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About Akeem

Akeem was born on September 16, 1988, in Pasadena, California, to entrepreneur Erol James Mair and Queen Alice Mair, a public service professional. Akeem was named after Eddie Murphy’s character in the box office hit Coming to America. He is the oldest of four siblings.

Akeem first became interested in acting as a child at Linda Vista Elementary school in Pasadena, California, performing in many school productions. “I fell in love with the excitement and reactions my on stage talents affect it had in People. To be in any character I wanted to be gave me escape from my everyday life.” He then attended John Marshall Fundamental High School in Pasadena, California, receiving his High School Diploma in June 2007. Having a solid educational background was huge for his parents.

Since graduating high school, Akeem has taken college courses at Pasadena City College in pursuit of a business degree to become a financial banker. It was not until one day at his daytime job where a loyal customer made a big impact on his passion to pursue acting. “You have this huge charismatic personality that radiates positive energy in people, are you an actor?” Everything changed since that day and made the decision to pursue acting as his passion and career.

Akeem Jamahl Mair has booked several principle and leading roles in various California Universities, Warner Brother productions, various independent filmmaker productions. These include some well-known and popular remake titles produce from the Los Angles Film School such as Hannah and her Sisters as Norman who was portrayed by actor Tony Roberts and Good Will Hunting as Will who was originally play by Matt Damon. He made appearances in Art Institute of Hollywood’s short films in Limbo as the basketball teenager who was killed due to a drug overdose, Silent Love as Felix a hopeless mime romantic, and Life of a Villian as Skrilla, a thug who was a bad influence on his best friend and eventually got them both killed.

At Columbia College of Hollywood productions Akeem was involved in two lead roles of All about the Money as Jim a lowlife who gets killed over never paying back his debts and A Wonderful World as the homeless man Frank Simmons who gets a second chance at life. At University of Southern California he booked leading roles in Spotted as Todd, the remake of Born Forth of July where Akeem plays Jerry Levine’s character Steve Boyer. At the University of California, Los Angeles, he booked leading roles in Initiation as the BKE leader Brad, The old College Try as a robotic inventor named Anthony, and Adagio as a gym instructor named Marcus.

Two New York Film Academy films featuring Akeem, The Kidnap as one of the principle kidnappers in the film and Fine Line as Joe, a washed up film writer, were screened with Warner Brothers and garnered praise, spurring Akeem’s motivation and resolve to succeed as an actor. The film Fine Line did so well that other members of New York Film Academy were asking the director, “who is this that guy?” Many find his upbeat, positive attitude to be infectious, bringing energy and high spirits to projects.

Akeem Mair has also booked some big independent films such as Red a black young male who sick of police officers killing unarmed black males which will be submitted and released at LA Film Festivals. He also starred in Jolly Boy as Rich Boy, a thug from a biker gang which will be entering the Sundance festival, Happy Birthday as Chris which will be entering many La Film Festivals, Gangster City as Police Officer Cueno, an officer who is taking on the whole corrupted police force and the local city’s biggest gang, and a film written and produce by Andoni Zorbas which will be entering many LA Film Festivals. Another Crazy Christmas as Jimmy, a film produce by CL3 Productions which is being presented to producers such as HBO, Ice Cube, and Tyler Perry productions.

On the web, he was been involved in many web series episodes of Motivate Me, as himself getting help from his psychiatrist in episode 5 and as an excited band member, Ivory, who followed an ad that promise his band that they will get a huge record deal and break through on episode 11. He stars in the Web Series of Blood of the Dead as Allistair, A vampire seeking total extermination against all vampire hunters. He also stars in A huge YouTube channel called Girls going Viral.


  • All I Ever Wanted

    All I Ever Wanted (2016)
    Film by Markiss McFadden (Crime, Drama, Family and Music) Actor Frustrated by the repetitious grind of the drug dealing life,part time mime street performer"Ace"(Mason Troy) tries to escape the life he once choose out of desperation while fighting subconsciously with his haunting past and dealing with his not so life motivated friends. Written by JD Lynn

  • The Los Angeles Clippers

    The Los Angeles Clippers (2015)
    Commercial by Christopher Parker Akeem (Principle)

  • Gangster City

    Gangster City (2015)
    Film by Andoni Zorbas (Crime) Actor

  • Lake of Fire

    Lake of Fire (2015)
    Film by Raj Thiruselvan (Drama) Actor This story follows the lives of two teenagers from the Midwest, MAX and MAGGIE, the town misfits. Physically and socially they are total opposites. Maggie is a gifted high school runner from a dysfunctional family (mother is suicidal and father is a drunk) and Max is a shy boy with a clubfoot who hails from one of the town's most respected families (father is the pastor of the local church). In spite of their differences and perhaps because of them, the two outcasts grow to become best friends, and all through school they help each other over the rough spots and lend a shoulder to cry on when needed. Eventually the relationship between Max and Maggie develops into love, and as far as Max and Maggie are concerned life couldn't get any better. Maggie receives a track scholarship to college and Max has the girl of his dreams. But things have a way of changing. Before Maggie goes away to school, she is summoned to Max's father's office for a talk. It is during this talk with, PASTOR GIBBS... Written by Amedeo Talerico

  • Red

    Red (2015)
    Film (short) by Wayne Williams (Crime, Drama and News) Actor This is a talking piece; literally poetic justice meant to illicit intelligent conversation about culture in America. What it means to be an American minority. It's meant to make you feel, to disturb your sense of justice, to awaken your humanity. Visually raw and unapologetic, vocally dark and poetic. While this piece seems one dimensional, an officer being murdered by a black delinquent. Remember the true intention is to convey the rage anger and disappointment observed by a group of people that have experienced egregious injury at the hand of the majority and the political system for hundreds of years. I don't want to stoke the flames, but I want people to understand the feelings of the minority.

