Cannes Roll Call: Who's Going? Who Has Films? + Stage 32 Events

Cannes Roll Call: Who's Going? Who Has Films? + Stage 32 Events

Cannes Roll Call: Who's Going? Who Has Films? + Stage 32 Events

The Cannes Film Festival in France is coming up in a few weeks!

As you all know Stage 32 has worked directly with and has had an official presence at the Cannes Film Festival Marche du Film for over a decade. From education initiatives, partnerships, and parties, Stage 32 always has our finger on the pulse of the world's biggest film festival and market.

Also, for the last 8 years, Stage 32 has been an official education partner of the Cannes Marche du Film. In addition to our official partnership, we have plenty more in store, we're excited today to announce our Official Stage 32 Cannes 2024 Schedule...

If you are attending Cannes:

In the comments section below, let's start the official ROLL CALL. We (and the producers and executives we work with who will be at the fest) are specifically interested in knowing:

  • What dates will you be attending?
  • What brings you to Cannes?
  • What projects do you have screening or are you bringing to the market?
  • Are you planning on attending any workshops or events? If so, which ones?
  • What are your goals during the Cannes Film Festival?
  • Do you have a film screening at the festival? Let us know in the comments section below!
  • And don't forget, if you are attending, we hosted a free, exclusive webinar with the head executives of the Marche on how to navigate the festival/market, which is now available On Demand here.

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

Congratulations to our Stage 32 members with films screening this year in the highest level at the festival including:

  • NAPOLEON - (Opening the Cannes Film Festival Cannes Classics with Netflix and the Golden Globe Foundation, with Michel Merkt on the producing team)
  • OH CANADA (In competition with Elsa Ramo and Tiffany Boyle on the producing team)
  • APPRENTICE (In competition with Lee Broda, Amy Baer, and Daniel Bekerman on the producing team)
  • BIRD (In competition with Jesse Burgum and Kara Durrett on the producing team)
  • MEGALOPOLIS (In competition with Adriana Rotaru on the producing team)

If you are NOT attending Cannes (and, if you WILL be attending):

Stop what you're doing right now, pick up your phone and go follow @rbwalksintoabar and @stage32 on Instagram and @rbwalksintoabar and @stage32 on X. We will be LIVE storying and tweeting during the entire festival. We're thrilled to bring you to the film industry's largest festival in the world!

We look forward to hearing from you!



And, in true Stage 32 style, we’ll be taking the Croisette by storm with an action-packed lineup of events and partnerships at the festival including:

Stage 32 + the Cannes Film Festival Marche du Film Official Education Partnership

For nearly a decade Stage 32 has been a proud education partner of the Marche du Film. Anyone who purchases a Marche du Film badge will get a free Stage 32 webinar with their badge purchase. If you are planning on attending Cannes be sure to watch our exclusive webinar with Guillaume Esmiol, the Executive Director of the Cannes Film Festival Marche du Film + Stage 32’s Managing Director Amanda Toney here - it is FREE to watch.

Stage 32 + The Members Club Partnership in Cannes

Stage 32 is proud partners with the Members Club @Plage du Festival (formerly the Nespresso beach). Throughout the week Stage 32 will be present at the club alongside United Airlines, a proud education partner of Stage 32. If you are looking for a place to hold your meetings for Cannes 2024, there are still spots available! See more below.

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

Thursday, May 16

Stage 32 is a Proud Partner of the Cannes Pajama Party

Stage 32 is a proud partner of the World-Famous Cannes Pajama Party - enter the PJ Party Ticket Lottery here to be in the lottery to get tickets!

Friday, May 17

Panel at Film USA

3pm - 5pm

Stage 32 Presents: In Competition - Meet the Producers from this Year’s In-Competition Films

Being chosen as an official selection of the Festival de Cannes is one of the most prestigious achievements in the entertainment industry, and this year the line up includes some of the best films the festival has ever seen. Getting a film from script to screen is a difficult task, and getting chosen as an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival is extraordinary. Join us as we talk with the producing teams of some of this year’s films to learn more about how the projects came together and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Moderator: Richard Botto - CEO of Stage 32


  • Daniel Bekerman, APPRENTICE (Official Selection)
  • Steve Demmler, OH CANADA (Official Selection)
  • Jesse Burgum, BIRD (Official Selection)

Saturday, May 18

Stage 32 + World of Film International Festival Private Event

Stage 32 is a proud partner of World of Film International Festival in Scotland where we are hosting a private villa networking event for our Stage 32 educators and executives.

Sunday, May 19

Stage 32 + The American Pavilion Partner for the Annual Stage 32 Networking Party!

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: American Pavilion (more info)

Credentials: Open to all Stage 32 members and colleagues of Stage 32 members (Marche du Film badge is required, but no American Pavilion badge is required).

Please: RSVP Here

Stage 32 Founder & CEO, Richard "RB" Botto would like to welcome all Stage 32 members attending Cannes to the official Stage 32 Meetup and party.

The party takes place Sunday, May 19 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Come meet and network with other Stage 32 members and make some meaningful connections. Also meet Stage 32 Founder & CEO, Richard "RB" Botto and Stage 32 Managing Director, Amanda Toney.

