How To Create Your Publicity Plan from Development through Distribution

Hosted by Janine McGoldrick


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Janine McGoldrick

Webinar hosted by: Janine McGoldrick

Former SVP Communications, Cohen Media Group (Worked with HBO & Academy Award Winning Film)

Janine McGoldrick is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry, having created and implemented tactical public relations campaigns, events, and marketing promotions that garnered exceptional exposure in the media. As the SVP of Communications at Cohen Media Group, Janine led the public relations efforts for all theatrical releases, including the Academy Award-winning film THE SALESMAN and CHURCHILL, starring Brian Cox and John Slattery. Janine’s tenured career includes helping launch some of the most exciting releases in film, television, and home entertainment while at Universal Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, and former clients Lionsgate, BBC, Hart-Sharp, and New Line. Janine previously worked in the Corporate Affairs department of HBO, supervising publicity for three divisions. She oversaw the media operations, talent relations, and product launches for all campaigns and division activations at industry events such as SXSW and Comic-Con. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

In today’s content gold rush, audiences aren’t waiting for the official trailer anymore to decide if they’ll see a film in theaters or wait for an on-demand release. Now, audiences decide from the first press release or casting announcement, with teams of people working behind the scenes to create buzz through production and release. So before you start rolling, is your publicity plan in place?

There’s a reason that major studios spend just about as much on marketing as they do on the production: The movie doesn’t matter if people don’t see it, making publicity and marketing crucial to a film's success.

You have to be your own publicist and grab everyone’s attention as early as possible. Don’t let a limited budget keep you from getting the word out. With the right publicity plan in place, you could blow audiences away around the world without breaking the bank.

You need a publicity plan.

Creating your publicity brand, including casting, staffing, securing talent participation in promotional campaigns, and finding your key media angles are all strategies that start as early as development and continue through your project’s life cycle.

Sharing her wealth of experience in publicity and marketing with you is Janine McGoldrick in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar.

Janine has a wealth of experience working in publicity for major studios and production companies, such as Universal Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, Lionsgate, BBC, New Line, and more. As the SVP of Communications at Cohen Media Group, she oversaw all theatrical releases, including the Academy Award-winning feature THE SALESMAN and CHURCHILL, starring Brian Cox and John Slattery.

Using her vast experience in publicity at every budget level, Janine teaches you how to develop, brand, and sell your script, so that your PR strategy is at work from the beginning by creating a publicity toolkit and press kit. She’ll show you how to ensure a cohesive brand through trailers, posters, and promos, as well as unique opportunities through social media where you can save on your budget. If you’re planning on working with a publicist, Janine has you covered there, too, as she shows you how to find the right publicist for the job and how to work with the in-house studio marketers.

For those attending live, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to ask Janine questions about your project, as well as the nitty-gritty details, like pitching, embargoes, and what to avoid so that you don’t endanger your production.

No one knows your film better than you, and by investing in yourself today, you can take one step closer to ensuring your film finds success.


What You'll Learn

The PR Basics

  • Earned media vs. paid media
  • Publicity vs. marketing vs. social media

Developing Your PR Fundamentals

  • Budgeting
  • Formulating your brand
  • Creating your publicity toolkit
  • Writing effective loglines and synopsis
  • Things that can endanger or bolster your publicity angles
  • Getting your talent involved in publicity from the start

Producing Publicity Materials

  • Items you don’t want to miss getting while on-set
  • Understanding exclusives and embargos
  • Creating a press kit

Distributing The Right Message

  • Trailers, posters, promos, and making your content sizzle
  • Mini-media training: dos and don’ts when being interviewed
  • Pointers for pitching the media
  • Working with studio publicists and marketers
  • Tips for hiring a publicist

Q&A with Janine

About Your Instructor

Janine McGoldrick is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry, having created and implemented tactical public relations campaigns, events, and marketing promotions that garnered exceptional exposure in the media. As the SVP of Communications at Cohen Media Group, Janine led the public relations efforts for all theatrical releases, including the Academy Award-winning film THE SALESMAN and CHURCHILL, starring Brian Cox and John Slattery. Janine’s tenured career includes helping launch some of the most exciting releases in film, television, and home entertainment while at Universal Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, and former clients Lionsgate, BBC, Hart-Sharp, and New Line. Janine previously worked in the Corporate Affairs department of HBO, supervising publicity for three divisions. She oversaw the media operations, talent relations, and product launches for all campaigns and division activations at industry events such as SXSW and Comic-Con.