  • Topiary

    Topiary (2015)
    Film (short) by Alexander DeKoning (Drama, Horror, Mystery and Sci-Fi) Actor A being builds a habitat for himself on the fringes of civilization, when an outside force impends on his territory.

  • World I See

    World I See (2015)
    Film (short) by Dex Elliott Sanders (Musical) Actor

  • Jolly Boy Friday

    Jolly Boy Friday (2015)
    Film (short) by Weston Razooli (Crime) Actor Sprytle and Frex are two desperate friends who plan to rob their coke dealer, Jolly Boy. They recruit a third friend, Cody, to pose as a "burglar" who will rob their apartment when Jolly Boy comes over for a delivery. While perfecting the scheme, a web of betrayal and greed unfolds amongst the three friends. However, their plans quickly fall through on the day of the robbery when they are forced to deal with Jolly Boy's motorcycle gang, the Sofa Boys. Written by Psychic Films

  • Motivate Me

    Motivate Me (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor You know the people that always seem to give you the most advice, need the most advice, well say hello to motivational guru Tommy Ribbons.

  • The Player

    The Player (2015)
    TV Movie by Jerry Jackson (Drama) Actor A Chicago band wanting to live the Cali dream find manipulation and destruction lurking at every opportunity to make it.

  • Bout to Be a Riot

    Bout to Be a Riot (2015)
    Film (short) by Dex Elliott Sanders (Musical) Actor

  • School Dance

    School Dance (2014)
    Film by Nick Cannon (Comedy, Drama and Music) Actor High schooler Jason has found his dream girl-the gorgeous Anastacia. There's just one problem: she doesn't know he exists. If he can win a spot on the school's hottest dance crew, Jason might have a shot. But before he does, he'll have to overcome his battle-ax of a mother, survive Anastacia's gangsta brother, and pass the crew's initiation. Written by Lionsgate

  • Dustland

    Dustland (2013)
    Film (short) by Jacob Lundgaard Andersen (Adventure, Fantasy and Mystery) Actor Once upon a time, an endless dust storm engulfed the world, stranding an itinerant circus in a time without purpose. One day, a high wire walker, lured by a tune hidden in the wind, leaves the circus and finds the melody revealed in the shape of mysterious fiddler waiting at the crossroads. The stranger presents her with an hourglass that can stop the wind, but only until the sand runs out. The wire walker rejoins the show and, taking control of her fate, decides to walk the wire one last time. Written by Anonymous

  • In the Name of God

    In the Name of God (2013)
    Film by Kevan Otto (Family) Actor Bouncing from foster home to home, it seemed that no one wanted Mason around. From battles with his parents, Mason learns the importance of respect. Desperate for forgiveness, Mason tries to make amends with his family.

  • Her

    Her (2013)
    Film by Spike Jonze (Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Actor Theodore is a lonely man in the final stages of his divorce. When he's not working as a letter writer, his down time is spent playing video games and occasionally hanging out with friends. He decides to purchase the new OS1, which is advertised as the world's first artificially intelligent operating system, "It's not just an operating system, it's a consciousness," the ad states. Theodore quickly finds himself drawn in with Samantha, the voice behind his OS1. As they start spending time together they grow closer and closer and eventually find themselves in love. Having fallen in love with his OS, Theodore finds himself dealing with feelings of both great joy and doubt. As an OS, Samantha has powerful intelligence that she uses to help Theodore in ways others hadn't, but how does she help him deal with his inner conflict of being in love with an OS? Written by Bob Philpot

  • They Die by Dawn

    They Die by Dawn (2013)
    Film (short) by Jeymes Samuel (Western) Actor Four outlaws with a bounty on each head, set a date for a shootout in Langston, Oklahoma. The last man takes the collective bounty. Violence and mayhem ensue.

