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Kennington Groff

Webinar hosted by: Kennington Groff

Entertainment Attorney

Kennington Groff is an attorney who launched her own firm and is now working with Lilenfeld PC focusing on entertainment and intellectual property. In addition to her legal work, Kennington worked as a clips producer on Season 4 of WEATHER GONE VIRAL for The Weather Channel. Throughout her career, Kennington gained valuable experience working with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate in their business and legal affairs offices in Los Angeles and New York City. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary


Learn from an entertainment and intellectual property lawyer who's worked with HBO, NBCUniversal and Lionsgate how to protect your film or television project's future. 

PLUS! Receive Handouts Including A Production Rights Cheat Sheet and Sample Location Agreement


In today’s marketing world, your project’s title and content is its brand.

You’ll use your film or television project’s title for social media handles and the website URL. It’s one of the most vital tools for getting the word out about your project.

It can also be something that grows much bigger. For example, HARRY POTTER started as a book series, but the franchise includes movies, spin-offs, toys, clothing, theme parks, and so much more.

When determining the title for your project, you need to think of the bigger picture and how best to protect you title, and brand, to ensure it doesn’t conflict with other brands so that you can capitalize on your project from all angles.

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to know about title clearances and how to protect your project’s title and brand. You’ll also cover script clearances to ensure that you’re safe to include the people, places, real events, and existing material and brands you want to use without fear of reshooting your project from legal issues.

Without the necessary title and script clearances, your project could receive legal notices to halt marketing because of a conflict with another project. You might have to reshoot valuable footage if the script isn’t cleared. But you can avoid these stressful legal and financial setbacks by doing the work correctly now.

Walking you through these legal processes step by step is Kennington Groff, an attorney who launched her own firm, Lilenfield PC, to focus on entertainment and intellectual property. Kennington has extensive experience with clearances and has worked with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate.

Kennington will show you how to protect your title and the differences with the process in the US versus internationally. You’ll cover error and omission insurance (E&O), the differences between copyright and trademark protection, finding out if your title isn’t available, and more.

Save yourself the time and frustration later by joining Kennington for this invaluable webinar, and protect your project’s future.

What You'll Learn

Title Clearance: Protecting your Film/TV Title

  • What is Title Clearance
  • Why you should clear a title (how is this different then below?)
  • The Importance of clearing a title
  • When you should clear the title
  • The process of clearing title
  • Title Protection Strategy After Clearance and Before Launch
  • Ideal time to apply for protection

The Importance of E & O Insurance

  • What is E&O insurance
  • The role E&O plays in protecting your film
  • The requirements of getting E&O (hint…title clearance is part of it)

Difference between Copyright and Trademark protection?

  • Understanding Copyright?
    • Can the name of my film/ TV show be protected through copyright law?
  • Understanding a Trademark?
    • Title should always be viewed in the context of US Trademark Law
  • How trademarking can effect your title
  • US vs. International Trademark Rights

Film vs. Television Series Title

  • What can be protected and when?
  • Factors that distinguish a single film from a multiple series adaption or television show
  • The Pros and Cons for Title Clearance when joining the MPAA
  • The Importance of thinking ahead

Understanding Key Terms in Title Clearance

  • Likelihood of Confusion
  • Distinctiveness
  • Secondary Meaning

The 2 Kinds of Title Searches and the Pros and Cons of Each

  • What are the 2 kinds of Searches?
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of each

Understanding Script Clearance

  • What is script clearance
  • Why is it crucial to the success of your film
  • Who does it?
  • The proper timing for Clearance
  • Key items so watch for
    • Fact verse Fiction
    • Inspired by and based on stories
    • Character and location names

Q&A with Kennington

About Your Instructor

Kennington Groff is an attorney who launched her own firm and is now working with Lilenfeld PC focusing on entertainment and intellectual property. In addition to her legal work, Kennington worked as a clips producer on Season 4 of WEATHER GONE VIRAL for The Weather Channel.

Throughout her career, Kennington gained valuable experience working with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate in their business and legal affairs offices in Los Angeles and New York City.


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Reviews Average Rating: 3 out of 5

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Actors: Make Instagram Work For You - Get In front of Casting Directors & Make Money as an Influencer (February 2022)