To get an American Pavilion Badge for access during the entire festival CLICK HERE. Must have an official Marche accreditation to get in.

We hope you will join us!

Monday, May 20

Panel at Film USA

3pm - 5pm

Stage 32 Presents: State of the Industry - Post Strike Dealmaking for Actors & Writers

Last year’s strikes rocked the industry, and while production is ramping back up the landscape has changed. This panel of industry experts will address the changes and challenges actors and writers now face while assembling projects in this evolving industry, offering strategies for successful dealmaking in the post-strike era.

Moderator: Martin Petrov - Director of WoFF


  • Richard Botto - CEO, Stage 32
  • Jack Sheehan - President, Archstone Films
  • Adhrucia Apana - Producer, ARMORED

Monday, May 21

Panel at Film USA

3pm - 5pm

Stage 32 Presents: To Stream or Not to Stream: That is the Distribution Question

Stage 32 Presents: To Stream or Not to Stream: That is the Distribution Question

This Stage 32 expert panel will explore the pros and cons of distribution deals, ranging from theatrical to streaming to self-distribution, providing insights into the best options for producers today. They will tackle questions such as whether the back-end pay from the days of peak TV is truly a thing of the past and if mid-budget films can ever find a successful opening weekend in theaters again. Explore the market trends and options from a conversation with these unique perspectives.

Moderator: Emma Louis Smith - ACCA, Finance Strategist, Monaco


  • Lee Broda - Executive Producer, APPRENTICE (In Competition)
  • Tiffany Boyle - President, Ramo Law, OH CANADA (In Competition)
  • Sara Elizabeth Timmins - Producer, Life Out Loud Films
  • Amy Baer - Executive Producer, APPRENTICE (In Competition)

About Our Partners:

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

The Cannes Film Festival can be overwhelming when you plan to attend for the first time. Over 12,000 film industry professionals head to Cannes each year to present and discover almost 4,000 films and projects in development at 33 screening venues.

Fueled by this success, the Marché has expanded with the opening of the Riviera and Lérins exhibition halls, forming a hub around the world-famous Palais des Festivals and the Village International, the number one venue for promoting films from all over the world. As a leading global film industry organization, the Marché du Film takes a rigorous approach in adapting to the expectations of industry professionals worldwide and to emerging economic, technological and creative film trends.

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events


Our mission is to maximize the economic benefits of the film industry in the USA by streamlining connections and information. Film USA is a national, non-profit trade organization of state and regional film commissions from across the USA under one umbrella to enhance the global competitiveness of the US film and TV industry, expand industry access, support global film partnerships, and promote domestic production. Film USA utilizes our member network of film commissioners to foster new business relationships, market our industry globally, and to expand the worldwide presence of the US film and TV industry thereby creating US employment and economic growth.

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

THE MEMBERS CLUB is back in Cannes on La Croisette for 2024 @Plage du Festival (formerly the Nespresso beach). We open daily from 9am - 5pm* from Tuesday 14th May - Thursday 23rd May, *with last meeting @4.30pm. Our varied and enticing menus offer a hearty / healthy breakfast to set you up for the day. Or the delicious and tasty lunch / snack menu caters to every dietary requirement, so you can relax and know we have you covered.


Secure yours early and become a part of


Regular Fee: 26th March - 1st May

Late Rate: as of 2nd May (if available)

Apply for Members Club Consideration here

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

Stage 32 is delighted to announce that we are partnering with Vogue Magazine’s #1 rated party at Cannes - The Cannes Pajama Party on May 16th, 7-11pm… A soiree where the champagne never runs out, you can be photographed by Getty on the red carpet and then enjoy a fantastic evening drinking cocktails in the garden with other film industry professionals!

Tickets are completely free, but you do need to enter the ticket lottery in order to be one of the lucky ones to be selected. Also, the rules are that you can only gain entrance to the party if you’re wearing long pajamas or a onesie – no exceptions! This year’s theme is Vegas Rat Pack style of the 1960’s - we’re bringing you bright lights and Vegas magic!

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

Connect. Collaborate. Create. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to become part of a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating American cinema and fostering global connections. Join the American Pavilion today and immerse yourself in the magic of Cannes like never before. Get your official American Pavilion Badges by clicking here!

Cannes Roll Call Whos Going Who Has Films  Stage 32 Events

WOFF: World of Film International Festival

WOFF is Glasgow's annual independent film event held in October and currently in it's ninth edition. Our main focus is to promote independent international cinema and new talent from Scotland, the UK and beyond. Our aim is to bring local and Scottish audiences together with filmmakers, producers, artists and cinema enthusiasts from all around the world, in an attempt to discover new talent, showcase their work and generate ideas for future projects. WoFF is a non-profit organisation bringing audiences a step closer to international independent cinema and giving voice to young artists. In 2024, the WoFF aspires to bring more audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals together, creating a platform to exchange ideas, showcase their work and most importantly talk on film and new trends in the industry, women filmmakers of today and independent film production in Europe, the US and beyond. / Submissions:

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