How to Create Short Form Content as a Calling Card Toward Building a Career in Feature Films

Hosted by Tyler Gillett


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Tyler Gillett

Webinar hosted by: Tyler Gillett

Founder/Director at Radio Silence (Scream (Spyglass), Ready or Not (FOX), Devil's Due (FOX), V/H/S (Sundance), Southbound)

Tyler Gillett is a film, television and new media writer, director and producer based in Los Angeles. He has recently been tapped to direct the new SCREAM film for Spyglass Media Group. Prior to SCREAM, Tyler directed the 2019 hit READY OR NOT, which was one of the biggest successes for FOX Searchlight with a budget of $6MM and grossing over $57MM worldwide. He also directed DEVIL'S DUE for 20th Century FOX and The Orchard's SOUTHBOUND.  As one of the founding members of the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, Tyler got his break with the Sundance hit V/H/S, which originated with short form content he created. In addition to his film credits, he has sold three television shows -- a horror anthology to NBC, an action comedy to Comedy Central, and an adventure show to Disney XD. Tyler got his start working with the online comedy group Chad, Matt & Rob whose work has garnered over 100 Million total views on YouTube.   Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn from one of the most successful and in demand directors of the past few years, Tyler Gillett (Devil's Due, Ready or Not, upcoming Scream reboot) exclusively on Stage 32.


If you’re reading this and you’re an aspiring storyteller, you’re probably well aware that no path in this business follows a straight line. There’s no recognizable ladder to climb. No standardized “five-year” plan. There are so many questions – How do I get my start? How do I tell stories that inspire me? What’s the right story to tell? How do I find an audience? How do I get recognized? So many questions and no hard and fast “right” answer. 

With the rise of digital technology, storytellers now have access to a new and incredibly valuable set of tools to help sell their ideas. Shooting a compelling short film, web series, or proof of concept has never been easier – and it is one of the most effective ways to practice your craft, showcase your voice and set your work apart from the rest of the pack. But there’s a catch – the increased accessibility of these tools has lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of content created and it has become much harder to cut through the noise and really stand out. 

Tyler Gillett is a film, television and new media writer, director and producer. He has recently been tapped to direct the new SCREAM reboot feature film for Spyglass Media Group. Prior to SCREAM, Tyler directed the 2019 hit READY OR NOT, which was one of the biggest successes for FOX Searchlight with a budget of $6MM and grossing over $57MM worldwide. He also directed DEVIL'S DUE for 20th Century FOX and The Orchard's SOUTHBOUND. As one of the founding members of the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, Tyler got his break with the Sundance hit V/H/S, which originated with short form content he created. He has made an impressive career which launched from directing his own short form content and he's here to show you how to do it. 

Tyler will share his own path and how utilizing these tools helped him move from directing zero-budget digital shorts to directing and producing feature films for studios. Tyler will go over the 4 main benefits to create a short film and how to choose the right idea or genre the compliment your talents to get you noticed. He will get into the script phase and discuss what works and what doesn't as it relates to your characters, tone, style, scale, runtime and more. He will teach you how to design your production model and by giving you 4 huge tips to use heading into production. And, as we all know there are limitations on a smaller production, and to that point, Tyler will present 3 things you need before you get on set to assure a successful production. To prepare you for post production, Tyler will show you how to obtain quality VFX on a budget. And of extreme importance, Tyler will discuss the best places to release your work and why. To illustrate all of these teachable points and more not even mentioned, Tyler will be citing examples from over 10 features including Boogie Nights, District 9, Leviathan, Whiplash, Chronicle and more!

Tyler will discuss how to conceptualize and create low-budget, high-quality short-form content that will wow financiers and producers and help you sell yourself and your ideas to a larger audience.


Praise for Tyler:


"Tyler is so humble considering all the success he has had. He truly made me feel like I can do anything and that no project is unattainable."

- Kevin M.

"A unique look at short form content as your calling card. It's a fundemental creative shift that can actually HELP you get work from your short work. Bravo Tyler."

- Anne N. 


"Another superstar in the Stage 32 lineup. What a thrill to learn from someone of Tyler's caliber. I hope he continues to come back."

Jenna G.


"I loved READY OR NOT. And I loved Tyler. So much good information."

- Susan M.

