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How To Avoid Potholes and Protect Your Work, Your Relationships and Your Career
Hosted by Gary W. Goldstein


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Gary W Goldstein

Webinar hosted by: Gary W. Goldstein

Attorney and Producer

Gary W. Goldstein has produced some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits, generating well over One Billion Dollars in worldwide revenue, receiving multiple Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and various other awards. In addition to Under Siege (Warner Bros.) and The Mothman Prophecies (Sony / Screen Gems) and a slate of ‘indie’ and major studio films Gary produced, Pretty Woman went on to become the highest grossing live-action film in Disney’s history. Long before Gary produced his first low-budget film Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death, he founded his own literary management firm representing writers, directors and select actors. Launching careers for talented ‘unknowns’ became his passion and signature, many of whom continue to be hugely successful across film and television. Gary recently authored Conquering Hollywood: The Screenwriters Blueprint for Career Success, the top-selling book teaching aspiring creative talent how to turn their talent into a business and a career. A champion and mentor to aspiring screenwriters and other creatives, he recent published new coursework: Breaking Into Hollywood: The Master Class. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

"The workbook alone is worth 10 times what the webinar cost. I am in awe. Thank you, Gary."

- Antonio T.


There's nothing worse than having a screenplay bought or a project with financing get placed on hold because of legal issues that could have been handled at the start. Too many projects have been shelved permanently and will never see the light of day because of conflicts and misunderstandings that could easily have been avoided.  Unfortunately, few screenwriters, filmmakers or producers know the right questions that need to be asked and answered in order to protect yourself and your project legally. It doesn't need to be this way, though. There are simple legal steps you can take from the beginning to assure a smooth and steady ride so your focus can be on making the best project possible.

Especially for those in creative fields, navigating legal issues can feel overwhelming and confusing, maybe even unnecessary. Yet having a basic legal understanding of how to protect your work and property is incredibly crucial. You need to know how to legally incorporate everyone's input and notes into your script without worrying about losing authorship. You need to know how to set up a partnership for success and why so many people run into trouble when doing so. You need to know when it's okay to agree to work for free or 'on spec' and why it's still vital to have a written agreement. And you need to know when it's okay to talk business on your own behalf. The good news is you don't need to pass the bar in order to ensure you and your projects are in good legal shape. Instead, you just need a little guidance. 

Producer and attorney Gary W. Goldstein star of Netflix's The Movies That Made Us, has produced some of the biggest box office hits in film history and has served as a mentor to dozens of prestigious writers, producers, and filmmakers. His credits include PRETTY WOMAN, UNDER SIEGE, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, and many more. He's also papered some of the biggest deals in film history. By working as both a producer and entertainment attorney, Gary's knowledge of deal memos and contracts is without peer. He knows all the do's and don'ts, the tips and tricks, and the side streets and alleyways toward making sure that you are not only protected, but getting the benefits and compensation you deserve for your efforts. 

Now, exclusively for Stage 32, Gary will teach you:

  • A complete "how to" in order to assure that you use a proven and smart approach to protecting yourself legally
  • His 3 rules that should never be broken when entering into deals
  • Whether you should use an agent or an attorney (or both) to negotiate your compensation and benefits on your behalf
  • How to deal with release forms and option agreements 
  • How to assure you get everything in writing so there are no surprises or disappointments down the road
  • How to maintain a paper trail of all communication and why it's monumentally important to do so.
  • The realities of maintaining creative control and how to handle the creative contributions of others as well as the pitfalls to avoid when receiving feedback.
  • The qualities of finding a good creative or business partner and the essential questions to ask up front. 

As if all this wasn't enough, Gary will provide a 40-page interactive workbook exclusive for those who take this webinar. This is an invaluable resource!

What You'll Learn

  • The 3 rules that must never be broken when entering into deals.
  • Agents versus attorneys, where to look and when.
  • How to deal with release forms (and other work-arounds).
  • Your history and the value of a well-maintained paper trail.
  • Avoiding serious problems (aka “getting it in writing”).
  • The reality of ‘creative control’.
  • The possible pitfalls of creative contributions by others.
  • The qualities of a good partner (and the essential questions to ask up front).
  • How to simply, quickly & effectively deal with copyright and WGA registrations.
  • The all-important option agreement! (hint: it’s not just about the dollars).
  • Recorded, in-depth Q&A with Gary!

Plus! This webinar includes a 40-page interactive workbook put together by Gary for YOU!

About Your Instructor

Gary W. Goldstein has produced some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits, generating well over One Billion Dollars in worldwide revenue, receiving multiple Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and various other awards. In addition to Under Siege (Warner Bros.) and The Mothman Prophecies (Sony / Screen Gems) and a slate of ‘indie’ and major studio films Gary produced, Pretty Woman went on to become the highest grossing live-action film in Disney’s history.

Long before Gary produced his first low-budget film Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death, he founded his own literary management firm representing writers, directors and select actors. Launching careers for talented ‘unknowns’ became his passion and signature, many of whom continue to be hugely successful across film and television.

