What Makes Me Interested In Your Script? A Development Executive's Perspective

Hosted by Agustine Calderon


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Agustine Calderon

Webinar hosted by: Agustine Calderon

Development Executive at 3Pas (Lionsgate First Look Deal)

Agustine Calderon is an Independent Producer working in feature films and television. Agustine quickly worked his way up from a Production Assistant on HORRIBLE BOSSES, to become a Development Exec who's worked on features including Academy Award-winners MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THE REVENANT, and BIRDMAN, alongside blockbusters including READY PLAYER ONE, RAMPAGE, WONDER WOMAN, THE LEGO MOVIE, EDGE OF TOMORROW, THE JUNGLE BOOK, SAN ANDREAS, TAMMY, AMERICAN SNIPER, ANNABELLE, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E and more. Agustine has recently struck out on his own to produce independently, while a number of high-profile features Agustine has developed are poised to be released over the next few years including THE FLASH, THE LEGO MOVIE SEQUEL and more! Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Agustine’s day-to-day role is to help develop screenplays and projects. Whether it’s shaping the story of a script in order to attract a director or actor, breaking down a script in an effort to maximize its marketability, or simply working with the writer to ensure that the script has the best chance of success, Augustine is hands on in every step of the creative process.

But before Augustine, or any other executive, can get to work, he has to love and see the potential of the material. And that raises the question: What makes someone like Agustine interested in a script?

Understanding every aspect of how and why a film goes from the page to the screen is crucial to being a professional in the film industry. It truly can make the difference between a “Pass” or a “Yes”. If you are a writer looking to learn what exactly gets a Development Executive interested in your material or if you are a producer and want to understand the mindset of a Development Executive as it relates to developing your project, look no further – you will learn the entire truth straight from someone working in the trenches every single day. This is material designed to give you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace!

And as if that wasn’t enough, Agustine hosted a Q&A session as well!


What You'll Learn


  • How much material is actually out there?
  • How many screenplays does a Development Executive read daily?
  • How many movies actually get made?
  • What makes the script the best it can be?
  • What’s being bought or developed in the current marketplace?
  • What genres are hot, and which are dormant?

What Causes a Development Executive Like Me to Get Excited About Your Material?

  • What exactly does a Creative Executive do?
  • How does a Development Executive read and break down material?
  • The 2 things that Agustine asks himself when reading every single script that comes in.
  • Your voice and why your writing (not just your script) matters.
  • Why the material might be a “Pass”, but the writer might still be valued.
  • Why you should never be precious about your material.
  • How to accept notes.

What Causes Me to Pass?

  • 1 sure fire genre I will not consider.
  • Can I work with this writer?
  • Additional examples

Case Studies

  • High-level case study: The Revenant
  • Spec script case study: Stage 32 writer’s sci-fi comedy script
  • Spec script case study: Stage 32 comedy writer’s script
  • Spec script case study: dramedy about Ronald Reagan.

Live Q&A With Agustine!


About Your Instructor

Agustine Calderon is an Independent Producer working in feature films and television. Agustine quickly worked his way up from a Production Assistant on HORRIBLE BOSSES, to become a Development Exec who's worked on features including Academy Award-winners MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THE REVENANT, and BIRDMAN, alongside blockbusters including READY PLAYER ONE, RAMPAGE, WONDER WOMAN, THE LEGO MOVIE, EDGE OF TOMORROW, THE JUNGLE BOOK, SAN ANDREAS, TAMMY, AMERICAN SNIPER, ANNABELLE, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E and more.

Agustine has recently struck out on his own to produce independently, while a number of high-profile features Agustine has developed are poised to be released over the next few years including THE FLASH, THE LEGO MOVIE SEQUEL and more!


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