What You'll Learn

Navigating the Business of Catch 22s as a “First-Timer” Creating Short Content

  • The inherent risks of filmmaking
  • What it means to create in the digital frontier
  • How to set you and your idea up for success  

4 Main Benefits of Creating a Short Film

  • Types of production benefits
  • Types of business benefits
  • Types of creative benefits
  • Types of story benefits

How to Choose the Right Idea & Genre

  • The types of “proofs of concept” that get noticed and why
  • Elevated genre pros and cons
  • Comedy and drama pros and cons
  • Mixing genres pros and cons

Discussing What Works and What Doesn't

  • Character
  • Mystery
  • Restraint
  • Total Runtime
  • Mythology
  • Tone, Style & Scale

Developing with Limitations in Mind

  • 3 things you need before you get on set to ensure a successful production

How to Design Your Production Model

  • 4 huge tips that will help you going into production

Integrating VFX Work on a Budget

  • Conceptual help 
  • Options if you decide to outsource or keep it in house

Your Short is Done: Preparing fo Next Steps to Get Noticed

  • The other materials you need in your creative arsenal
  • Lookbooks and ripreels

Where is the Best Place to Release Your Work and Why

  • Digital platorms
  • Film festivals
  • Genre specific outlets

Examples We’ll Cite:

  • Leviathan
  • District 9
  • Whiplash
  • Lights Out
  • Boogie Nights
  • Chronicle
  • Boogie Nights
  • Amateur Night
  • 10/31/98
  • Mountain Devil Prank
  • Transmission

Q&A with Tyler

About Your Instructor

Tyler Gillett is a film, television and new media writer, director and producer based in Los Angeles. He has recently been tapped to direct the new SCREAM film for Spyglass Media Group. Prior to SCREAM, Tyler directed the 2019 hit READY OR NOT, which was one of the biggest successes for FOX Searchlight with a budget of $6MM and grossing over $57MM worldwide. He also directed DEVIL'S DUE for 20th Century FOX and The Orchard's SOUTHBOUND. 

As one of the founding members of the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, Tyler got his break with the Sundance hit V/H/S, which originated with short form content he created. In addition to his film credits, he has sold three television shows -- a horror anthology to NBC, an action comedy to Comedy Central, and an adventure show to Disney XD. Tyler got his start working with the online comedy group Chad, Matt & Rob whose work has garnered over 100 Million total views on YouTube.



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Reviews Average Rating: 5 out of 5

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Breaking Down the Casting Process: How An Actor Wins the Role

There are a wide array of audition classes, books, and online resources that provide important actor insight and audition technique and etiquette. However, very few actors or industry professionals have an understanding of how the entire casting process works. If you're an actor, you may focused on winning the room. If you're a filmmaker, you may be focused on finding the best performance the quickest way possible. If you're a producer you may be focused on getting the best talent to bring audition to your package. Either way, every person involved with the project controls an important piece of the overall puzzle. If you're an actor it's important that you understand how the entire casting process works so you can build champions, win the room and book more work. If you're a filmmaker or producer, it's important that you understand the casting timeline to prepare for pre-production. Have you ever wondered what happens behind closed casting office doors, both before and after an audition? This is crucial information that helps you determine how you can best contribute to the overall casting puzzle. You need to understand project breakdowns, actor submissions, audition scheduling and director callbacks. You will need insight as to why one actor may be selected to audition over another and you’ll also need to know about the many factors that determine which actors advance in the casting process and ultimately book the role. Marin Hope, CSA is a Los Angeles native and LA-based casting director, who won the 2020 Artios Award for Casting. Marin works alongside Heidi Levitt, casting film, television, commercial, theatre and New Media projects. Some casting credits include HBO's BESSIE starring Queen Latifah, Mo’Nique, Michael K. Williams and Mike Epps, AMERICAN MADE, starring Tom Cruise and Domhnall Gleeson, COMPLETE UNKNOWN, starring Michael Shannon and Rachel Weisz, HOMELAND, starring Claire Danes, THE LAST WORD, starring Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried, KINGS, starring Halle Berry and Daniel Craig, Bad Samaritan starring David Tennant and Robert Sheehan, WHO WILL WRITE OUR HISTORY, starring Joan Allen and Adrien Brody, and most recently MOLLY, Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Chris Rock, Laura Linney and Salma Hayek, which is currently in post-production. Marin has cast hundreds of actors in film, TV, theatre and commercial projects and is back exclusively on Stage 32 to detail the casting director’s process, beginning to end. Marin will walk through the entire casting process from her perspective as an accomplished casting director. She’ll begin by discussing project and character breakdowns, how they’re composed, what details are included, and the various forums and databases these breakdowns are posted. She’ll go over what details actors should not before submitting to a role and how to know ahead of time if you’re right for the role. She’ll teach you how to submit yourself for a role or how to get your agent or manager to do so. Marin will give you an inside look into how casting directors sort through actor submissions to choose who to audition and what elements will help a casting director notice and choose you. Next, Marin will discuss how casting directors schedule actor auditions, how many actors are generally schedule in a single day and what you should do as an actor if you’re unavailable for your audition date or time. She will delve into the process of 1st call auditions, who is typically in the room, what you should expect, how you should prepare, and what the casting director’s process is after a day of 1st call auditions. She will also give you a peek into who views your 1st call audition tapes. Marin will then similarly outline callback auditions, how they work, how they differ from 1st call auditions, and how decisions are made at this stage. Next she will talk about 2nd callbacks, chemistry reads, and test shoots, including how best to prepare for these, how decisions are made at this stage, and what to expect for a test shoot. She’ll delve into what it means to be “put on avail” and how to navigate when you’re “on avail” and when to know if you are “released” or have been booked for the job. Finally Marin will discuss the ultimate step of booking talent, including how you will know if you booked the job, what the process looks like from the casting director’s perspective after getting the green light to book talent, and how you should communicate with the casting office throughout. You’ll learn all of this from an esteemed casting director's perspective, which will give you a unique and valuable understanding of how projects are cast.   Praise for Marin’s Past Stage 32 Webinar:    Well, done. There are several things I learned which I will incorporate in future auditions. Thanks so much, Marin. -Joseph H.   I thought I was just going to revisit what I already know, but Marin brought forth valuable new information. -Michele C.   Clear, professional, informative presentation. Thank you!! -Pamela F.   I think Marin's webinar is excellent and covered everything that an actor would want or need. I like her no nonsense approach. Takes a lot of the fear factor away. -Sondra C.

