Mind's Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32!

Mind's Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32!

Mind's Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32!

Jason Mirch
Jason Mirch
2 years ago

Good morning Stage 32 Creative Crew! For those in the States, happy Labor Day weekend! While this signals that summer is coming to a close, it does not mean our momentum has slowed when it comes to advancing our careers. This was an extra special summer for three writers who connected with Thomas Pemberton of Mind’s Eye Entertainment through Stage 32 and had their projects optioned! This story is proof of the power of the platform as all of these writers connected to Mind’s Eye Entertainment through Stage 32 in different ways.

By way of a little bit of background, Thomas Pemberton is the Development Executive at Mind's Eye Entertainment under producer Kevin DeWalt. Thomas has worked on RECALL with Wesley Snipes, HUMANITY BUREAU with Oscar-winner Nicholas Cage, DISTORTED with Christina Ricci and John Cusack, DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF with Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfus, SCORE TO SETTLE again with Nicholas Cage, and a YA series based on the best selling books called AVALON.

Mind’s Eye Entertainment has produced over 60 feature film and television projects. The company has been instrumental in establishing the Canadian film and television industry with exceptional, exportable projects that have sold to over 200 territories around the world. The company has produced over $400 million in production and has garnered over 50 national and international awards.

Since joining the Stage 32 Scripts Services executive roster Thomas has always been recognized as an executive who gives excellent feedback, notes, advice and encouragement to writers. But beyond that, Thomas has a keen eye for great material and is quick to champion material he believes in. As a result, three writers now have their projects under option with Mind’s Eye Entertainment as a result of connections made through Stage 32!

Minds Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32

Thomas Pemberton, Creative Executive at Mind's Eye Entertainment

Our first story comes from Stage 32 writer Jon Watt who booked a script consultation with Thomas for his horror/thriller feature. As Jon says, “After receiving outstanding notes from Thomas on my script, we continued our conversation on other projects I have written.”

Minds Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32Jon Watt, writer of the series, HOW THE WEST WAS WON

That led to a conversation about another project Jon has called, HOW THE WEST SIDE WAS WON, a series about organized crime on Manhattan’s West Side. Thomas loved the project and passed it along to Mind's Eye's CEO Kevin DeWalt, who negotiated an option agreement on the project. Jon says, “I am optimistic about our working relationship and extremely grateful to Stage 32 for setting the whole thing up! Much appreciated!”

Our next story comes from Andy Gilchrist, a UK-based writer, and qualified lawyer, who won the very first Stage32 TV Writing competition back in March 2015, with a spec Family Guy script.

Andy's gritty, adult TV drama, END OF THE TERRITORIES is a fictional retelling of the death of professional wrestling’s territorial system in the 80s, and the rise of its “turf war”.

Minds Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32

UK-based writer Andy Gilchrist who wrote END OF TERRITORIE

Andy wanted to get feedback on his pitch Thomas through a Stage 32 Pitch Session. Thomas and Andy connected, and Thomas was so impressed with the quality of the pitch that he requested the script! This ultimately led to his pilot script, and series bible, being read by Mind's Eye's CEO Kevin DeWalt.

As Andy explains, “the pitch sessions provided a great opportunity to explore a market other than the UK market for projects - like END OF THE TERRITORIES - which are culturally-linked to the US.”

Mind’s Eye Entertainment has since optioned the project and it is in active development!

And finally, you may already be aware of our third Stage 32 writer, Angela Uzun, who connected with Thomas and Mind’s Eye via another Stage 32 executive, Anna Henry. Together Angela and Anna co-developed a television concept, which they then brought to Thomas after being introduced by yours truly.

Angela has originally submitted a feature screenplay she had written for coverage to Anna. Anna was so impressed with the quality of writing that the pair stayed in touch. Angela began working on another project - a very exciting true story - which Anna co-developed.

Minds Eye Entertainment Options Three Projects After Connecting with Writers Through Stage 32

Angela Uzun, who connected with Mind's Eye for her original TV series

Anna was looking for potential UK connections when she spotted one of my announcements about Thomas working with Stage 32 . He seemed like exactly the contact Anna was looking for. Because I believe that connections are what makes this business thrive, I immediately introduced the two executives. Thomas was immediately grabbed by the quality of the writing, the ambition of the concept and the international appeal of the subject matter.

Minds Eye Entertainment has optioned the project and is in active development with Angela, Anna and Thomas!

Again, this is just more proof of the power of Stage 32 to connect executives and take projects to the next level! All of these projects started with the desire by the writer to receive feedback on their scripts from an executive with years of experience in the industry. The connections led to even more exciting developments for these writers as Thomas brought each project to Mind’s Eye for consideration! While the goal of Stage 32 Script Services is always educational and developmental, good material will always find a home! This is just the beginning for these writers who are now in business with a major international company! Please join me in congratulating these writers on their incredible success!

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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