cut (cutting)

A cut is an abrupt or sudden change or jump in camera angle, location, placement, or time, from one shot to another; consists of a transition from one scene to another (a visual cut) or from one soundtrack to another (a sound cut). Cutting refers to the selection, splicing, and assembly by the film editor of the various shots or sequences for a reel of film and the process of shortening a scene. Also refers to the instructional word "cut" said at the end of a take by the director to stop the action in front of the camera. Refers to the point at which one shot or scene is changed immediately to another. Also refers to a complete edited version of a film (e.g., rough cut). Also see "director's cut." Various types of cuts include "invisible cut," "smooth cut," "jump cut" (an abrupt cut from one scene or shot to the next), "shock cut" (the abrupt replacement of one image by another), etc.