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Benjamin Pearce

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Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Photographer (Still), Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor, Actor, Assistant Director, Assistant Editor, Camera Operator, Crew, First Assistant Camera, Gaffer/lighting Technician, Best Boy Electric, Best Boy Grip, Boom Operator, Key Grip, Producer, Voice Actor and Weapons Specialist

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About Benjamin

Benjamin Pearce is a U.S. Marine veteran from the Administration department where he was taking the role of an assistant manager position as a Corporal (E-4) overseeing junior Marines and making sure the tasks of the day are complete. Pearce is a graduate of the award winning John Russo Movie Making Program at Dubois Business College, with a comprehensive understanding of visual arts and a passion for all aspects of the art and craft of filmmaking. His student films have won awards in regional competitions and Ben's deep knowledge of social networking has enabled him to write, produce, edit and direct a series of comedy skits that are among the highest rated programs on YouTube with over 12 million viewers. Benjamin is also experienced in writing, directing, editing, camera operations, commercial advertising, music videos, documentary filmmaking and short filmmaking. He has experience with hundreds of videos for student films, personal and professional projects working directly for the United States Marine Corps. Benjamin owns two professional video cameras (Sony and Panasonic) and has a lot of motivation and ambition to get films and other projects made that audiences would enjoy.

Unique traits: Marine Veteran. Management skills. Leadership skills. Ambitious. Motivated. Dedicated.



  • Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm? (2018)

    Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm? (2018) Mystery Thriller Crime A single father searches for his missing daughter in 1943 Hagley, England and starts to believe his daughter is the victim of a bizarre murder in which a girl matching his daughter's description was shoved into a Wych elm tree.

  • The Man with a Big Glock (2019)

    The Man with a Big Glock (2019) Action Sci-fi Thriller A laid off FBI interrogator uncovers a government plot which includes a global-wide invasion and protected FBI Informants within ISIS.

  • I See the Boogeyman (2020)

    I See the Boogeyman (2020) Horror A child psychologist helps children with night terrors linked to an ancient creature that took his son five years earlier.

  • USMC Fighter (2021)

    USMC Fighter (2021) Action Sci-fi In a dystopian future, military service members are forced to fight each other for government population control.

  • Psychopathic

    Psychopathic Horror A film student diagnosed with a newly discovered brain disease documents his horrific experience as he slowly becomes a sociopath for science.

  • When It's Dark

    When It's Dark Horror Fantasy A six year-old girl befriends a being from another dimension that has more sinister plans for the unaware family.

  • The Lonely People

    The Lonely People Sci-fi Local townspeople become suspicious of the residents after they notice the strange behavior of the small town, discovering they have been replaced by doppelgangers from another dimension.

  • It Lurks Beneath

    It Lurks Beneath Horror Tourists get more than they bargained for after they are stranded on their boat and find out a prehistoric creature lurks deep beneath the waters.

  • Junkies

    Junkies Thriller Drama Adrenaline junkies get their hands on a drug that enhances the chemical balance in their bodies.

  • H.P. Lovecraft's Journey to the Ancient One

    H.P. Lovecraft's Journey to the Ancient One Fantasy A pagan circle in 1800s New England search for what they believe to be the god of creation.

  • H.P. Lovecraft's The Mountains of Madness

    H.P. Lovecraft's The Mountains of Madness Fantasy The pagan circle continues their journey to the Elder God.

  • H.P. Lovecraft's The City of R'lyeh

    H.P. Lovecraft's The City of R'lyeh Fantasy In the final installment, the pagan circle comes to the conclusion of their journey to find the Elder God.

  • Revelation

    Revelation Sci-fi Drama Fantasy This is a realistic modernized version of the book of Revelation. It's about to get biblical.

  • Desert Shapes

    Desert Shapes Sci-fi Horror A family on a cross country road trip become stranded in the desert after their car breaks down just before a major crisis at a nearby military base that releases billions of shape shifting nanobots which were to be used in modern warfare that can replicate and kill anything they touch.

  • Hour of the Devil

    Hour of the Devil Horror A group of college kids unwittingly release a demon through a spirit board that has a sinister agenda to destroy the world.