Gary recently authored Conquering Hollywood: The Screenwriters Blueprint for Career Success, the top-selling book teaching aspiring creative talent how to turn their talent into a business and a career. A champion and mentor to aspiring screenwriters and other creatives, he recent published new coursework: Breaking Into Hollywood: The Master Class.


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"Here’s some practical advice for those seeking a career in Hollywood, from someone who really knows what the hell he's talking about."

- J.F. Lawton, Screenwriter (PRETTY WOMAN, UNDER SIEGE)


"When I met Gary, I had nothing but talent and a drive to succeed. Nine months later, I had my first script option, my first studio writing assignment, and a Writers Guild card. The advice here is worth its weight in gold"

- Allison Burnett, Screenwriter & Director (AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, FEAST OF LOVE, GONE AND UNDISCOVERED GYRL)


"When I became your student, I was a mom with a script. Now, I'm a series writer-producer-director. Thank you for helping me achieve one of my biggest dreams. And thank you for this class. You continue to amaze."

- Sally Rubin, Screenwriter, Producer, Author


"Gary W. Goldstein’s mentoring will prove 100% better than whatever else you may be considering. He will change your life."

- Marilyn Warda, author, The Randomness of Life


"I’ve learned more about how things really work from Gary than I have over the past 10 years and countless other classes!"

- Angela Falkowska, Screenwriter


"The workbook alone is worth 10 times what the webinar cost. I am in awe. Thank you, Gary."

- Antonio T.


"Again, Stage 32 outdoes itself. What a score landing Gary. He's a legend."

Jason R.


"Gary, you had me from minute one. Amazing information. And delivered with class and style.

-Angela P.



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Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Good information, but it sounds like the presenter wanted to give a lot more information, but he was directed to finish the class in an hour, (as he mentions a few times in the video) so skimmed over a bunch of stuff that he would have liked to go into more detail on. I wish he was free to give the presentation he wanted to give, and not be restricted by the clock, or whoever told him to keep it to an hour. This is obviously a much larger topic and should have provided more information for the money.
  • thanks, i needed this months ago now i know i really need a lawyer so here we go!
  • Gary is great! He prepared me for the contract I signed not long after the class. Who knew!

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How To Sell Your Network, Cable or Streaming TV Series

It’s a dream of many to turn their idea for a television show into reality and actually sell their series to a network or company. And with so many shows constantly being created by more and more companies, this dream is coming true for more people all the time. As networks continue looking for new ideas, new voices, and diverse perspectives to fill up their slate, opportunities have never been greater to get your television show sold. And yet, it’s going to take more than a great idea and a great voice to get your TV series picked up. After the research, the writing, and development, there’s a lot you need to do if you want your series to get noticed and see the light of day. The truth is having a completed pilot is only half the battle. You also need to understand the current TV market and how to get that pilot seen. This can feel like a large or insurmountable task. Where do you even start? Do you call production companies? Hit up a studio? Perhaps reach out to a network? Do you need to attach a showrunner or an actor? How do you approach the next steps of trying to sell your show? These next steps aren’t easy, but there is a lot you can learn to better prepare you for the battle ahead. Antonio D'Intinio is one of the hardest working managers in the industry that represents screenwriters and directors at Circle of Confusion. He began his career at the agency APA before joining Jeremy Platt at Plattform, where you helped manage Plattform's first look deal with Amazon Studios. Antonio’s clients work across film and television, selling shows to Apple, Universal TV, eOne among others and their films have been recognized by numerous organizations and festivals including The Nicholl Fellowship, Cannes, Sundance and SXSW. Antonio has years of experience shopping and selling his clients' shows and knows what it takes for a series to find success.  Antonio will teach you exactly how you can sell your TV series. He will begin by describing the general TV landscape. Then he’ll outline the players in the landscape and how they operate, including showrunners, production companies, studios and networks. He will walk through the three main seasons of broadcast network television—staffing, development, and pilot season. Antonio will share 3 approaches to setting up a TV show, which include format, pitches, original pilot, and intellectual property. Next he will delve into the concept of a TV package and how best to incorporate producers, showrunners, talent, and directors. Then he will outline how individuals get paid once a TV show is set up. He’ll explain the agent packaging fee, the producer fee, royalties, and residuals. Finally Antonio will pull the curtain back on the current marketplace and explain how many shows get bought vs. produced vs. aired vs. ordered to series. The TV landscape is murky, but Antonio will walk you through how it actually works and how you can navigate it to better your chances of getting your own television series sold.     Praise for Antonio's Previous Stage 32 Webinar   "Antonio really took us behind the curtain with a no B.S. approach. A straight shooter that tells it like it is. Eyes wide open for me now." -Michael K.   My goal was always to be repped. And I got my wish. And it went terrible. We weren't on the same page. I didn't know what to do. After watching Antonio's presentation, my last rep and I parted ways and I was able to secure a new manager. The change has been night and day. We work together for a common goal. Thank you, Antonio! - Steven L.

