Discovering Your “Why”- How to Become a Powerful Woman in Entertainment and Find Success

Hosted by Julianna Medina-Politsky


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Julianna Medina-Politsky

Webinar hosted by: Julianna Medina-Politsky

Award Winning Producer, Production Staff at Legendary Pictures (DUNE, GODZILLA, PACIFIC RIM)

Julianna Politsky is a filmmaker and producer who spent nine years at Legendary Entertainment, building out huge blockbsuters like GODZILLA, 42, CRIMSON PEAK, PACIFIC RIM, and the hotly anticipated and upcoming DUNE. Julianna has since entered the independent space, producing movies such as LA LEYENDA NEGRA, a feature supporting Latinx and LGBTQ communities that premiered at Sundance. The film aired on HBO Latino and recently received an Independent Spirit Award nomination. Her second film, which supports police reform, is titled THE KILLING OF KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN and is also an Indie Spirit Award nominee. This film is Executive Produced by Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment, and will be released this Fall. Thanks to her expertise with both big budget and indie projects and the vast network of talent and content creators she has worked with, Julianna is able to further champion those from her Hispanic heritage, moving female and representative driven projects to the forefront where they are long overdue. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

There has never been a better time than right now to for women and people from underrepresented backgrounds to break into Hollywood.

That's not to say the door is wide open; it's still a jungle out there and it's critical you understand the steps you should take to find your way in.


Hear from the incredible Julianna Medina-Politsky, who was at Legendary Entertainment for nine years and helped produce films like GODZILLA, 42, PACIFIC RIM, and the hotly anticipated and upcoming DUNE before moving to the independent space where she now helps produce exciting new films from up-and-coming filmmakers.


Julianna is a fierce advocate for finding space and opportunities for women as well as anyone from underrepresented communities and is going to break down how YOU can best find your path forward  to break into film or television.

You won't want to miss the instructive, inspiring, and motivating presentation Julianna has in store!

What You'll Learn

  • A Frank Look at the Industry Today for People of Different Identities
    • Are there more opportunities for women today than there used to be?
    • What about other underrepresented groups?
    • Which fields are more diverse and representative than others right now?
  • Julianna’s Story and How She Got into the Industry
  • Establishing Your Goals
    • How do you choose what you want to do?
    • Leaning in on your own strengths to find your path
  • Determining Your Course: Director, Writer, Producer, Executive
  • Now That You Know What to Do, How Do You Get There?
  • Discovering Your “Why”
    • What is your “why”?
    • How can understanding this help?
    • Deciding What World to Live In
    • Films or TV?
    • Indie or big budget?
    • Other decisions to consider
    • What does the path look like for each of these worlds?
  • What Hurdles Can You Expect In This Industry?
  • How Can You Get Ahead or Around These Hurdles?
    • Finding your allies and champions
    • Leaning into your identity and background as your strength
  • If You Are Having a Hard Time Breaking into Entertainment, What Can You Do?
  • Q&A with Julianna

About Your Instructor

Julianna Politsky is a filmmaker and producer who spent nine years at Legendary Entertainment, building out huge blockbsuters like GODZILLA, 42, CRIMSON PEAK, PACIFIC RIM, and the hotly anticipated and upcoming DUNE. Julianna has since entered the independent space, producing movies such as LA LEYENDA NEGRA, a feature supporting Latinx and LGBTQ communities that premiered at Sundance. The film aired on HBO Latino and recently received an Independent Spirit Award nomination. Her second film, which supports police reform, is titled THE KILLING OF KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN and is also an Indie Spirit Award nominee. This film is Executive Produced by Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment, and will be released this Fall. Thanks to her expertise with both big budget and indie projects and the vast network of talent and content creators she has worked with, Julianna is able to further champion those from her Hispanic heritage, moving female and representative driven projects to the forefront where they are long overdue.