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"Although useful for films, I still found this helpful for the release of an online curriculum." -Teressa G.

"I am not at the point to be able to use this information yet as I'm still writing a script. But I made a bunch fo notes, and when I get there, this will be very helpful. If I might make one more suggestion, tell us about more tools. This was a very high level presentation without a lot of useful tools that people can use." -Kristin K.


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Breaking Story for 1 Hour Network Procedural TV Dramas + Interactive Mock Writers' Room (Feb 2023)

Payment plans available - contact for details This Lab Is Limited To 10 Spots - Reserve Your Spot Now Experience what it's like to work in a television writers' room while learning from a professional television staff writer. It's hard enough to break an original story on your own, but how do the professionals do it as a group in a writers' room on an idea someone else created? Getting to work in a writers' room is the dream for many, but once you're in, the hard work is just beginning. This interactive lab shows you exactly how a writers' room operates by putting you in a mock room to create an episode from scratch as a team. What is it really like to work in a writers' room? What are the different roles in a writers' room? When should you speak up versus listen? What's the best way to pitch your ideas? It can be intimidating to enter a writers' room, and you want to have some knowledge to enter confidently. That's where professional screenwriter Kate Sargeant and her exclusive Stage 32 course have you covered. Kate has staffed in numerous rooms, including CASTLE, CSI CYBER, NCIS NOLA, BLINDSPOT, and more.  In this six-week course, you'll work with the instructor and a handful of similarly ambitious and creative writers to break an episode of the network procedural THE ROOKIE: FEDS, including the A, B, and C-story, using a virtual whiteboard. You'll work step-by-step through the process for the most in-depth experience as you work through the episode story as a group together, pitching ideas and learning to communicate with one another. This format gives you invaluable direct, practical, and real-world experience to assist your long-term television career. You'll have access to Kate during the six weeks in class and outside of class via email for any questions you may have. You'll also have the opportunity to develop a genuine working relationship with your classmates, networking with writers with similar goals to your own that can extend beyond class time. Whether you want to write one-hour procedural or serialized television, the ability to write on a close-ended episodic series is an incredible skill that will benefit you throughout your career. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to see what it's like to work in a writers' room from a professional writer whose been there!

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Almost everyone is at least vaguely familiar with Bollywood, but the Indian film and TV industry is more than just Bollywood, and it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that just keeps growing. With over 1.3 billion people living in India, it’s no wonder. However, the popularity of Indian movies and TV is not confined to India alone. Thanks to growing accessibility through streaming platforms, popular series like MADE IN HEAVEN and PUSHPAVALLI on Amazon, and movies like GARBAGE and RAJMA CHAWAL on Netflix, plus many many more are gaining wider audiences worldwide. As the world becomes flatter and network and streaming giants are investing more and more into generating country-specific content, this is an incredibly exciting time to find opportunities in the Indian film and TV space. The challenges of breaking into new territory, are knowing what buyers and sellers are looking for, and who all the players are. India may be one country, but it’s made up of 28 states with different languages, cultures, and people. Therefore, there are also many different film and TV industries within India. So, you need to know what Indian buyers are looking for as well as what streamers here will be looking for, which may be different from other content they buy. Knowing all these differences is important for setting yourself up for success in India. With the right guidance, you can be sure you’ll set up a good foundation for your future film and TV endeavors in India. Katharina Suckale is a long-time producer and creator with deep experience creating content for the Indian film and TV industry, including creating the Indian series, BETWEEN WORLDS, which has been picked up by Disney+. She has also directed documentaries, shorts, and experimental films. With a career spanning twenty-four years in the film industry, and experience in both distribution and production, she has a deep knowledge for the landscape of the industry in India, Europe, and the US. In 2003, she founded Suckale Film Produktion, producing projects in Germany, Africa, and India. Producing in India led her to discover her love for India and its rich storytelling culture. She has consulted on and overseen European-Indian co-productions and handled worldwide sales for Yash Raj Films India. Katharina is here to share her love for filmmaking in India and how you can break your way into this bustling industry. She’ll walk you through the main differences between the Indian Market and the European/American markets, including everything you need to know about the difference between film, series, and streaming platforms in India. She’ll also share her insights on how new talent can break into the Indian entertainment industry, and the importance of genre conventions.   This is your chance to get to know the billion-dollar industry and find out what it takes to bring your projects there.