  • The Strange Case of Elisa Lam

    The Strange Case of Elisa Lam Mystery Thriller Horror Based on the true story.

  • Michael Crichton's Prey

    Michael Crichton's Prey Sci-fi A software programmer is asked to work at the company his wife worked at after she fell into a coma which leads to a deadly cloud of nano partial dust.

  • The Final Season

    The Final Season Sci-fi Thriller Comedy A retired YouTuber tries to make one last video which leads to the threat of mankind.

  • The Woodlands (2017)

    The Woodlands (2017) Mystery Thriller Horror Drama Struggling with their marriage, a couple on the edge of divorce attempt to repair their relationship by going to the childhood camping spot where they met; completely unaware of the land's dark history.


  • The Woodlands

    The Woodlands (2017)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Director On the edge of divorce, a married couple attempt to fix their relationship by venturing to the childhood camping spot where they first met in rural Pennsylvania. Completely isolated from society, twenty miles from the nearest residence, and no communication; the two begin their couples therapy. After they meet a hiker who claims to be searching for the ruins of an ancient Native American civilization, he believes the land has been cursed with a dark forbidden Native spell. Slowly over the course of the trip, the couple begin to spiral into insanity while trying to figure out if the land really is cursed or if it's all in their heads as they feel a presence may be watching them. Written by Shane Gilbert

  • Red Dragon Productions

    Red Dragon Productions (2007 - 2016)
    Series by YouTube/Google Writer/Director Dark. Satirical. Slapstick. Ridiculous. Childish... Enough said. Imagine some well refined comedy. Imagine jokes that have 100% class. Imagine jokes that only people of the highest sophistication would tell. Kings, queens and people of wealth. Now take that idea and throw it out the window, because you're not gonna find that here. RedDragonProductions is a vessel for slapstick comedy, surreal comedy, and possibly slightly offensive comedy. The minds behind this channel are brothers Benjamin Pearce (currently a US Marine) and Evan Pearce (currently a theater major at IUP.) Follow them if you want to continue seeing these weird people do weird things on their weird youtube channel. RED DRAGON PRODUCTIONS in association with Cigarette Burn Entertainment & Benjamin Pearce Films Brings you an epic blend of stylized witty, epic, satirical, nerdy and ridiculous homage styled comedy skits. In 2007 I founded the YouTube channel RedDragonProductions. The concept was simple: to make people laugh. Throughout the years we continued to do so. From June 2007 to June of 2016. Sadly we let that project end and are moving onto other projects and chapters in our lives. We ended with 13 million viewers and thousands of subscribers, met many exciting people throughout the world, and even was sponsored from google from 2008-2013 to create content. This project is complete and it is time to move on.

  • USMC Tutorial

    USMC Tutorial (2015 - 2016)
    Series by United States Marine Corps (Documentary) Writer/Director Video series on several different programs to help you with your process at IPAC Outbound on Camp Pendleton, CA. Over 20 different informative tutorial videos. Check them out when you go to TRS if you are separating from the USMC.

  • Adrenaline

    Adrenaline (2012)
    Film by Benjamin Pearce Writer The no-holds-barred adrenaline fueled thrill ride begins with a bang when two highly obsessed with film and video game culture brothers Erin (Benjamin Pearce) and Mitch Librias (Evan Pearce) launch the film off with an epic airsoft battle in the woods. The next day begins with the two watching "Die Hard" and discussing going into town to return a package mailed to the wrong address. While in town, they pick up some movies at their local video store "Film Fiesta", go home and watch "Hot Fuzz", and are inspired to go blow money on some real guns. After returning from a long road trip out of town, they discover the town seems to be completely deserted. That is until they run into the gun-wielding Kintner boy(Jacob Pearce), the next door neighbor, who seems to behave oddly once firing the weapon at the two brothers. After the encounter, they discover more hostile children, but are rescued by ex-military soldier Glenn Demicks, who informs the brothers of a waterborne parasite that infects the minds of adolescent children. Glenn is shot and killed shortly after, and Erin and Mitch are on their own, fighting for their lives. After a long battle between the Librias brothers and the infected, they are saved by Liam Rodregiuez (Ben Whiting) who introduces them to survivors Venessa Waters (Courtney Bergman), local redneck Stew Bradford (Hunter Pataski), Patricia Yale (Ashlyn Smilowitz), Heather Martez (Autumn Shellhammer), and famous vocalist Leah Zellers (Ashley Meyer). After a daring dash to Stew's gunroom, the survivors attempt to flee the village of Greenline, that is until they are captured by Plaga right hand man Hansen Smith (Rudy Redilla) and taken to the infected's "colosseum", the high school football field, where they discover infamous former scientist and notorious drug lord Doctor Chet Saddler (Francisco Pineiro) is the cause of all of this, from being ran off the road on his way to Greenline to find a misshipped package of his highly delicate hybrid cocaine. After a brutal gunfight in the colosseum, the remaining survivors escape. However, Saddler grabbed Mitch during the gun battle and holds him hostage, in which Erin must lead the survivors back to the colosseum to rescue his brother and save the world from global destruction. Written & Directed by THE PEARCE BROS. Benjamin Pearce/Evan Pearce