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Documentary Filmmaking: Finding the Story from Your Footage

Documentary filmmaking is a very different game than narrative filmmaking, as any professional documentarian can tell you. Perhaps the most important difference between the two is that narrative filmmaking follows a script. This is not the case with documentaries — it can’t be. Documentaries capture real life which is anything but predetermined. As a result, the documentary filmmaking process is flipped and the story is crafted after production in the edit room. Knowing how to find the story in your documentary from the footage you've shot is the key to making a world-class film. This skill doesn’t just make or break your documentary; it is your documentary. Yet this process of finding the story can be incredibly hard since it’s is often vastly different from the story in your head. But mastering this skill is the key to being a great documentary filmmaker and something that’s entirely within your grasp. And that's where Stage 32 steps in.  The host of this webinar, Eric Daniel Metzgar is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and the producer and editor of Hulu's documentary CRIME + PUNISHMENT, which won an Emmy and Sundance Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize. A two-time Sundance Documentary Lab Fellow, Eric has extensive experience directing, producing, writing, and editing award-winning documentary films. He directed, shot and edited REPORTER, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, aired on HBO, and was nominated for an Emmy Award. He also directed, shot and edited LIFE.SUPPORT.MUSIC., which aired on PBS’s long-running documentary series POV, and THE CHANCES OF THE WORLD CHANGING, which also aired on POV and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Eric also edited GIVE UP TOMORROW and ALMOST SUNRISE, which were both nominated for Emmys and also aired on POV. Through his storied and heavily awarded career, Eric has positioned himself as a practiced and highly sought after editor and documentarian. He’s prepared to share what he knows with the Stage 32 community. Eric will teach you invaluable strategies to help you move through the inevitable difficult stages of your documentary editing journey and to stay on track when the going gets tough and all seems lost. He will begin by going over what makes a good documentary story in general, including beginnings, middles, and ends, arcs, stakes, and “releasing power”. He’ll then discuss how best to approach your own footage and determining if you have a story. He’ll explain differentiating between the footage and the story in your head, how to craft an outline, and create a reckoning with beats. He will also teach you what selects are and why they can make all the difference. Next Eric will give you tips on how to approach the initial assembly edit, where to start, how to stay motivated, how to avoid “the music trap” and the best way to start linking your scenes together. Then he will delve into the real editing after the assembly is completed. He’ll discuss rearranging, re-cutting, and deleting, how to fix the scenes that aren’t working and how to know when to kill your darlings. He will also give you tips on revisiting raw footage later on in the process and what to do when you hit those inevitable but painful roadblocks. Eric will focus on the two hardest parts of a documentary—beginnings and endings, and strategies to make them successful.  Eric will spend time giving tips and inspiration for what to do when you hit that dreaded brick wall and how to stay on track and hold on to your purpose when things get difficult. He’ll talk about getting others’ opinions and what you need to do to allow your film to be good, how to take it from good to great, shifting from the content to the form, fine tuning, working with the film as a whole, and how best to address lingering doubts. There’s nothing harder than editing a great documentary, but you will leave this webinar with a better understanding of how to be successful with a collection of strategies to help you navigate your way through.   Praise for Eric's Stage 32 Webinar   "This webinar was truly insightful. Very down to earth and straightforward with information. I learned more with Eric in a half-hour than 1 year at a university." -Michelle A.   "Fantastic webinar! Eric shared valuable information in such an engaging way...I was so relaxed even though I was feverishly taking notes. : ) He was definitely inspiring. I'm anxious to watch it again!" -Marli W.   "Amazing session with Eric. He has saved me months of prep on my docs just on the tips I got today. No more paper edits for me." - Genevieve S.   "What an amazingly insightful, helpful presentation! Eric's evident passion for documentary film and practical guidance left me excited to dig into my project." -Alexis S.   "So helpful. Exactly what I needed during this time in my careers and profession." -Alexandra K.  

Horror/Tension - The Babadook, It, The Walking Dead, Get Out

Writers can't rely on jump-scares and creepy music, so how do screenwriters create tension on the page? We'll take a look at needling suspense of THE BABADOOK, the tension just below the surface in GET OUT, the apocalyptic horror of “The Walking Dead”, and the creeps and chills of IT.  

