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Bo(zenna) Intrator

Producer, Screenwriter, Author, Playwright, Translator, Casting Director and Photographer (Still)

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About Bo(zenna)

Producer of films, performances, art events.

Author (writing in German, Polish, English) of: poems, short stories, novels, theater plays, translations of theater-­‐plays, song lyrics, screenplays, translations and adaptations of screenplays, photographs and paintings.

Charted hits in various radio stations and on TV in Poland, play-­‐translations in various theaters in Poland and on Polish Public Television, she wrote screenplays for TV-­‐series produced in Poland – the most popular was “Hela w opałach“ – based on the well known American series “Grace under Fire”.

Admitted recently to the Writers Guild of America West. (WGAW)

Involved in various advertising projects in New York, Paris, Vienna and Warsaw -­‐ in cooperation with David Intrator (husband from 1987-­‐1996) -­‐ creative concepts and production.

Works published in literary magazines in Austria, Germany, USA and Poland.

Translated and interpreted for: Drehbuchforum Wien (Austria) and Stiftung Weiterbildung Film und Audiovision (Switzerland) -­‐ workshops with Krzysztof Kieslowski, a variety of theaters, festivals: Warszawska Jesien Teatralna (The Warsaw Theater Fall), Gdynia Star Festival and for Laboratorium Dramatu

New York University -­‐ PhD Program, Grad School of Arts and Science, German Department, New York, USA, graduated 1990 with the degree of Master of Philosophy
University of Southern California -­‐ Grad School of Arts and Science, German Department, L.A., USA
Vienna University -­‐ Institute for Translating and Interpreting, Vienna, Austria
Warsaw University -­‐ German Department, Warsaw, Poland
Drama and screenplay writing classes and workshops (USA, Austria, Poland) with Tom Schlesinger, Keith Cunningham, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Tadeusz Slobodzianek, Mark Ravenhill, Armin Petras, Simon Stephens

Double Citizenship: USA, Poland

Represented by:
song lyrics -­‐ Sony/ATV Music Publishing Poland, EMI Music Publishing Poland
Play translations and plays in Poland -­‐ ADIT Agency (Poland)

Languages: Polish, German, English – equally fluent; some knowledge of French and Russian

“Praktyka wzgledności“ (Relativity in practice)
„Tak blisko i tak daleko“ (So close and yet so far away -­‐ a stageplay consisting of poems and music)
„Tak blisko i tak daleko“ (It started with a dream – a drama)
„So nahe und so weit“ -­‐ in German
„Nasz mały krasnoludek“ (Our little wizard)
„Między końcem i początkiem“ (Between the end and the beginning – a monodrama)
„Talk to you on facebook“ in English (written with an Irish poet and dramatist -­‐ Edward Lee)
„Motyle były wcześniej“ (Butterflies were earlier written with Paweł Jurek) “Śpij nie śpij“ (Sleep don’t sleep)
„Fontanna czasu“ (Time fountain) -­‐ a music/poetry show with the main theme „Mazurkas“
„Do trzech razy sztuka“ (Third time’s a charm) – a farce

I'll Find You aka “Music, War and Love” - screenplay by David S. Ward and Bozenna Intrator
“So close and yet so far away”
“Hela w opałach” (TV comedy series episodes screenplays)
“Not Fashion Alone” (a documentary aired on Fashion TV)
“Talk to you on facebook” (with Edward Lee)

Play translations and adaptations into Polish:
„Królowa i Szekspir“ (Esther Vilar)
„Zazdrość“ (Esther Vilar)
„Starość jest piękna“ (Esther Vilar)
„Strategia motyli“ (Esther Vilar)
„Moskito“ (Esther Vilar)

„Wielki Apetyt“ – written based on
the American play „Fully committed“ by Becky Mode
(won 2011 the main award in the Katowice Comedy Carnival -­‐ the biggest comedy festival in Poland)

