Angel Ramirez Jr.

Angel Ramirez Jr.

Actor, Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Voice Artist

New York City, New York

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About Angel

Angel Ramirez was born & raised in Spanish Harlem (“El Barrio”) New York. This multitalented individual has made his mark in all facets of the entertainment industry. Angel has had success in both his music & film endeavors. It is evident that this charismatic, sultry, Puerto Rican tenor will inevitably become a Latin superstar that will capture the hearts of not only Latin America but also the world at large. Angel’s musical aspirations were realized when he became an instrumental member of the platinum recording group “The Barrio Boyzz.” It was here that Angel learned how to master his talent. He was not only a crucial part of the harmonious backgrounds, but a lead singer & writer for the group. In fact, a Grammy Award-winning artist known as Marc Anthony recorded one of Angel’s songs entitled “Te Amare.” It was also during this time that Angel & his fellow group members were able to grace the stage & recording studio with the ever-popular superstar, Selena Quintanilla.



  • Fists of Love

    Fists of Love (2014)
    Film by Daryl Denner (Drama) Actor John(Franky G), a NYC Domestic Violence Officer on edge dealing with his tragic past falls in love with Lina(Frances Lozada), a woman married to an abusive husband Brad (Angel Ramirez). The situation escalates and spirals out of control.

  • A Miracle in Spanish Harlem

    A Miracle in Spanish Harlem (2013)
    Film by Derek Partridge (Drama) Actor This family-friendly movie is about love, faith and redemption. The movie has a Latin flavor, but its subject matter, cloaked in the Christmas spirit, is universal. Beautiful and alone, Eva feels a spark of romantic interest when she meets Tito, a widower struggling with the loss of a wife, the loss of hope and the loss of his faith. Tito is consumed by the pressures of caring for his children and trying to keep a failing business above water. His growing bitterness overshadows the best parts of his character and drives him to actions that will only add disgrace to his woes. Without a friend left on earth, nothing short of a miracle can relieve Titos crushing and solitary burdens. However, miracles have been known to happen... Written by Vista Clara Productions

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! (2012)
    Film (short) by Chuck Gomez (Drama) Actor The New Year comes and goes and the fireworks fade by dawn. But the sadness lasts forever.

  • Sacred Game

    Sacred Game (2009)
    Film by Bernardo Chilindron (Horror and Thriller) Actor SACRED GAME is the moment between life and death. In the midst of fleshing out his latest screenplay, Daniel decides on leaving his wife and infant son to escape for a weekend hunting expedition with his three buddies. But when the men's path crosses a traumatized woman frantically running through the forest, all their destinies are forever altered. Fantastic interwoven dreamlike episodes expose Daniel's fears and inner struggle...the irrevocable curse brought on by the mysterious woman's appearance, the battle between church and legend, and a hunt that turns into a fight for his own survival. Only when it's all over, the tragic reality of Daniel's world ultimately becomes clear. Written by Anonymous

  • Betty la Flaca

    Betty la Flaca (2006)
    Film (short) by Hugo Perez (Comedy) Actor Skinny Betty might just as well not exist given the lack of attention she gets from men, including her boyfriend Carlos. Her co-worker, Reina, recommends she have some work done to enlarge and enhance the most important part of the body--her butt. When Betty arrives at the homegrown 'clinica' in Maria Dolores living room in the Bronx, she has no idea how much impact a little 'work' will have on her life. Written by Perez, Hugo (II)

  • Julieta y Ramon

    Julieta y Ramon (2005)
    Film (short) by Hugo Perez (Comedy) Actor Julieta's erotic fascination for Ronald Reagan keeps her from finding Mr.Right. Through the intervention of Mima, her downstairs neighbor, she reluctantly is introduced to Mima's son Ramon. Ramon is a shoestore manager who has his own particular fascination, a fascination for feet. Can this odd couple find a way to satisfy each other's needs? Written by Perez, Hugo

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)
    Television by Dick Wolf (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor This show delves into the dark side of the New York underworld as the detectives of a new elite force, the Special Victims Unit, investigate and prosecute various sexually oriented crimes, while trying to balance the effects of the investigation on their own lives. Written by Brian Barjenbruch

  • A Woman Like That

    A Woman Like That (1997)
    Film by David E. Talbert Actor

  • The City

    The City (1995)
    Television by Barbara Esensten (Drama) Actor "The City" picks up where "Loving" left off. After a rash of serial killings, several of Corinth, Pennsylvania's residents move to an apartment building in SoHo. These people have come to start a brand new life. While doing so, they encounter several difficult situations, including another psychopath killer, bombings, and organized crime. Written by KR <>

  • House of Buggin'

    House of Buggin' (1995)
    Television by John Leguizamo (Comedy) Actor John Leguizamo's edgy sketch comedy show and spiritual sequel to "In Living Color".