How to Start a Career in Film and TV Acting

It’s the dream of many to have a career as a working actor, and it’s easy to see why. The ability to support yourself through performing, creating characters and telling stories is incredibly exciting and rewarding. The good news is this is not beyond your reach. Even during COVID, more productions are coming together for more and more networks, studios and platforms, and with them, more opportunities for actors looking to break in. If you’re dedicated, talented, and have a working knowledge of how the entertainment industry works and how you can work within it, you can absolutely find opportunities and ultimately career as a working TV and film actor. First it’s important you learn everything you need to so you can find success. It’s common for new actors to believe that the craft alone will lead them to work and a comfortable career, but there’s a lot more that goes along with this profession. Honing your skill as a performer is paramount, but it needs to be accompanied by strategy, initiative, and an understanding of the industry. So what do you actually need to do in order get a jump start on your acting career? What materials do you need to have ready, who do you need in your corner and how can you make sure you stand out from others? Let’s take a look at what it really takes to get into acting. Taylor Nichols is an award winning filmmaker, theater director and actor with over one hundred credits to his name. He is currently on the Emmy-nominated Hulu show PEN15 and the HBO smash-hit PERRY MASON. Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated THE WALKING DEAD and PRISON BREAK, the cultural hit DIRTY JOHN, Emmy-winning MODERN FAMILY, 24, Golden Globe nominated THE MENTALIST and many more. In addition to acting, Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker and an experienced producer with feature credits including THE NEXT STEP and CASE 219. Taylor brings to Stage 32 more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and continues to mentor and champion new actors beginning their careers. He’s excited to share with the Stage 32 community the skills and lessons he’s developed throughout his career. Taylor will lay out a realistic and soup-to-nuts approach to how you can start a career as a film and TV actor and pave the way for success. He’ll go into what it actually looks like to be a career actor and what the path to success realistically looks like.  He’ll delve into building the prerequisites any actor needs to start, including pictures, a resume, a demo reel and the right attitude. He will discuss where and how to get started and how to take advantage of the right acting classes and theater companies. Next Taylor will share with you the tools you will need for your acting toolkit and will then teach you about acting representation and how to get it for your own career. He’ll delve into the casting process for both TV and film and give you advice on how you can stand out by creating your own content and using social media to your advantage. Finally Taylor will teach you how to treat your career like a business to stay afloat, smart, and successful. Through the lessons Taylor is laying out, you’ll have a comprehensive blueprint you can use to start your career in acting with your eyes open.     Praise for Taylor's Stage 32 Webinar   "I think this was the most well informed and detailed getting started class I have ever taken"-Cecelia S.   "Taylor Nichols gave so many nuggets of wisdom and helpful information about the business and about acting."-Amor O.   "Taylor was straight forward and honest. I thought he was very clear on what you need to do to get out there for both experienced and inexperienced actors" -Kelvin H.

Film Financing Today: How to Produce a Film Between $15MM-$30MM

        Some people have said they have seen the market for film budgets between $15MM-$30MM slow down, but this budget range is alive and healthy. Over the last few year dozens of films in this range like US, GOOD BOYS, OLD, STUBER, CRAWL, HOTEL MUMBAI and more have grossed heavy profits, some even in the triple digits!  The opportunities for financing and producing a film between $15-$30MM have never been better, so long as you know exactly where to look and what the path for it is. You'll need to know how to pick the right script, break down every aspect of your budget through distribution, understand distribution options, and how to structure your finance sources to optimize your returns. The best way to get all the information you need is to get support from someone who's done it before, and who better than someone who's worked on over 45 film and television projects with every major studio in town? In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, Jeanette Milio shows you the financing and producing side of putting together a film for $15 to $30 million. Jeanette has worked with Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount, HBO, Showtime, and more. She's also produced films starring Academy Award-winning performers, including Halle Berry, Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, and Mickey Rourke, and knows how to package a film to attract investors. As a member of the Producer's Guild of America, Women in Film, and the Cannes Film Festival Producer's Network, Jeanette has deep industry knowledge for domestic and international markets at every budget level. Jeanette brings over 25 years of experience in domestic and international productions to this webinar for your benefit. If you have a higher-priced concept and don't want to wait for someone else to give you the green light, then this webinar is what you need to know how to make your production happen. Jeanette will show you how to produce and finance your project using her unique experience with $15 to $30 million budgets and how to get the best return on investment. You'll walk away with handouts from Jeanette to benefit your production, including: Excel Finance Plan Template Sample CAMA (revenue/profit) agreement Sample story rights agreement (option) Sample talent offers for director and cast (pay-or-play)     "Jeanette has invaluable knowledge and made me feel like seeing my movie on the big screen was possible." - Phillip F.  