Ultimate Guide to Getting Financing For Your Indie Film

You might have the greatest script and top talent attached, but it takes money to make a movie. This in-depth, four-part course dives into all the pieces of the finance puzzle, where to find them, how they fit together, and the knowledge you need to create a plan for your indie film. When a lack of money holds you back from producing your dream project, it can feel impossible to overcome. But this doesn't have to be you. If you have the script, BondIt Media Capital can show you how to make it a reality in this ultimate guide to financing, exclusively from Stage 32, in a four-week, intensive course. BondIt Media Capital is the world-renowned film, television, and media financier behind the Oscar-nominated LOVING VINCENT, Roland Emmerich’s MIDWAY, the Indie Spirit-winner THE PEANUT BUTTER PROJECTS, and many more. Their projects have starred Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Nicolas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liam Neeson, Mel Gibson, Kevin James, Morgan Freeman, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Smith, and Samuel L. Jackson, and many other A-list names. Over four lessons, BondIt executives will show you every aspect of independent film financing available to you. You’ll start and end the intensive with BondIt CEO and co-Founder Matthew Helderman, a producer on Spike Lee’s RODNEY KING for Netflix. Matthew will teach you key film financing lessons, including the five stages of financing, the four primary quadrants of your finance play, sales receipts waterfall, and understanding the project risk so that you know how to approach financiers. Later in the program, he’ll use case studies to look over all that you’ve learned and the pros and cons of the financing opportunities available to you. Joining Matthew as your hosts are Grady Craig and Tyler Gould. Grady is the VP of Business Development and Operations and is an expert in raising equity and creating a fantastic film package to grab investors. Tyler, BondIt’s VP of Finance and Development, will teach you new financing options and how to weigh your options, from tax credits to grants to bridge lending and more. In just a handful of lessons, you’ll receive a wealth of complex financing knowledge from four experts, setting you up to follow in their footsteps and bring your indie film to the big screen by building the perfect financing plan for you.

How to Break into Drama TV Writing for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Other Streaming Platforms

The big streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV) are leading the charge in original programming. The number of new shows being produced has never been higher. However, these platforms have different needs, different expectations and different boundaries and mandates than those of traditional broadcast networks. So how does a creative navigate the big time streaming world? And how does a writer stand out to get staffed or sell a standout drama series? This webinar will explain in comprehensive detail how drama series are pitched, developed, and sold to streaming platforms and what you can do as a writer to position yourself to get noticed. With so many writers vying for an opportunity to sell or be staffed on a show, it’s incredibly important to understand the changing landscape and know the best ways to operate within it. Having a clear sense of how executives at streamers think and what they’re looking for will give you a distinct advantage in adjusting your script to pique their interest or in presenting yourself more effectively to sell your show or get staffed on one of their growing number of series. Spencer Robinson is a literary and talent manager at Art/Work Entertainment who's been in the industry for over twenty years. His clients have been in films with directors Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, Clint Eastwood, Gore Verbinski and more. In the TV world, his clients have been regular cast members on shows for Netflix, The CW, Cinemax, CBS, NBC, FX, Starz, Nickelodeon, EPIX, and TBS, to name a few. His writing clients work in both features and television on broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms. He currently has a client writing on two Netflix series, and another client who just sold a show to Amazon. He also reps a writer who currently has a project at Aggregate Films, which has a deal at Netflix. Spencer will use his extensive experience working with writers and selling their shows to streamers to share some of the do’s and don’ts of writing a drama pilot for streaming television and outline how to tailor your script to make the best impression with the executives at these platforms. He will do this by first laying out how the streaming platforms differ from one another and what exactly they're looking for. Not all streaming platforms are created equal and it's imperative you know the difference. From there, Spencer will dive into script structure and formatting, specifically analyzing what you should be considering before you write your pilot. Next, he will tackle staffing and sales, so no matter what your goal whether to be in a writer's room or selling your pilot, you have all the information you need to position yourself correctly and with the best chance of success. Spencer will even get into the difference between streaming platforms and broadcast networks so you can determine where your material might be a best fit. Expect to leave this class with a comprehensive understanding of the shifting industry of streaming television and a toolkit to better excel within it.   Like what you heard from Spencer during this webcast?  Send your script to Spencer and speak with him for an hour by clicking here.     Praise for Spencer's Stage 32 webinar:   Spencer was awesome! Super informative and detail driven - providing great insights. Packed so much into a short amount of time which I'm super grateful for! -Eric C.   Spencer Robinson has high energy and packs a ton of information in his lecture. Most importantly Spencer gives realistic advice while encouraging writers to move forward fully informed of the terrain. -Oweeda N.   Spencer opened my eyes to how the TV world works with broadcast and streaming. What a great crash course! -Ricki L.   "Very enlightening. Gave a realistic view of how difficult it is to get a pilot made but was just inspiring enough to give hope. :)" -Clive M.  

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