Intro to Line Producing: A Line Producer's Guide from Prep to Wrap

Hosted by Tatiana Kelly


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Tatiana Kelly

Webinar hosted by: Tatiana Kelly

Producer at Serena Films (Almost two dozen films which have premiered at Sundance, Tribeca and more!)

Tatiana Kelly is a producer whose first film premiered at Sundance in 2006 and was released by Lionsgate. The film earned two Independent Spirit Award nominations and was an eight-time Best Feature festival-winner. In August 2020, Tatiana released CUT THROAT CITY starring Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke and Oscar nominee Terrance Howard. It reached the Top 10 on Netflix. She is currently in production on her next feature, THE PEOPLE VS. VEGAS DAVE. Previously, Tatiana produced THE WORDS starring Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, and Zoë Saldana, THE PROCESSIONS, written and directed by Academy Award nominee Robert Festinger, and LIFE OF A KING, starring Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., which premiered at the LA Film Festival. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

One of the unsung heroes of any production is the line producer. Whether you’re putting together your own crew or are looking to work your way up the production ranks, it’s crucial to understand the role of this senior position.

When you envision how your shoot will operate, do you see an easy flow or chaos?

You don’t want chaos, but setbacks are inevitable. So, if the director is directing, and each crew member is busy providing their specific skill, who jumps in to handle the various issues that arise and impact multiple departments?

The Line Producer.

The line producer handles logistical issues on both the creative and business sides of filmmaking, making them crucial when the director and other producers are zeroed in on the shoot day.

This is the job for someone who thrives under pressure, can think and plan ahead for the schedule, and be present in what’s needed on set today. They’re responsible for or involved with:

  • Hiring the crew
  • Keeping everyone safe on set
  • Generating the budget and ensuring the film comes in on budget
  • Supervising daily operations
  • And countless other micro and macro logistics

When the line producer isn’t on their game, the entire production can feel it since many of their tasks involve multiple departments and the budget.

In this Stage 32 exclusive webinar, you’ll learn what it takes to make it as a line producer or look for when hiring one.

Showing you the ropes is Tatiana Kelly, a producer whose first film premiered at Sundance before being released by Lionsgate, and nabbing two Independent Spirit Awards nominations, as well as being an eight-time Best Feature festival-winner.

Tatiana has worked with A-listers, including Oscar winners Jeremy Irons and Cuba Gooding Jr., and Oscar nominees Ethan Hawke, Bradley Cooper, Robert Festinger, and Terrance Howard. And, she is currently in production on her next feature, THE PEOPLE VS. VEGAS DAVE.

With her vast industry experience, Tatiana will show you how to determine your line producer’s fee and credit, set the budget, what the first and most important decisions you’ll have to make are, different options for handling COVID protocols, and how to prep for a shoot vs. post-production.

You’ll also learn what a Wrap Binder is, its crucial role, and how to put one together.

Whether you’re looking to grow your production career or are building your production team, by the end of this webinar, you’ll know the ins and outs of line producing and how to use this position to your advantage.

What You'll Learn


  • Determining the budget
  • The Preliminary script breakdown and making cast offers
  • Understanding a line producer's fee and credit


  • Determining the Overall Structure: The top decisions to make at the start
  • Budgeting: Assessing costs and needs and making decisions
  • COVID Protocols: Identifying your overall approach
  • Locations: Hiring a location manager and understanding the locations’ impact on planning
  • Scheduling: Working with the AD
  • Building your team: Determining who you need on your team
  • Prepping for the shoot
  • Prepping for Post-Production


  • Managing the shoot
  • Safety First
  • Tracking the budget
  • Working with a payroll company
  • Managing the bond


  • The Wrap Binder: What to include


About Your Instructor

Tatiana Kelly is a producer whose first film premiered at Sundance in 2006 and was released by Lionsgate. The film earned two Independent Spirit Award nominations and was an eight-time Best Feature festival-winner. In August 2020, Tatiana released CUT THROAT CITY starring Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke and Oscar nominee Terrance Howard. It reached the Top 10 on Netflix. She is currently in production on her next feature, THE PEOPLE VS. VEGAS DAVE.

Previously, Tatiana produced THE WORDS starring Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, and Zoë Saldana, THE PROCESSIONS, written and directed by Academy Award nominee Robert Festinger, and LIFE OF A KING, starring Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., which premiered at the LA Film Festival.


