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München, Germany

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About Burkhard

"Mahler looks upon music as art and communication: His scores stay at a broad variety of listeners with an everlasting experience".

Burkhard Mahler – twenty years of independent Fusion

Burkhard Mahler has been working in Munich, Germany as an independent musician, composer and producer since 20 years, having released about 27 albums. He is playing guitar and keyboard.

Since the album “Junction 166” he works with singers and artists as there are:
Renée R. Langer (vocals), David Seinsche (vocals, lyrics), Peter Schickling (guitars, saxophone), Franz Brunner (saxophone), Johnny Guitar (guitars, vocals),
Ligita Zeile (vocals), Stephan Leitz( lyrics), Anabelle Lachatte (lead- and backingvocals, lyrics), just to mention a few.

Discography with works description (up to 2019)

In September 2008 he releases with the support of EMG-Records the Album “The Fusion Lounge II”, containing Fusion-Jazz-Rock-Pop music.
Since Fusion Lounge Mahler works with a machine for test, which generates music by accident after programming the wanted harmonies. Examples on
“Fusion Lounge II” are Gerd´s Machine 2 and 3 and Latenightflow Jazzrap from the album “The Fusion Lounge”.
Again with EMG-Records Mahler publishes “The Fusion Rap” in December 2008 containing new musicstyles. The lyrics are traditional Kingstyle Rap and rhymes by the DADA-artists of Germany and New York from the early twenties of last century to contemporary. Vocals on this record are from Mahler, Anabelle Lachatte, Amedeo de Rosa and from samples.
In 2009 there is published a club-mix of “The Fusion Rap” called “Fusions Eleven”.
The next album “The New Creatures - Jim Morrison Poetry Slam”, published January 2010, is featuring lyrics from Jim Morrison´s (The Doors) book “The Lords and the New Creatures” which is written around 1969.
Singers, male and female, honour Jim Morrison as a poet in music.
Some are of Morrison´s generation, some are younger (see also review by moderator Andreas Köhler at www.fusionoderso.de)
Following releases are Libre Presentan and Mahler´s Rabengold Symphony.

The Rabengold Symphony is created entirely by vitual orchestration and served Mahler as an attempt to reenter the Classical genre. The symphony tells the story of "What If..." and also "Imagine paradise on earth, now".

In 2013 Mahler founded from his pockets the Mahler Movie Music CTP LLC as an independent European production and dealing company. Their company philosophy is to promote independence in the field of contemporary classical and electronic music by filtering the products into the movie industry.

After Mahler´s credo this might also serve to communicate contemporary developments of classical and electronic music to the Big Screen and help classical musicians to make a living by music.

The foundingfeature MMM Entertainment Vol 1 is a joint venture of several artists around the globe and was designed by requests from the audiovisual industry markets.

After a wrongly executed surgery Mahler had to retire and went to the Spanish Coast for some years to recover.

It was the same year that he got discovered with his double feature album MMM Cinematic and Classic Edition One in Los Angeles and gained an Academia award for best instrumental Rock album in July 2015.

During his stays and travels to the Spanish Coast he created The Marbella Lounge, Vol 1 & Vol 2 with the special appereance of Saeed Khan, a local Arabescue-Indian musician.

Mahler also managed that time to finalize the symphonic version of his track "Peace for Christmas" accordingly to his BMI registered Audio Logo One, which is inspired by Arabesque, Indian and Asian musical basics and the former works of Johann Sebastian Bach of Europe.

Mahler originally created this musical module for the audio branding of a new radio broadcast format in Germany.

He also stated clear, that he would never monetize this intellectual property, so that the purpose of spreading this Instrumantal Musical Element "Two and a Half Note Signal" can work freely.

Near Gibraltar in 2016 Mahler came to join the NASA-documentary "In Saturns Rings" as a voluntary additional performing musician.

This feature went to the Big Screens (IMAX, Full Dome and more)in May 2018 at the Space Rocket Center in the United States of America and many more qualified locations and has a special appereance at the Cannes Film Festival in southern France, Europe, this year 2019.

To Continue...

Influences to Mahler´s music come from J.S. Bach, Pink Floyd, Rush, Kings of Leon, Muse, Vetusta Morla, Estas Tonne and, of course, Ludwig van Beethoven.
It is possible to buy Mahler´s albums at all major downloadstores and get a usage license through the BMI, London and other platforms and authorized agents.


Vambient 1 - Aug. 2004
Vambient 2 - Oct. 2004
Vambient 3 - Dec. 2004
Rabengold (instrumental version) - 2005
Little Birdsymphony - Febr. 2006
Simultan 1 - March 2006
Junction 166 - Aug. 2006
Nightguitars - Dec. 2006
Take Time - Febr. 2007
Latenightflow - Oct. 2007
The Fusion Lounge 2 - July 2008
The Fusion Rap - Nov. 2008
The Fusion Fantasy - March 2009
Fusions eleven - May 2009
The New Creatures - Oct. 2009
Fusion White Classics - March 2010
Chaos And Harmony - Aug. 2011
Best of Fusion - Oct. 2011
Libre Presentan - Febr. 2012
Rabengold Symphony - Oct. 2012

Mahler Movie Music Entertainment Vol 1-Oct 2013

Mahler Movie Music Cinematic and Classic Edition 1-Oct 2014

Rocks On The Road-Oct 2015

Marbella Lounge Vol 1 & Vol 2-2016

EPs Stay and Love Dance-2017

Pianospheres One-2018

Mmm Cinematic Edition 2-Moody Underlines 2019

Award winning Burkhard Mahler certifies as Communication Administrator BAW and Graphics Designer from Akademie U5 in Munich.
Since about 20 years in Munich he produces and composes music for the free- and the applied areas like Cinema/TV/Features.
His instruments are keyboard, piano, guitar, and of course the PC.
Burkhard Mahler is a member of the BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) in the USA.
The spectrum spans from classical music up to Fusion, Rock, Ambient/Lounge, and Electro.

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  • The Akademia Music Award-Best Instrumental Rock Album


  • Communication Administrator BAW (Bayerische Akademie für Werbung) and Graphics Designer from Akademie U5 in Munich

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