  • I Like It Like That

    I Like It Like That (1994)
    Film by Darnell Martin (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Lisette and husband Chino face marital difficulties. She is fed up with the kids, while he has job troubles. His mother Rosaria hates Lisette and the neighborhood tramp has designs on Chino. Things get even worse when Chino goes to jail and Lisette gets a good job uptown. Can this marriage be saved? Written by Reid Gagle

  • Carlito's Way

    Carlito's Way (1993)
    Film by Brian De Palma (Crime and Drama) Actor A Puerto Rican ex-con pledges to stay away from his former drug dealing ways but finds himself being dragged back by his past connections and the naive machinations of his lawyer and best friend. Hoping to raise enough money to get away from New York, Carlito Brigante takes on the job of running a nightclub, renews an affair with a dancer but old associates and old instincts suck him back into a world of violence and mistrust. Written by Keith Loh <>

  • East Side Story

    East Side Story (1991)
    Film by Frank Di Sardo (Comedy and Musical) Actor

  • The Return of Superfly

    The Return of Superfly (1990)
    Film by Sig Shore (Action, Crime and Drama) Actor This is a sequel to the movie, Superfly. In it Nathan Purdee is now playing the role of Priest who was played by Ron O'Neal in the previous movie. In it Eddie, Priest's old partner, was killed. Now Priest who has been living in France and who is no longer a drug dealer, visits. And he sets to find the ones who killed Eddie, and to get them. Written by <>

  • Sea of Love

    Sea of Love (1989)
    Film by Harold Becker (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Frank Keller is a New York detective investigating a case of a serial killer who finds the victims through the lonely hearts column in newspapers. Keller falls in love with Helen, the main suspect in the case. Written by Sami Al-Taher <>

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing (1989)
    Film by Spike Lee (Drama) Actor This film looks at life in the Bedford-Stuyvesant district of Brooklyn on a hot summer Sunday. As he does everyday, Sal Fragione opens the pizza parlor he's owned for 25 years. The neighborhood has changed considerably in the time he's been there and is now composed primarily of African-Americans and Hispanics. His son Pino hates it there and would like nothing better than to relocate the eatery to their own neighborhood. For Sal however, the restaurant represents something that is part of his life and sees it as a part of the community. What begins as a simple complaint by one of his customers, Buggin Out - who wonders why he has only pictures of famous Italian-Americans on the wall when most of his customers are black - eventually disintegrates into violence as frustration seemingly brings out the worst in everyone. Written by garykmcd

  • Coming to America

    Coming to America (1988)
    Film by John Landis (Comedy and Romance) Actor It is the 21st birthday of Prince Akeem of Zamunda and he is to marry a woman he never saw before. Now the prince breaks with tradition and travels to America to look for the love of his life. Written by Harald Mayr <>

  • Enemy Territory

    Enemy Territory (1987)
    Film by Peter Manoogian (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Gary Frank, an ordinary, blue collared John Doe insurance salesman, is about to learn the hard way that there're certain areas that are off-limits to all outsiders. One specific tower block Lincon, is just such a place; as it belongs to a hostile small army known as *the vampires*, who basically own it and oversee that no one who does not occupy a dwelling there, will live thought the night. He's not fully aware of how much he shouldn't be on their turf, that he doesn't belong on their *property*. But it's a simple tap on Decon a child gang member's shoulder, that seals his fate as this act prompt's The Count, their leader to come looking for reprisals from Gary. When a security guard tries to defuse the situation, he ends up dead and so does Decon, who Gary *violated* with his touch. Blamed for the Decon's death by The Count, he's now marked for death, along with anyone else who dares aid him. Stuck on the top floor, with no way down, he's only means to escape or survive is telephone... Written by ???