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Have you ever been to these industry events? Film: The Cannes Film Market, The American Film Market, The European Film Market TV: MIPCOM, NATPE, Real Screen What do you really know about these events? Do you know how projects really get bought, sold and funded? Do you know how to work these markets? Strategically? Do you know how to best position and pitch your projects to the industry - to move your career forward? This Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, How to Work the Film & TV Markets is taught by former IFTA liaison for the American Film Market, Heather Hale. In this jam-packed webinar Heather takes independent filmmakers, television and digital content creators on an online tour of the circulatory system of the global media landscape. She is breaking down the entertainment industry’s trade show circuit – where content is bought and sold around the world, year after year. Heather demystifies these markets, makes them less intimidating, less confusing and less overwhelming. She shows you how to strategize and navigate these events, making them far more accessible, productive – and fun! She contextualizes her state-of-the-art, from-the-trenches insights into immediately implementable practical advice if you’re hitting the markets, and even if you're not. This webinar highlights the most significant annual entertainment industry events around the world, dossiers all the players you will run into. You will learn how to best work with them before, during and after the market. She reveals the elements that establish the market value and predict profitability of entertainment properties – and how you can raise the bar for your own projects to be more successful. You will walk away knowing how to make the most of your investments of finite funds, time and creative energy attending markets. Take the step to optimize your odds for success in this mainstream, business-to-business market ecosystem!  

10 Things Every Filmmaker Needs To Know About Lighting

Learn directly from David Landau, 30 year Lighting director and Director of Photography. The story could be the greatest in the world, but if the lighting is poor viewers will assume it’s amateurish and not take it seriously. Good lighting makes things look real, while real lighting often makes things look fake. Good lighting supports the emotional moment of the scene, contributes to the atmosphere of the story and can augment an artistic style. So, no matter how good a script, how good a director, how good the actors – the lighting needs to be as good if not better. The fact is, we can’t usually make good pictures without good lighting, no matter how good the newest cameras are. Yes, we can sometimes get lucky. But while shooting under available light gives exposure, it often lacks depth, contrast, contour, atmosphere and often separation. Well-crafted lighting helps establish the illusion of reality that is necessary for the viewer to forget they are watching a screen and get lost in the story. In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host David Landau will go over the ten things all filmmakers need to know about lighting, sharing some of the techniques to artistic and effective lighting that he has learned both from working with a wide range of cinematographers and through his own career as a Lighting Director and Director of Photography. David will demonstrate live from the Fairleigh Dickinson University sound stage lighting techniques that will make your images shine like a Hollywood feature without a big Hollywood budget. David Landau has over thirty years of professional lighting experience working on feature films, TV shows, sit-coms, game shows, commercials, documentaries, industrial films, music videos and direct-to-consumer DVDs. David worked as one of the gaffers on the TV series Project Runway and is a five-time Telly Award winner for lighting and cinematography. He is a member of IATSE Local 52 (gaffer) and the University Film & Video Association and Media Communications Association International. He also is the author of the new book Lighting for Cinematography: A Practical Guide To The Art And Craft Of Lighting For The Moving Image from Bloomsbury Press.

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