  • Initiation

    Initiation (2013)
    Film (short) by Joseph Frye (Comedy) Actor One day Jerry, who is the fraternity creator's son, wanted to join his father's fraternity called B.K.E. but the main leader, Brad, and his henchmen wouldn't let him join based off of blood. They wanted Jerry to prove himself worthy. Can Jerry successfully complete all of the test before to become a B.K.E? Or will he fail and shame his father? Written by Akeem Mair

  • It's All About the Money

    It's All About the Money (2013)
    Film (short) by Matthew Doran (Action) Actor When Jim owes George money he borrowed weeks ago but hasn't made any effort whats so ever to pay back Goerege gradually gets irritated. George is now fed up and demands Jim to pay up or else... Jim pleads George to give him one more week extension on his debts and he sweeten the idea by saying his friend Carlos has enough money to pay the loan. George finally gives in and immediately Jim calls his good friend Carlos to ask for a loan to pay George back. One week passes and George comes to collect. Again Jim doesn't have the money on him and insist his friend is on the way with the cash. George doesn't believe him and shoots him anyways. Just then Carlos comes through the door to give George the money. George is shock and realizes he made a mistake but doesn't care. Carols rush to dying friend Jim but soon realizes he's too late. Out of anger he turns and shoots and kills George. He then takes the money and leaves! Written by Akeem Mair

  • Mysterious & Ways

    Mysterious & Ways (2013)
    Film (short) by David Kiang (Comedy) Actor Two angels, sent to help a hapless widower from the schemes of a femme fatale, discover darker forces at work.

  • Fine Line

    Fine Line (2013)
    Film (short) by Seng Jee Low (Comedy) Actor Barry is a script writer who eagerly wanted to get his script approved by the producer but gets denied. He runs across Joe, a homeless guy who shared the down fall as Barry 5 yrs.ago, on the street.. Joe and Barry suddenly realize they both were in the same predicament and heist a forceful plan to get their script approve. Can they pull it off? Will their script get approved before they are thrown out of his office? Well you will just have to watch it to find out. Written by Akeem Mair

  • Kidnap

    Kidnap (2013)
    Film (short) by Sam Li (Crime) Actor

  • Hannah and Her Sisters Remake: Los Angeles Film School Workshop

    Hannah and Her Sisters Remake: Los Angeles Film School Workshop (2013)
    Film (short) by Pierre de Jean Jr. (Drama) Actor When Hannah and Mickey couldn't have any children, they turn to their rich friends for help.

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)
    Television by Joss Whedon (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor After the Battle of New York, the world has changed. It now knows not only about the Avengers, but also the powerful menaces that require those superheroes and more to face them. In response, Phil Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division assembles an elite covert team to find and deal with these threats wherever they are found. With a world rapidly becoming more bizarre and dangerous than ever before as the supervillains arise, these agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are ready to take them on. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • Good Will Hunting Remake: Los Angeles Film School Workshop

    Good Will Hunting Remake: Los Angeles Film School Workshop (2013)
    Film (short) by Donald Baker (Drama) Actor When Will, played by Akeem Mair, is interrupted in his sleep by his girlfriend Skylar, played by Alexandra Gurskaya, about her moving to a different city and asking to tag along. Will finds himself in a awkward situation for which he was trying to explain he his family, friends, and his job here. He really likes her but he's not willing and ready to sacrifice everything he loves for her. Can she get him to come? Is he ready to risk it all for? Please check check it out to see what happens! Written by Akeem Mair

  • Monday Mornings

    Monday Mornings (2013)
    Television by David E. Kelley (Drama) Actor Follows the lives of five surgeons as they push the limits of their personal and professional feelings.

  • NCIS: Los Angeles

    NCIS: Los Angeles (2013)
    Television by Shane Brennan (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor The Naval Criminal Investigation Service's Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. Key agents are G. Callen and Sam Hanna, streets kids risen through the ranks.

  • Castle

    Castle (2013)
    Television by Andrew W. Marlowe (Comedy, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor Richard "Rick" Castle is a billionaire playboy who recently killed off his main character when a serial killer starts killing people like he does in his books. He teams up with New York police detective Kate Beckett to solve the case. He finds inspiration in Detective Beckett and starts shadowing her for his next book.

  • The Mentalist

    The Mentalist (2012)
    Television by Bruno Heller (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor After a serial killer named Red John murdered Patrick Jane's wife and daughter, Jane dedicated his life to hunting down and killing Red John. To that end he gave up his lucrative pretense of being a psychic and joined the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as a consultant to the team responsible for investigating the Red John case, led by Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon. Using Jane's exceptional gift for observation and his mentalist tricks, the team is able to close an unprecedented number of cases, but Jane's unconventional and often outright illegal methods also bring much censure down on Lisbon's head, making his assistance both a blessing and a curse. Meanwhile, the hunt for Red John continues... Written by Anonymous

  • Key and Peele

    Key and Peele (2012)
    Television by Jordan Peele (Comedy) Actor Project sees Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in front of a live studio audience bantering about a topic weaved between filmed shorts and sketches.

  • Glee

    Glee (2012)
    Television by Ryan Murphy (Comedy, Drama, Music and Musical) Actor When a High School Spanish teacher, Will Schuester, becomes the director of the school's failing Glee club, New Directions, he hopes to be able to rejuvenate it. The club competes in the choir competition circuit. It's been called "a High School Musical for adults", the series follows the club and its mixture of oddball members as they try and restore it to its former glory. It is a musical comedy in which the eager and ambitious students not only compete to win the Nationals, but also have to deal with the tough and cruel realities of their school, McKinley High. At the same time, Will is trying to rejuvenate his failing love life whilst preventing the school's cheer leading coach Sue Sylvester from sabotaging the choir. Written by WellardRockard

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