Learn how to make Instagram work for you - get in front of casting directors and make income as an influencer! Exclusive 3 HOUR ONLINE CLASS with Rachel Paulson   It's no secret that one of social media's most visual mediums, Instagram, is where actors and casting directors hang out. Yet, with thousands of profiles in a casting director's scroll, how do you stand out? Instagram is a powerful tool for you as an actor, one, that if harnessed correctly, can land you in front of the right casting directors plus give you opportunities to earn extra income from brand deals. So, where do you even start to build your brand on social media and how do you leverage it to start getting seen by the right people and start making money while doing it? We can help you get there. Rachel Paulson has grown up in a family of Hollywood royalty. She and her sisters, Emmy-winner Sarah Paulson (AMERICAN CRIME STORY, OCEAN'S 8) and Liz Paulson (SVP of Casting for FOX) have worked together for decades to learn every aspect of acting and casting and how to put yourself in the best position to stand out and book the job. Over her career, Rachel has worked on both sides of acting - both as a casting director as well as talent. In addition, she has been certified in social media and how you can use it to put yourself in a position to win. She is currently making a living through her social media endorsement deals and is the star of the Go Magazine series DATING ZOE, the host of the video series Drink Responsibly with Rachel Paulson, and the co-host of the podcast Gay vs. Straight Bitches with One Tree Hill alum, Lindsey McKeon. She also stars as the lead in the LGBTQ drama film GOOD KISSER on Hulu. Rachel is working exclusively with the Stage 32 acting community to mentor you and help you learn how to use Instagram to help your career. You will have the opportunity to work in an intimate setting with Rachel in an extended 3 HOUR ONLINE CLASS. You will walk away from this class with all the tools you need to work the Instagram algorithms and get seen on Casting Director's feeds, PLUS you will learn how to work with brands to supplement your income as an actor. Volunteers will be given sides and information on a product and Rachel will help coach you on how to secure a deal with the brand.   Whether you’re new to acting and looking for your foot in the door, or an experienced actor who has had trouble navigating social media and building an online presence, Rachel will give you the tools and strategies you’ve been looking for and an avenue for finding acting opportunities you might have not even considered before.     "I have been in the industry for over ten years, I’ve worked as an actor in commercials, as a casting director and run sessions. I have also worked IN social media, running the pages of several brands. I have started to realize why brands and companies are heading towards social media for all the new advertising tools, and what that means for you as actors." -Rachel Paulson

Beyond The Page: The Business Side of Breaking In & Getting Work as a Screenwriter

Learn directly from Michael Poisson, the former Director of Development at Silent Machine Entertainment, Krysten Ritter’s production company that has a first look deal at Universal TV. Michael is also a comedy writer who used his insider knowledge to land a manager, and get two projects in development at TV production companies. In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, your host Michael Poisson will guide you through the business side of how to become a working writer in Hollywood. Writing an awesome script is only part of the process for becoming successful in this industry. Having worked on various projects from both the executive side, as well as the writer side of things, Michael has obtained great insight for how to avoid the difficult terrain when meeting and working with producers, studios, and networks. And while the process of finding a manager or agent is daunting, keeping a strong relationship with them so that they’re doing the most for you as their client can be equally difficult. Michael will share with you his insider knowledge to help: keep your writing on track, your meetings fruitful, and your industry contacts strong. If you’ve ever wondered what you should talk about in “general meetings”, how to take notes from friends/producers/execs that you don’t agree with, or how to be a more prolific writer, this webinar is for you!

How to Prepare For and Nail a General Meeting (In Person and Online)

Learn how you can have a successful general meeting with reps, executives, buyers and potential collaborators from a top manager in the business! Whether you’re leading the creative charge as a screenwriter, in the trenches a director or cinematographer, behind the scenes as a crew member, or in front of the camera as an actor being great at what you do is only part of your job. We at Stage 32 preach that 50% of your job is excelling at your craft, the other 50% is networking and understanding how the industry works. It's simply undeniable, those who commit to treating their networking and relationship building as their job and keep on top of what's happening in the industry land more meetings with decision makers who can make an impact on their career. But the goal is not just to get into the room, it's to stay in the room. And that means you need to know how to be good in the room. And with more and more meetings going virtual and online, you must know how to prepare and have the skills ready for those situations as well. General meetings are the first line of offense and defense for decision makers. As you know, most people in this industry - whether working in film, television or digital - want to find creatives and professionals they can go to war with time and time again. Their tribe. To become part of someone's tribe (and eventually form one of your own), you have to know how to nail the general meeting. It is crucial that you understand how to prepare. You must know who you're meeting with, what to wear, proper etiquette, the story of your project, the story of your personal brand (such an overlooked art), and know your pitch inside and out. Ultimately, you want to turn this general meeting into something much greater or assure that you're receiving a callback meeting. Their are many tried and true tricks for getting this done and we're going to bring them to you. Jeff Portnoy of Bellevue Management is one of the most revered managers working in the industry today. Jeff was recently named been named by Variety as one of Hollywood’s New Leaders in Management. Prior to joining Bellevue, Jeff worked at Creative Artists Agency, The Gotham Group, Resolution Talent Agency and Heretic Literary Management. Along the way he has sold and set up projects to New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, FOX, Screen Gems, Warner Bros. and more. Jeff has been on both sides of the table for hundreds of general meetings and has learned exactly what makes a meeting successful and where many go south – and he’s here to share the do's and don'ts with you, the Stage 32 community Jeff will teach you how to assure that you perform in your general meeting in a manner that makes you memorable. He will discuss everything from attire to how to carry yourself to how to make eye contact. He'll teach you how to prepare your pitch and convey it with the right amount of passion, charisma and energy. He’ll give you important guidelines on how and when you should talk in the conversation and help you understand if you’re talking too much or sending the wrong message. You’ll learn how to get notes from the other side of the table and how you should receive and respond to them. You will know the best way to pitch “you” and your brand so you stand out from other people taking general meetings with the same party. Jeff will teach you how to do research on the people and the company you are meeting with and how to use that information to your advantage (and not be creepy about it!) He will make you understand why the assistant and support staff can ultimately be your best ally. Finally, Jeff will go over the various types of meetings you’ll encounter in your career – from studios, production companies, managers, agents and networks and explain the differences so you’ll be fully prepared.   PRAISE FOR JEFF'S TEACHINGS: "A wealth of information. Gave me a lot of things to think about - especially with the tips on reading the room. Your description of how to pitch myself and my story were game-changers. Off to practice now." - Sonia H. "What fabulous advice, Jeff, thank you!"  - Greg M. "Yep, now I know why I haven't been securing a second meeting. I have seen the light and the err of my ways." - Veronica G "The dress code discussion was very helpful, I never knew what I should wear and now I do!" - John S.

