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Andrew Blodgett

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Vancouver, Canada

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About Andrew

Hello, my name is Andrew Blodgett and I am a Canadian, Vancouver based Animator, with a wish to Inspire Audiences,... and I help people tell Stories through Character Performance and Motion.

➤ 10+ years of industry experience working in Animation for Film, VFX, and Television.

Notable films I have worked on:
➤ Sausage Party ➤ Tasmanian Devils

Notable television productions I have worked on:
➤ Family Guy ➤ Three Delivery ➤ Happy Tree Friends ➤ Caillou ➤ Watership Down ➤ Chaotic ➤ Mega Babies ➤ SuperNormal ➤ Supa Strikas ➤ Skunk Fu ➤ Carl Squared

Notable companies I have done work for:
➤ Sony Pictures ➤ Annapurna Pictures ➤ Pepsi ➤ Nickelodeon ➤ Discovery Channel ➤ Cartoon Network ➤ Disney XD ➤ Fox ➤ Warner Bros. ➤ SyFy Channel ➤ Teletoon ➤ YTV ➤ Microsoft ➤ Century 21 ➤ Unilever ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ ➤ Nestle ➤ The Government of Canada ➤ Corel Center Stadium ➤ Mattel Toys

Specialties include:
➤ Breathing Life into Characters
➤ Proactive Problem Solving
➤ Storytelling by Any Means Necessary



  • Elena of Avalor

    Elena of Avalor (2017 - 2018)
    TV Series Animation department

  • Krypton

    Krypton (2018)
    TV Series Visual effects

  • Sausage Party

    Sausage Party (2016)
    Film (Animation, Adventure and Comedy) Animation department An animated movie about one sausage's quest to discover the truth about his existence.

  • Yoko

    Yoko (2016)
    TV Series Animation department

  • Midnight Host

    Midnight Host (2014)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actor Written and directed by Christian Sherden, for the Phrike Film Festival, a 72-hour film race of horror films, The Returners came back for another round and completed "Midnight Host". Every film needed to include a Garlic Press, the Number 13, and the line "Any fool can think of words that rhyme." I love doing film races, I feel that producing material given severe constraints makes for good art because it necessitates clever solutions. We didn't win the $5000, but we got selected as one of the Top 13 Films and nominated for Best Actor. Written by Christian Sherden

  • Mad

    Mad (2013)
    Television (Animation and Comedy) Animation department The animated version of the classic humor magazine satirizes current pop culture.

  • Tasmanian Devils

    Tasmanian Devils (2013)
    TV Movie (Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Animation department A group of base jumpers travels to a forbidden area to jump of of Devils peak, accidentally disturbing an ancient evil protecting the lands.

  • Space Knights Go!

    Space Knights Go! (2010)
    TV Movie (Animation) Animation department Add a Plot »

  • Caillou

    Caillou (2005 - 2010)
    Television (Animation and Family) Animation department Entertaining misadventures of a four year old boy named Caillou, where each day he discovers something new and interesting with his mommy, daddy, and Rosie. Between Caillou segments are segments featuring Caillou's pet cat Gilbert, Caillou's teddy bear, Teddy, and Caillou's toy dinosaur, Rexy, in puppet form. The show deals with issues like fear of the dark, patience, being a good friend, being a good sibling, and other important facts of life. Written by Dylan Self <>

  • Three Delivery

    Three Delivery (2008 - 2009)
    Television (Animation) Animation department Three orphaned siblings in Chinatown attempt to locate missing recipes with mystical powers, all while doubling as Chinese food delivery couriers.

  • Maybe

    Maybe (2008)
    Film (Animation and Short) Visual effects Maybe is an animated short film by Sam Chou, co-produced by Style5.TV and Chuck Gammage Animation. This 2-minute animated short follows the relationship between our decisions that we make everyday and the impact they have on our world... See full synopsis »

  • Supa Strikas

    Supa Strikas (2008)
    Television (Animation) Animation department About the world's greatest football team. Despite their enormous talent, the players must adapt in a game where being the best is only the beginning, and where the opposition is always full of surprises.