  • Ryan's Hope

    Ryan's Hope (1986)
    Television by Claire Labine (Drama) Actor Set in Riverside on the upper West Side of Manhattan, Ryan's Hope centered mostly on the working class Ryans, an Irish-American family headed by Maeve and Johnny Ryan. They owned Ryan's Bar, a pivotal location for character interaction. The Ryans' dreams and ambitions made up most of the stories. Written by Anonymous

  • The Equalizer

    The Equalizer (1985)
    Television by Michael Sloan (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Robert McCall is "The Equalizer", a private detective with a lot of contacts who is available for hire if you have a problem that you don't know how to solve. His no-nonsense attitude, compassion, and experience with dealing with a wide variety of situations makes him a powerful and useful detective. Written by Murray Chapman <>

  • Get Out of My Room

    Get Out of My Room (1985)
    Film by Cheech Marin (Comedy and Music) Actor A mock documentary filmed mostly in and around LA with interviews of Cheech and Chong interspersed between four videos of songs from their last album. Songs include: Get outta my room and Born in East LA Written by <>

  • The Lonely Guy

    The Lonely Guy (1984)
    Film by Arthur Hiller (Comedy) Actor When shy Larry Hubbard finds his girlfriend in bed with another man he is forced to begin a new life as single. But since he can't bear being on his own he tries to court Iris who is not however interested in him. Larry begins writing a book on his experience as a single which unexpectedly becomes a best seller. He becomes rich and famous and even his relationship with Iris can begin on a new basis. Written by Salvatore Santangelo <>

  • Wolfen

    Wolfen (1981)
    Film by Michael Wadleigh (Horror and Thriller) Actor A city cop is assigned to solve a bizarre set of violent murders where it appears that the victoms were killed by animals. In his pursuit he learns of an Indian legend about wolf spirits. Written by K. Rose <>

  • Bustin' Loose

    Bustin' Loose (1981)
    Film by Michael Schultz (Comedy) Actor Joe Braxton is an ex-con who has been given a second chance to freedom after violating his probation. He has been hired by a school teacher named Vivian Perry to repair and drive an old school bus and drive a group of Special kids to Ms. Perry's Washington Farm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to give them a new home after The Clarmont Center for Children is shut down by the city. The kids have severe mental problems and Joe is not looking forward to the trip at all, but Joe later bonds with Vivian and the children, offering his support and love and changes his outlook on life. But Donald, the social worker and Vivian's lover who gave Joe his break is hot on their tail and wants Joe back in prison. Joe and Vivian must now prevent Donald from sending the children back to Philidelphia where they'll have no future. Written by Geoffrey A. Middleton <>

  • Fort Apache the Bronx

    Fort Apache the Bronx (1981)
    Film by Daniel Petrie (Crime and Drama) Actor From the sight of a police officer this movie depicts the life in New York's infamous South Bronx. In the center is "Fort Apache", as the officers call their police station, which really seems like an outpost in enemy's country. The story follows officer Murphy, who seems to be a tuff cynic, but in truth he's a moralist with a sense for justice. Written by Tom Zoerner <>

  • Encuentro

    Encuentro (1981)
    Film (short) by Marisol Trujillo (Documentary) Cinematographer

  • The Dogs of War

    The Dogs of War (1980)
    Film by John Irvin (Action, Adventure, Drama and War) Actor Jamie Shannon is a soldier of fortune -- a mercenary who will stage a coup or a revolution for the right price. He is hired by British mining interests to scout out Zangaro, a small African nation with rich mineral deposits but a brutal and xenophobic dictatorship. Arrested soon after his arrival, Shannon is imprisoned as a spy, badly beaten, and tortured. While in prison he meets one of the country's leading intellectuals, Dr. Okoye, also imprisoned by the regime. Eventually released, he returns to London and is subsequently offered to opportunity to secretly invade Zangaro's capital and lead a military coup. Shannon accepts, but quietly has his own agenda to pursue. Written by garykmcd


  • ASCAP Lyricist Awards for song of the year ("Te Amare") - Todo a Su Tiempo / Marc Anthony

  • Vida Awards (Best New Latin Artist) The Barrio Boyzz

  • Applause Awards (New Group and Sound) The Barrio Boyzz

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