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When considering your options with a script you've written (or even one that you are producing) it's important to consider all avenues for its exposure to development, including contests and coverage. Today our Founder & CEO, RB, goes over why it is important that you know the keys to each.

In this 5-minute clip (which is part of his Film Courage interview series), RB goes over the #1 one most important criteria to consider when entering a screenwriting contest. In addition, gives 3 pieces of advice as to whether or not you should enter lesser-known contests that you have an easier chance of winning...and he follows it up with tremendous advice on the best way to spend your money to give you the best chance for success.



(To view the success stories RB references in the video above, click here and click here.)


The entire wide-ranging interview covered a plethora of subjects including filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, distribution, indie film, the state or the industry, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, social media, and networking in person, online and outside of LA to name a few.

Film Courage continues to release the interview in segments and we're happy to announce that we'll be bringing these videos to the community right here on the Stage 32 Blog. If you've missed the other Film Courage video posts so far, don't worry! You can access them here:



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