  • Bruja

    Bruja (2011)
    Film by Benjamin Pearce (Drama and Horror) Writer/Director Set in 1979, Natalie Wright is a troubled teenage girl who is unable to get over the death of her parents, who were murdered in their house over a year ago. She lives with her two friends in an apartment across town from her old house. However, she slowly starts to become drawn to the house. After she goes and looks around in her old house, she discovers her parents were part of a coven of witches and were murdered by the notorious Warlock Stills, a witch hunter hired by witches to kill witches, after the parents murdered the powerful and infamous Sirena Quaid for using her powers for evil. Now the spirit of Sirena Quaid wants Natalie's soul so she can live again. However, not only does she have to save her soul, she has to save her life when the coven of Wiccan worshipers discover she knows about her parents and want her dead to keep the Covenant remaining a secret to the world.

  • Modern Western

    Modern Western (2010)
    Film by Red Dragon Productions Writer Obsessed with western culture, aspiring outlaws Iriam McDowell and Connor Wright clash and spread western violence throughout Pennsylvania. However, after they rob the same bank notorious outlaw Jimmy Orwell plans to rob, Orwell and his gang do everything in their power to find the two amateurs and kill them before they give the way of the outlaw a bad reputation. While all of this is going on, Sheriff Stalin is on the case of the bank robbery, and is also breaking the rules of the badge to find Iriam and Connor, not knowing infamous outlaw Jimmy Orwell and his gang are involved.

  • "True Love"

    "True Love" (2009)
    Film (short) by Red Dragon Productions (Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Writer/Director When Randy finds his girlfriend dead in her apartment, Randy and his friend, Greg try to solve the mystery themselves. They want to get to the bottom of the mystery. They want to get the killer and kill him or her themselves. But when the two friends turn on each other, they soon discover that they are as hostile, if not more dangerous as the killer who killed Randy's Girlfriend in this comedy/romance thriller.

  • Rose Haven

    Rose Haven (2008)
    Film by Red Dragon Productions Writer After a teenage girl gets into a controversial argument about religion and science with her science teacher, a group of kids plan to go to a local, abandoned, retirement home known as Rose Haven. Rumor has it that it is haunted. All they need is the slightest bit of proof to prove science wrong. So the group of kids spend the night and record their surroundings. Once one of the kids go missing, they spin into the seventh circle of hell. When all possible exits vanish, the group of students are trapped in a hellhole of demons, ghosts, and monsters in the abandoned, inescapable retirement home. It's either uncover the history of the retirement home and find a way to defeat the demons, or become part of the legend itself.

  • Pain & Desire

    Pain & Desire (2007)
    Film by Purchase Line Writer Greg is in Love with a girl from school. She's a pretty Decent girl. Greg is invited over to her house for dinner, but that's where it begins. Now the nameless girl holds him and his friend Prisoner in her Mansion of torture with her dogs and Her Crazy inventions. They can't get out because the windows are Caged. And The girl knows voodoo.


  • “The Canned Case” (2011) received the “Honorable Mention” Award at the 2011 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film

  • #36 most viewed comedians of all time

  • Indiana Gazette recognition for senior project “How to be Safe in Chem” (2009)


  • John Russo Movie Making Program

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