Stage 32 Producing Lab: Get Your Feature Film Project Ready to Go to Market

Aimee has added 5 more spots! 2 Spots Remain  In today’s film market independently producing a film is a great way to get your project made. There are thousands of independent films that are developed, made and distributed every year that started from a script. But how? Now, more than ever, the need for a major studio to get your project into production becomes less and less, while more control is put into your own hands. Whether you're a filmmaker, producer, writer or actor, you have the ability to produce and shepherd a film project if you know the right steps to take to get it done. In order to do this, though, you will need to get your project market-ready and make it attractive to co-producers, financiers, actors, directors, distributors and more. Looking professional when going out to the market with a film project is key and separates the professionals from the amateurs. Figuring out who and how to get your script into the right hands and get the ball rolling on a project can feel overwhelming, almost impossible for a newer creator. Knowing the right way to strategize, present, and partner with the perfect collaborators is key to success. A good producer is always in action, looking at ways to make her project the best it can be. As intimidating and bewildering as this might feel to creators, it’s absolutely within your reach. And, there are strategies you can learn to put you on the right track to turn your passion project into a reality, especially if you have guidance to help you get there. Aimee Schoof is the co-founder of Intrinsic Value Films and has produced more than 35 feature films. Of those, 9 have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, four at the Tribeca Film Festival, three at SXSW, and one each at LA Film Festival, Toronto, Venice, New York FF, New Directors/New Films, and Berlinale, to name a few. Aimee’s company develops, produces and sells independent films that have been distributed worldwide, have won many awards and been honored with numerous nominations. Accolades include winning a Sloan Sundance Award and a Sundance Special Grand Jury Prize. Aimee’s work has led her to be nominated five times by Film Independent as a producer. She is currently both a Sundance and Film Independent Fellow and has worked in international sales attending all major markets, and regularly lecturing on film finance and production. Aimee’s extensive experience has made her intimately familiar with how to successfully get a project off the ground and build a team to get a script made. In this advanced level and exclusive four-session lab (no more than 10 students will be admitted), Aimee will work directly with you in an intimate class setting to help you make your script marketable and put the pieces together to get the film ready to go. To do so Aimee will begin by working with you on your script and concept. She will help you understand what shape your script is currently in and how marketable your story is. Next she will help you strategize and give you the tools to find the partners you’ll need for your project, including other producers and executive producers, directors, writers, actors, and more. Then Aimee will work with you on your project’s pitch deck, including perfecting your logline and synopsis. Finally Aimee will guide you through forming your own specific plan of attack moving forward, including building the list of people to reach out to and getting your foot in the door with organizations. Aimee will even work with you on practicing your pitch, cold calls, and email messages. Expect to leave this lab with a better handle on the potential for your script, a working pitch deck, and a plan of attack to find your own team and get your film moving towards the finish line. Plus! Aimee will also provide you exclusive, confidential and helpful documents for you to download and use for your own projects including: Up-to-date list of in-demand writers and directors to reach out to Pitch Deck examples Free access to Variety Insight for one month ($200 value) Outreach email templates WHAT TO EXPECT (FOR THE SESSION BREAKDOWN, SEE BELOW) This lab is designed for beginner and intermediate creators looking to get their film project ready to pitch and put together. This is an in-depth, practical, and detailed lab with significantly more content than a standard 90-minute webinar. ***Aimee has added 5 more spots! 2 Spots remain *** You will be given exclusive and confidential handouts that will accompany the lessons and that you will be able to hold onto after the lab ends. This lab will consist of four weekly sessions, each roughly two hours in duration. In addition to the lessons where Aimee teaches the class, you will have the opportunity to ask her questions during each session as well as multiple chances to speak with her directly about your specific project. Plus, to stay motivated and inspired, you will have access to a private, dedicated Stage 32 Lounge where you can communicate with your fellow classmates throughout the TV project development process. To see the full film producing lab schedule, see below under "What You Will Learn".   PLEASE NOTE: This exclusive Stage 32 lab is limited to 10 people and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. The opportunity to work this closely and for this long with a veteran producer and an expert in the field is an incredibly unique and valuable opportunity. If you are interested, please book quickly. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone for good. Payment plans are available - please contact Amanda at for more information   Praise for Aimee's Previous Stage 32 Webinars:   "I've taken many Stage 32 webinars and they've all been wonderful, but Aimee's had me ready to run through a wall! So much thoughtful and intelligent information!"- Debra S.   “Aimee was able to take these big ideas and make them feel totally accessible and easy to understand. I really enjoyed hearing from her” -Howard F.   “I feel ready and inspired to set out on my own and make some great movies after listening to Aimee!” -Hannah W.