Theaters in which plays were staged: Polonia Theater in Warsaw, Nowy Theater in Warsaw, Nowy Theater in Lodz, Theater Stu, Na Woli Theater, Studio Theater in Warsaw, TVP Theater & Polish Radio Theater, Studio Buffo Theater and others

Plays directed by: Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Krystyna Janda, Mikołaj Grabowski, Grażyna Barszczewska, Grażyna Dyląg, Paweł Aigner, Łukasz Kos, Aldona Figura and others

Song lyrics on CDies and in films:
-­‐ Bardzo kochać chcemy – in the film Wojna żeńsko-­‐męska
-­‐ in the film Świąteczna Przygoda/A Very Christmas Story and on the CD with the same title;
the song „A Kto wie” is since 2000 the most often played Christmas song in Poland (written in Polish)
-­‐ in the film and the clip “Titanic” -­‐ the Polish version of the cartoon (performed by Borys Szyc and Izabela Trojanowska)
-­‐ on the CD "Piątki na piątki" published by Radio Z
-­‐ on the CD “Marzenia się spełniają” – performed by Majka Jeżowska
-­‐ on the CD -­‐"Hania Stach", EMI Poland (clip and single -­‐ „Właśnie w taki dzień”, single „Gdy cię nie ma obok mnie”)
-­‐ “it’s not a game” (clip and single) performed by Urban Noiz in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008
-­‐“It feels so right” – the December 2008 winner in the American contest Song of the Year
-­‐ in the TV and Radio Ice cream ad campaign for Coral – „Lody lila i różowe” – performed by Majka Jeżowska
-­‐ radio single “taka jasna” – performed by Krzysztof Kiljanski
-­‐ on the CD “FIVE” (2010) – performed by Izabela Kopeć (I am singing for you – the first single and clip)
-­‐ songs in the film Balladyna / The Bait (2009) (with Sonia Bohosiewicz, Mirosław Baka and Faye Dunaway)
-­‐ in the film „15 fotografii“ (2010)
-­‐ „Life tastes great -­‐ Serdeczności“in the 2013 TV Campain for Hochland
-­‐ „Tylko on“ on the Hania Stach’s CD „Moda“ (2013)
-­‐ „Rainbow love“ – a clip and a song from Beata Fesser‘s debut CD (Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

Print publications:
Stories, poems, poem translations,
"Die Brücke" (Austria), "Eiserne Reserve" (Austria), "Nowy Dziennik" (USA), “Word Salad Poetry Magazine” (USA), "Die Presse" (Austria), "Rzeczpospolita", "Pogranicza", "Opcje", “Gutenberg”, "Magdalenka Literacka, “Wir” (Berlin), "Koniec wieku", "Hybryda", "Nowy wiek", "Suplement", "Moderne Polnische Lyrik” (Austria), "Moderne Österreichische Lyrik", “Tam prosto do Augustowa”, “Na mojej ziemi był Oświęcim“, „Auschwitzgedichte“, „Znad Wilii“

A full length novel:
"Luft nur", 1995, wydawnictwo Röschnar, (Austria)

Poetry collections:
"Szepcząc, Geflüster", (pl, de) published by Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne, Kraków
"Tak blisko I tak daleko / So nahe und so weit", (pl/de) a book+CD, published by Akademia Wilanowska, Warsaw

play translations published in a print form:
"Królowa i Szekspir", Teatr Nowy in Lodz, 2000
„Zazdrość”, Teatr Nowy in Lodz, 2001
“Starość jest piękna”, ADIT, 2008
“Motyle były wcześniej”, ADIT 2013



  • Playing River

    Playing River (2019)
    Film Writer

  • Imagining China

    Imagining China (2019)
    Film Writer

  • I'll Find You

    I'll Find You (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Take me to the Raspberry Valley