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Reviews Average Rating: 5 out of 5

  • spectacular all around. demystifies and dispels some common errors made in budgeting & preproduction I wish she was my line producer. :)

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Stage 32 Screenwriting Lab: Write Your Female Driven One-Hour Television Pilot in 8 Weeks! Payment plans available - contact for details Write your one-hour female driven pilot with the Director of Development behind Netflix's "Russian Doll"  PLUS! Receive exclusive pilot scripts from successful female-driven TV series! 12 spots available - grab your spot before it's too late!   Are you a writer with a great idea for a female-driven television series? Then it's time to write your pilot script and bring your unique voice to the industry! Executives, agents, and managers are hungry for pilots that center on complicated and diverse women. But for your script to stand out, you need to know how to write complex women and understand the current style, pacing, and structure of television. In this exclusive interactive Stage 32 lab, you will work one-on-one with an accomplished executive to take your female-driven one-hour television pilot from concept to completed script. You will receive direct and personalized feedback on your work throughout the eight weeks so you walk away from this course with a vetted pilot script that you can shop to producers, executives, and production companies! Taking you through this professional-level training is Colleen Labella, Director of Development at Shoot to Midnight, the company behind the Emmy-nominated series RUSSIAN DOLL on Netflix, the Freeform series SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE, and the upcoming Star Wars series THE ACOLYTE. Colleen has centered her career around female stories - which can be seen across her varied projects - and has a wealth of knowledge to share on how to create long lasting, compelling female-led stories that resonate with large audiences. This hands-on experience goes much further than other classes and webinars. You will study successful television pilots alongside a small group of passionate writers in an interactive setting. You'll also workshop your script and your classmates' work as a group in sessions and have take-home assignments, so your script is always progressing and getting stronger. PLUS! Colleen will provide you with a series of successful female driven pilot scripts. Downloads include the completed pilot scripts for: RUSSIAN DOLL MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL KILLING EVE Spots to work with Colleen are limited. Once they're filled, they are gone. Don't miss out on your chance to write your script and work one-on-one with an industry pro today!   TESTIMONIALS FROM COLLEEN'S PREVIOUS STAGE 32 EDUCATION: "Colleen Labella was fantastic! I cannot wait until she has pitch sessions available again!" -- Maeve T. "Being made aware of the shift in patterns of how women are being presented, learning about the popular themes and knowing I fit in, learning about the negative traps, seeing the five-act structure broken down gave me a clearer perspective to assess my development, learning what hooks her and different ways it can be done and what it includes (great)." -- Laurie W. "Colleen was a fantastic instructor (I wish she taught workshops). The information she provided was practical, helpful, and encouraging." -- David B.  

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BONUS! Brad will give you a handout with a list of companies that are funding $3MM movies. Over recent years, the independent producing model has shown that films budgeted between $1-$3 Million have become a "sweet spot" for investors. At this budget you can typically attract and secure some star power, one important step toward increasing the odds that your investors will see a return on their investment. But this is just one reason why this budget range is attractive to many investors. There are many more variables at play which will help you raise money for a film or project in this price range. But first, you must understand some tried and true principles that will help you find investors, present your project in the proper fashion and lock them down for an investment.  Knowing how to raise money intelligently for films and projects with budgets between $1MM-$3MM can be your calling card toward making a life working in independent film. Simply put, those who understand the formula to the strategies and methods that can help your investors see a return get to keep those investors time and time again. And those investors can, and usually do, bring more investors if they're happy. While everyone says that raising financing is the hardest aspect of filmmaking, there are smart ways to find money that you may not have thought of, and there are also ways you can expand your dollars once you start raising funds for your project. In addition, there is a well-known group of professionals and creatives that have been working on films between $1-$3MM for years and it's important that you know who they are, how to approach them and what expectations are once you do.  Brad Hibbs Wyman has produced over 40 feature films in all budget ranges, including Monster starring Charlize Theron in her Oscar-winning role, Freeway starring Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon and actor Steve Buscemi's directorial debut, Trees Lounge. Brad has learned all aspects of financing and the elements that are needed for a successful raise and he's going to bring his years of knowledge exclusively to the Stage 32 community.  In Brad's real and humorous style, he will teach the basic principles of motion picture financing for under $3 million dollar features which include: Rule #1 - “GET THE MONEY" Rule #2 - Always remember to “GET THE MONEY” Rule #3 - Never forget to always remember to “GET THE MONEY" If that gives you the insight into Brad's fun personality, then you're in for a treat with this webinar. Brad will teach you the common obstacles that get in the way of raising financing. He'll go over all the various types of financing: equity, private equity, pre-sales, GAP, tax incentives, deferred and crowdfunding. In addition, he'll go in depth on guidelines for your financial package and what you'll need for tax incentives, pre-sales, debt and domestic MG. He'll even go over your plan of execution including your investment proposal and what it looks like, completion and guarantor bonds and pitching your project. You will not only know the basics of how to smartly raise up to $3MM, but you'll also walk away with knowing the names of the players and the companies that are in this landscape, giving you an instant advantage to becoming an insider.  And if that doesn't make you feel great enough, Brad’s proceeds from this exclusive Stage 32 webinar will be donated to his favorite arts charity!   "Brad was great. I loved his style and how frank he was. Really appreciate his demeanor." - Robert G.   "It was one of the most amazing experiences. The most entertaining and true presenter I have ever come across." - Ranadeep B.   "Awesome experience - great learning opportunity and very well organized. I look forward to more." - Brien Gorham   "Brad brought the goods and the funny. And he removed my initimidation factor when it comes to approaching investors. Great webinar!" - Alyssa K.  

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