand out within the highly competitive “below-the-line” departments of the film industry. He’ll explain how exactly a film is put together from pre-production on, what every role is on set, and how you can best find your way in. He’ll discuss practical and technical film set protocol, etiquette anyone should follow, and safety training you should expect. Through all this and more, Kenny will give you a comprehensive blueprint you can take with you as you begin your career in film. Gain the confidence, inspiration, and peace of mind to walk onto any film set with the know-how of a road weary veteran.   Purchasing gives you access to the previously-recorded live class.Although Kenny is no longer reviewing the assignments, we still encourage all listeners to participate!.     "Kenny Chaplin is a sharing and knowledgeable instructor, the blend of local talents with Kenny's direction made this one of the most informative and educational experiences I have had. Ever. The seminar was outstanding, many thanks for all the hard work and passion in creating this successful workshop." - Nancy G.   "Although billed as entry level film industry training, it is in fact an excellent overall look at filmmaking on the studio level delivered by an experienced and engaging instructor. It is useful for everyone interested in entering the business in any position. I highly recommend Kenny Chaplin to provide basic training for emerging filmmakers in any jurisdiction." - Peg Owens, Idaho Film Office Commissioner    

How To Produce Your Action Film For Under $2MM

Find out how the pros make big action stories happen on a limited budget from Chris Smith, a producer and production executive who has produced 10 indie films and built hundreds of budgets for films, TV, shorts, and more. Just one look at this year’s box office wins and it’s easy to see that action films are bigger than ever. But you don’t have to wait for $100 million and a green light to make your own action movie. HARDCORE HENRY, MAD MAX, and GONE IN 60 SECONDS are just a few successful action films produced under $2 million. With the right script and some creativity, you can produce your own action film for the big screen and audiences worldwide. In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll learn how to budget and produce a low-budget action film from Chris Smith, a producer and former production executive who knows how to make big movies happen without the big price tag. Do you want to have a mercenary team show up armed to the teeth to gun down a hero? Did your badass heroine end up in a warehouse with the big bad henchman? Does the techy sidekick need to chase down a boat to stop a bomb? There’s a way to budget that and Chris will show you how. Chris has been making film and television for over a decade, producing 10 indie films and working as the Executive in Charge of Production with networks including MTV, NatGeo, and many more. He’s built over a hundred budgets for films, television series, commercials, shorts, and music videos. By the end of this webinar, you’ll know: What you must make space in your budget for How to make room for your budget  What departments you need for action elements, including stunts How to hire the best people for your action film’s crew Safety and permits you must have And most importantly, how to pull off the biggest elements on your low budget If you’re ready to see your action movie thrilling audiences on the big screen, take the first step in learning how the pros do it by learning from an industry veteran today.  

Write A Killer Outline For Your Horror Feature - Writing Lab: Level 1 of 3

Payment plans available - contact for details Limited to 12 people - 4 Spots Remain Complete your outline and work one-on-one on Zoom with the former in-house story consultant for Blumhouse and IM Global   The global appetite for horror movies is growing so fast that it's almost scary. Audiences can't get enough horror, the big streamers are gobbling them up and smaller niche streamers are launching and have a huge need for fresh titles and ideas. You've seen recent horror movies like THE FOREVER PURGE produced for $18M that grossed over $70M worldwide, a movie like THE UNHOLY get made for $1.2M that grossed $30M internationally or the ultimate jackpot like GET OUT, which was made for $4.2M that went on to gross over $240M. What all of these have in common is a well thought out story, complex characters that take you on the ride and mind-bending scares that all land at the perfect time. Every screenwriter in this scenario began with a great outline. Your outline is imperative because it helps you structure your story and character arcs before you type Fade In. Do you know your hook? Do you know your beats? Are you acts properly synchronized for maximum effect? Having a top flight outline is often what separates a professional writer from an amateur. Now, Stage 32 will help you not only craft the perfect outline, but also take you through the process of writing a complete horror script. Over six weeks in an exclusive, interactive Stage 32 writing lab, you’ll work in a virtual class setting and one-on-one with Karina Wilson, one of the most sought-after horror story consultants in the industry, who worked for over a decade with Blumhouse and IM Global. Karina has worked on titles such as SKYLINE, 13 SINS, VIRAL, VAMPIRE ACADEMY, HORNS, LORDS OF SALEM. You will leave this lab with a completed outline for your feature script and what's even better is that if you want to continue working with Karina she will move you up to a level 2 and level 3 lab where you will write your actual screenplay.  You don't want to miss out on riding this global horror wave and there are only a limited number of spots available for Karina's lab and once they're gone they're gone for good. Stage 32 is offering this first class in a 3-class journey to help you get your horror feature written and ready to share with producers.   Testimonials from Karina's previous Stage 32 Education: "She delivered on the topic and gave an informative lecture. I took many notes on how to immediately improve the horror script I'm writing now. That was my goal!" - Martha C. "I thought it was very informative and the speaker was well versed!" - Loretta C. 

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Have you ever sat through a movie that was filled with fights, car chases, gun battles, and explosions and yet it was all you could do to keep from falling asleep in spite of the noise? This is because good action movies aren’t just about kicks, punches, and car crashes. Celebrated recent action films like EXTRACTION or Mile 22 or classics like BOURNE IDENTITY and ENTER THE DRAGON pop off the screen because of strong writing that lends itself to the story. Action writing is an art. And to write it, you’ve got to understand how to make your story matter to the audience. Action movies need to sustain the attention of viewers not just with suspense but with emotional appeal. It needs to have meaning. Explosive scenes are great, but action without a substantive story can only take you so far. Characters still need to have wants and desires, even if they’re armed and dangerous. The stakes need to be high and the flaws of each character apparent. If you are able to master this important balance of storytelling, your script will be a hit to those in the industry who are on the hunt for exciting action stories. Joshua Todd James is a well-established screenwriter, playwright, and WGA member, who wrote the action feature POUND OF FLESH, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and currently has multiple projects in development with action stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins, Alain Moussi, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White and former UFC champion Micheal Bisping, among others. He also adapted Peter Biskind’s best selling book Down & Dirty Pictures into a feature screenplay and Matthew Polly’s New York Times bestseller American Shaolin into a television pilot. Joshua has spent much of his life writing and learning the art of action writing and is excited to share his experience with the Stage 32 community. Joshua will teach you how to write effective action with meaning for your film or series. After discussing why action doesn’t always work on screen, he’ll break down what can make action effective. Joshua will dive deep into defining character objectives, establishing stakes and crafting identity in each scene. Joshua will also spend time focusing on the elements that action must reveal and walk you through the three primary revelations of story. You’ll walk away with the resources to improve your current script, or fire off a new one. Joshua will be using the action classic THE BOURNE IDENTITY as a case study to illustrate the elements of effective action writing that he will lay out. Everyone who signs up for this webinar, will receive the BOURNE IDENTITY script for free.  

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