  • SuperNormal

    SuperNormal (2007)
    Television (Animation and Comedy) Animation department Add a Plot »

  • Chaotic

    Chaotic (2006 - 2007)
    Television (Animation, Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Animation department A group of friends find a portal to Perim, another worldly dimension where Chaotic, a card game they play, is real.

  • Carl²

    Carl² (2005 - 2007)
    Television (Animation) Animation department Carl tries to survive the struggles of a high school teenager with the help of his sometimes unconventional clone

  • Family Guy: Up Late with Stewie & Brian

    Family Guy: Up Late with Stewie & Brian (2007)
    Video (Animation and Short) Animation department Stewie and Brian host a talk show. Guest Rob Corddry joins them to talk about his new show "The Winner".

  • The Carpal Tunnel of Love

    The Carpal Tunnel of Love (2007)
    Film (Animation and Short) Animation department On February 5, 2007, the music video was made available on Fall Out Boy's website and was directed by Happy Tree Friends creator Kenn Navarro. The video features Happy Tree Friends characters and cartoon versions of the band in a plot where Cuddles and Giggles have fallen in love, and Cuddles' attempts to express his love to Giggles. The video concludes with most of the characters in the video, including the Fall Out Boy members, being killed in a graphic and ultraviolent manner. The only character not killed is the unseen bus driver that drives Cuddles, Giggles, and Lumpy to a cafe.

  • Happy Tree Friends

    Happy Tree Friends (1999 - 2006)
    Television (Animation and Comedy) Animation department A series of horrible sudden deaths keep happening to a group of creatures caused by themselves doing the most stupid things.

  • Ultimate Survival: Everest

    Ultimate Survival: Everest (2004)
    Television (Documentary) Animation department This critically acclaimed six-part mini-series... Shot between March and June 2004, Ultimate Survival: Everest chronicles the Everest efforts of Team Discovery, which included two Canadian climbers - producer and experienced adventure guide Ben Webster, and his girlfriend, rookie climber and PhD candidate in Sports Psychology, Shauna Burke - plus Australian Andrew Lock and Hector Ponce De Leon from Mexico, both veterans of Everest and the world's most intimidating peaks. The series also follows the treks of Annabelle Bond, a London socialite; and diabetic American climber Will Cross. The expedition's members, including the team's Nepalese Sherpa guides, were trained to act as the production team, filming the extreme physical demands, physiological changes and emotional hazards. Soaring 8,848 meters above sea level - equal to the height of 16 CN Towers placed end to end - Everest's summit is the ultimate challenge for climbers around the world. Written by Anonymous

  • Just Jamie

    Just Jamie (2004)
    Television (Animation) Animation department Add a Plot »

  • Mega Babies

    Mega Babies (2000)
    Television (Animation and Comedy) Visual effects Add a Plot »

  • Hoze Houndz

    Hoze Houndz (1999)
    Television (Animation and Family) Visual effects The misadventures of a fire-fighting team consisting of dalmations.

  • Watership Down

    Watership Down (1999)
    Television (Adventure, Animation and Fantasy) Visual effects Heeding the warning of a vision of their old home's destruction, a group of rabbits led by Hazel, his brother Fiver the visionary, the ever inventive doe, Blackberry, and Bigwig, a former member of their old home's military class, go in search of a new home. With the help of new found friends like Kehaar the gull and Hannah the mouse, Fiver's vision leads them to a home called Watership Down. Now, Hazel and his friends must establish their warren and protect it from the threats they face which include humans, predators, and especially the menace of a tyrannically militaristic warren led by the merciless General Woundwart. Written by Kenneth Chisholm <>

  • Skunk Fu!

    Skunk Fu!
    TV Series Animation department

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