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Happy Wednesday Stage 32 Community!

Last week, we officially announced the winners of our 6th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest! Throughout the course of the contest, we welcome thousands of entries from filmmakers all over the world. We had films submitted from over 40 countries, and our 8 winning films hail from 5 different countries!

Over the last 5 years, winners from our Short Film Contest have gone on to be signed (UTA, Echo Lake, Verve, and more), financed, and produced. One of our winning screenwriter/directors even went on to have one of the biggest spec sales in recent years, with Warner Brothers winning a bidding war which was based off a short film!

This year, our 8 winning films will receive: 

  • Inclusion in our 6th Stage 32 Short Film Program - The most anticipated short film program in the business
  • Their film screened theatrically at 2 film prestigious film festivals: The Oscar-qualifying 2021 Hollyshorts Film Festival and the 2021 Raindance Film Festival in London
  • Their film screened online to a worldwide audience on Stage 32 - This global screening will be available to all of our 750,000+ members on the platform
  • Their film showcased to over 1,000 executives who work with Stage 32 

Now, without further ado, please welcome join me in congratulating the winners of our 6th Annual Short Film Contest! Show your love in the comments below!


Congratulations to the Winners of the 6th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest


Grand Prize Winner: Ada

London, England. 1851. Dying of cancer and facing down early Victorian sexism, brilliant mathematician Ada Lovelace risks a high stakes gamble to raise the money needed to complete her life's object, the worlds first computer.

Julie Bruns & Steven Kammerer - Vancouver, Canada


Click Here to Watch Julie & Steve's Winner Reactions



The Passport

A man wakes up bruised and bloodied in a large city with no memory. As he begins to discover what happened to him the story takes a violent turn into the unexpected as he begins to discover who he really is.

Olivier DressenShanghai, China



The Plumber

As curfew approaches, an everyday heroine risks it all in a smuggling operation from Nazi-occupied Poland.

Cate Carson & Jay Everley - Los Angeles, California, USA




A Muslim immigrant stops white supremacists from attacking a woman wearing a headscarf.

Yuval Sussler & Shelly Feldman - New York City, USA



When a new procedure is invented that can take one person's talent and implant it into someone else, a struggling artist must decide if she should continue pursuing her dreams or sell her talent to the highest bidder.

Jeff Perreca - Los Angeles, California, USA


Click Here to Watch Jeff's Winner Reaction


Baby's Phoney Friend

Afraid of losing Mama and Papa to Phoney's evil forces, Baby wages war, vowing to destroy her enemy once and for all.

Brianne Berkson & Miguel Gluckstern (Briguel) - New York City, USA


Click Here to Watch Brianne & Miguel's Winner Reaction



When a girl goes back to a guy’s house following a dating app hook-up, she becomes suspicious of his true intentions after discovering his obsession with cooking ramen broth, and a strange AI digital assistant called Angel.

Dicky Chalmers - Taipei, Taiwan


Click Here to Watch Dicky's Winner Reaction



Invisibles (Kaunapawa)

Two individuals run into each other at a low point in their lives and go on a journey of self-love and freedom. Traveling the majestic Namibian outback, landscape of the psyche of a post-Apartheid nation and theirs, they find their place.

Sophie Haikali - Okahandja, Namibia, Africa



Congratulations to the Winners of the 6th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest




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