Breaking Down the Award-Winning Script of THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT

A year ago, you might not have believed that one of the biggest limited series phenomena of 2020—or ever—was an intimate story about an orphan chess prodigy battling addiction. Yet here we are. The long-time passion project from Allan Scott started in 1989 when he optioned the rights to Walter Trevis' novel THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT. Now, over 30 years, 9 rewrites and countless directors to get the project off the ground later it is the model of perseverance and inspiration to storytellers worldwide. Scott teamed up with Oscar-nominated writer Scott Frank (OUT OF SIGHT, MINORITY REPORT, LOGAN) and THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT was released on October 23, 2020 and quickly became Netflix's most popular scripted limited-series ever. It was watched by a staggering 62 million households in the first 28 days of release and won 15 awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Television Limited Series. But no one has broken down exactly what makes the series such a critical and commercial success...until now. In an exclusive Stage 32 Script Breakdown Webcast our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, will break down the first episode of the series live using excerpts of the book and the teleplay, as well as clips from the episode. Jason Mirch is a feature film, television, branded entertainment, and digital content producer and executive with over 15 years in the industry. Most recently, he produced a 3D animated feature film starring Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd, Mel Brooks, Kenan Thompson, and Carol Kane. Mirch was the Head of feature and television development at Image Nation, a finance and production company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There, he supervised the Image Nation contributions in the development of FLIGHT, THE HELP, THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, CONTAGION and more.  Prior to his work at Image Nation, Mirch was Co-Head of Development at Zadan/Meron Productions (CHICAGO, FOOTLOOSE, THE BUCKET LIST) where he was actively involved in developing a slate of feature film projects for New Line, Paramount, Summit Ent., and CBS/Paramount. He also developed and sold television projects and mini-series to CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, and Lifetime. During this FREE Stage 32 Next Level Webcast Jason will take you step by step as he examines the four key elements that make up the protagonist's character, how the opening sequence is designed to hook the audience, how theme and tone are exhibited in the text and on screen, how this first episode lays the foundation for the arc of the entire series, and much more!   Plus, everyone who registers for the webinar will receive a copy of the pilot script of THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT to study!  

Write A TV Christmas Movie You Can Sell

John Burd, the producer of six Christmas movies including LOVE AT THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST, shares what it takes to write a producible holiday film that thrills execs exclusively through Stage 32. Holiday movies have always been popular with audiences, but in the past decade, the Christmas television marketplace has exploded with multiple networks and platforms building their winter programming around these made-for-TV movies. The demand is huge, making this the best time for you to write and sell your best Christmas movie idea. In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll learn what separates the holiday TV movie scripts that get produced from the ones that get passed over. Even with the marketplace growing, buyers look for a few key ingredients that you need to know. You’ll cover: How to write a big holiday production with a manageable budget How to write for a broad audience while standing out from the other scripts How to get your project in front of someone who can say “Yes!” Showing you exactly how to stand out to television executives is writer, director, and producer John Burd. John is the founder of Evenow Productions and has produced six Christmas movies for Gaumont Television US, including making his directorial debut in 2021 with his script LOVE AT THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST. He’s also worked with networks including Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney Channel, UpTV, and more. John knows what executives greenlight because he’s worked with them on those very projects. He’ll show you what your script needs to excite executives, how to write the perfect Christmas pitch, how much you can get paid for your work, who the buyers are, and so much more. This is a fantastic chance to hear from a successful Christmas movie filmmaker and get an insider view of making holiday favorites. Join us and learn how you can make your own script the next Christmas classic. PRAISE FROM PREVIOUS EDUCATION FROM ANNA: "John Burd is one of my favorite writers, and a Christmas connoisseur." - Crystal Holt, Vice President Series, 20th Television

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