    Take me to the Raspberry Valley (2013)
    Film Writer

  • Not Fashion Alone: Contemporary Fashion from Central Europe

    Not Fashion Alone: Contemporary Fashion from Central Europe (2012)
    Film (Documentary) Writer Contemporary Fashion from Central Europe took place on 19 November 2011 at Wilanow Palace Museum in Warsaw, Poland. The most interesting young fashion designers from 5 participating PCCE countries presented their newest collections: from Austria - Ali Zedtwitz, Valerie Lange / DIPTYCH, from Czech Republic - Denisa Nova, Hungary - Adel Kovacs / KEPPSHOWROOM, from Poland - Agnieszka Maciejak, from Slovakia - Fero Miklosko / MIKLOSKO FASHION DESIGN. The show was accompanied by excellent concerts of: a jazz trio - Brein's Caffe - one of the most known in the world Austrian jazz bands, a Polish mezzo-soprano - Izabela Kopec who performed with the DJ band "Boya Chile" new interpretations of known arias from her project "House Opera Diva" and the composer and pianist Chris Rafael who played his own compositions. Written by Bozena Intrator

  • Wojna zensko-meska

    Wojna zensko-meska (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Music department History unemployed journalist who struggles with obesity and deficits in your account more effectively than Bridget Jones, and although the men he knows much more than all Lejdis together, finding the right one it will require no small effort. Especially because her adult daughter not only ruthlessly evaluate its actions, but she hopes to counsel mothers love adventures. In the role of mother and daughter Sonia Bohosiewicz and her younger sister, Maja. Approaching the decisive battle in the eternal war ?e?sko-male. Who will come out victorious in this battle? Written by AnonymousB

  • 15 Fotografii

    15 Fotografii (2010)
    Film Music department

  • Balladyna

    Balladyna (2009)
    Film (Thriller) Writer Add a Plot »

  • The Magic Stone

    The Magic Stone (2009)
    Film (Musical, Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Writer Add a Plot »

  • It's not a game

    It's not a game (2008)
    Video Writer

  • Hela w opalach

    Hela w opalach (2007)
    Television (Comedy) Writer Hela is a recovering alcoholic, now divorced from an abusive husband, struggling to bring up three children on her own. This is a Polish version of American sit-com "Grace Under Fire", it's title in English means "Hela out on a llimb."

  • Wlasnie w taki dzien

    Wlasnie w taki dzien (2004)
    Video Writer

  • Ciastka

    Ciastka (2003)
    Video Writer

  • A Dalmatians Point of View

    A Dalmatians Point of View (2002)
    Television (Short, Adventure, Comedy and Family) Writer Add a Plot »

  • Teatr telewizji

    Teatr telewizji (2001)
    TV Series Writer

  • Titanic - La leggenda continua

    Titanic - La leggenda continua (2000)
    Film (Animation, Family and Fantasy) Writer An animated retelling of the worst passenger ship disaster in history. In this version, love blossoms between the upper-class Sir William and the blue-collar Angelica, who is hoping to find romance in America. At the same time, there are also a number of animal passengers, including talking dogs, cats and mice, who are also looking forward to arriving in the New World. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <>

  • A Very Christmas Story

    A Very Christmas Story (2000)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy, Family and Fantasy) Music department Crazy adventures of an accountant with a briefcase full of defrauded money, a girl desperately looking for money for her orphanage and an Angel of Death, who doesn't know anything about money and doesn't need too. Death begs God for just one day of vacation. Since there is much to do on the earth, a substitute - the Angel of Death - is found for the job. Right from the start he runs into bad luck and what is more a beautiful blonde - the Guardian Angel - is bothering him. Little Angelica moves out in search of Santa Claus. Christmas Day is coming soon, so she wants to fulfill her Christmas wish - to find money to save her orphanage from closing down. On the way the little girl meets an accountant named Claus who has stolen a huge amount of money. He is being chased by a bunch of bumbling hoodlums. Written by Margaret C.


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