Tools for Financing Your Independent Feature Film - 6-Class Intensive with Handouts

An exclusive virtual class with top financier Viviana Zarragoitia, VP of Three Point Capital.  Includes 12 exclusive handouts including sample budgets, packages and collection account management statement, sales sheets, sales agent contracts and distribution agreements   One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a creative is finding financiers and raising funds for your film. You may have a great script, a great cast and crew, but at the end of the day, no money means no project. For many creatives, the world of financing can seem overwhelming and impenetrable.  Knowing how to raise money intelligently for films can be your calling card toward making a life working in independent film. . While everyone says that raising financing is the hardest aspect of filmmaking, it's not impossible, and in fact can be well within your power, especially with the right guidance and education. Viviana Zarragoitia is the Vice President of Three Point Capital, one of the entertainment industry's top financiers that specializes in senior lending on film and television projects. Through Three Point, Viviana closes the financing on every film that the company is involved in. She has been involved in the financing of over 100 independent films, and worked with such producers as Cassian Elwes (DALLAS BUYERS CLUB), Rob Barnum (MARGIN CALL), Anthony Bregman (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND), James Schamus (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN), Aaron Gilbert (JOKER), Kimberly Steward (MANCHESTER BY THE SEA), Nicolas Chartier (THE HURT LOCKER) and Kevin Frakes (HEREDITARY), among others. Before Three Point Capital, Viviana worked in accounting at Millennium Films and Bold Films, as well as in the finance division of Lionsgate, where she oversaw the preparation of multi-million dollar film and television distribution deals. Viviana has seen it all when it comes to film financing and knows intimately well how films find success at all budget levels. In this advanced level and intensive 6-session virtual class, Viviana will comprehensively teach you how you can finance your own independent film, whether it's microbudget ($500,000 or less), more than $10 million, or anything in between. In Session 1 she will provide an overview of the different types of film financing available to you. In Session 2 she will focus on microbudget films specifically and dig in to how films with these budgets can find success. Session 3 will center on using tax credits, soft money, and grants to help fund your project. In session 4, Viviana will bring in a notable film producer she has worked with in the past and discuss with them the principles of finding and approaching financiers and convincing them to contribute to your project. Session 5 will delve into equity, pre-sales, gap, and sales agents. Finally Session 6 will look at waterfalls, recoupment and navigating collection accounts. Along the way, Viviana will provide exclusive and valuable handouts that you can take with you for your own projects, including: Sample Budgets and Packages Sales Sheets Sales Agent Contracts Sample Collection Account Statement Example Distribution Agreements     Praise for Viviana's Past Stage 32 Financing Classes:   "Viviana inspired me to learn more about the business side of filmmaking. I had an idea of how to finance a movie, but after our first class, I realized I had a lot to learn. I'm learning more to this day! I highly recommend her class to any film creative with little, to no understanding on how to finance an independent film. What she has to say is priceless!" -Steven K.   "As an experienced film and television producer and writer, Viviana's class was just the refresher - and inspiration - that I needed! Having been a completion producer for a bond company, I have seen too many producers who were let down in the producing process by so-called-professionals who offered support at the on-set of a production, but then failed to deliver when needed. Viviana and her company Three Point Capital have an excellent reputation, and her counsel provided in the class solidified that. I highly recommend both Viviana and Stage 32 Education!" -Patricia C.   "Viviana was personable, professional, interesting, interested, and a wealth of knowledge and useful information. I will take every opportunity to learn from her. She was patient and polite with every question and always clear with what she knew, what she thought, what she believed, and what she didn't know. She painted pictures and delivered facts, outlining the paths she has seen successful producers take while still encouraging all to pursue their art with a greater knowledge of the business and understanding of the challenges and potential pitfalls." -Randy G.   "As someone who was totally new to the world of film financing, trying to learn about the process by myself was intimidating to put it lightly. Viviana clearly explains the film financing process step-by-step and demystifies the complex, bespoke nature of pre-sales, tax credits, sales agents, and so much more. I feel infinitely more confident in my ability to produce a film thanks to this class. I give it the highest possible recommendation for any independent filmmaker looking to finance their film and take their projects to the next level." -Sean R.   "Viviana has a tremendous depth and range of knowledge about film financing and she was happy to share everything she knew. Thanks to her loose, attentive style for the class, it ranged far and wide, and she answered a lot of people’s questions whether they were general or specific to their own projects. And I feel like there was value for all of us in even the most project-specific questions." -Randy V.  

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