Introduction to Feature Film Screenwriting: Perfecting the Basics + 14 Script Downloads

You have a story idea in your mind and you just know it will make a great movie or TV show. You either day dream or stay awake at night with characters entering your head wanting to be given life on the page. You have notes jotted down of scene ideas, pieces of dialogue or inspiration you could see in a script. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you are on the path to being a screenwriter, but, where do you start? Screenwriting is a special art form unto itself - it takes a fertile, vibrant mind to develop story and character, yet immense discipline of the writing craft. Too many writers try to jump into this insanely competitive field with little to no training.  It takes 5-10 pages of a screenplay for a professional to know whether or not you know the basics of screenwriting, so don't you want to give yourself the best chance to stand out as a professional? It's important you understand the craft to make sure that when you do get your script in front of a decision maker that yo have a competitive advantage to get them past page 10. Mary Cybriwsky produced Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX, starring Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper, as well as executive produced STICKY NOTES starring Ray Liotta, Rose Leslie and Justin Bartha. Prior to opening production/management company Scooty Woop Entertainment in 2009 with Frankie Lindquist, Mary worked in all aspects of film development and production as an executive at Mosaic Media Group / Atlas Entertainment under the prolific producer Charles Roven and his team, on projects such as THE DARK KNIGHT, GET SMART, THE INTERNATIONAL, THE BANK JOB, amongst others. Mary is a disciplined teacher of the screenwriting basics and in an exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Class, Mary broke down in four jam-packed sessions what you need to know about the basics of screenwriting.  If you are brand new to the screenwriting profession, or a seasoned writer who wants to brush up on your skills, this class goes over the basics of screenwriting to perfect your craft. The objective of this 4 session class is to cover basic screenwriting formatting, 3 act structure, characters, plots, themes, what to write and what NOT to write, but Mary will go over so much more! Best of all, the class sessions are available immediately to watch on demand at your leisure!   You Will Receive These Handouts: Title page format spec sheet Sample screenplay page, broken down section by section with descriptions Screenwriting dialogue tips Plus! You will get these pilots to download for FREE: Feature Film Scripts LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE ALL YOU NEED IS KILL (movie version changed title to: EDGE OF TOMORROW) PARASITE THE TRIAL OF CHICAGO 7 GET OUT GREEN BOOK THE BIG SICK INSIDE OUT Television Pilot Scripts THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT BREAKING BAD MODERN FAMILY FLEABAG BARRY GAME OF THRONES     Testimonials about Mary's Class:   "Loved Mary's teaching process! Will definitely take other classes if she offers them in the future." - Jessica R.   "Very good basic introduction course!" - Diana B.   "Mary makes learning the basics of screenwriting easy and welcoming. I have a lot to think about." - Harry M.   "After this class writing is no longer scary. I can't wait to type FADE IN!" - Paul M.

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