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I've been a full-time screenwriter for the last twelve years, and prior to that another ten while I learned the craft. I’ve worked in the biz at studios and production companies on such films as AUSTIN POWERS 3, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN and RUSH HOUR 3. In my screenwriting career I’ve worked creatively with the producers of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE MISSING, GAME OF THRONES and GRAN TORINO. I also teach an online screenwriting course. Needless to say, I have experience.

My first film, A NEW TOMORROW, a political mockumentary, won the audience award at the Seattle Independent Film Festival. I’m currently developing a WWII docuseries that Netflix acquired last year, and my next film, the single-location thriller AFTERHOURS ‘92 is in development with the management/production company Imperial Savage in Atlanta, was featured at last year’s Cannes and AFM markets, and will go into production later this year. Additionally, my series Ridgeway, a queer dark comedy thriller was about to be pitched to cable and streaming platforms last year before the pandemic hit, and is now in further development with Imperial Savage.

Here's an article I wrote for LA Screenwriter about my career thus far: . Writing samples can be found on my website at: . Credits and projects in development can be found on IMDB Pro: ?rf=cons_nb_hm&ref_=cons_nb_hm

I look forward to hearing about your project, and then discuss how I can help write or rewrite the screenplay. Any project I get involved with will be submitted to Imperial Savage for possible development.

Thanks and best,
Carole A. Parker

The Motion Picture Authority
Tel: 310/560-5861
Email: parker.carole@



  • Ridgeway

    Ridgeway Crime Drama When a crime writer goes bankrupt and loses her home, she packs up her car and drives to the Ozark mountains to be with her online lover and start over -- but when her past catches up her, she turns to a life of crime in the heroin trade to make ends meet.  Optioned and in development.  About to be pitched to cable and streaming platforms with a director and talent attached.

  • Afterhours

    Afterhours Crime Thriller A killer on the run holds a group of celebrities hostage in an after-hours club, each of whom has a secret that’s about to destroy their lives.  A psychological thriller with one location, told in real time.  90 pages. Optioned and in active development.

  • Wilshire Boulevard

    Wilshire Boulevard Crime Film-noir Thriller Hard-drinking, Raymond Chandler-quoting private eye Carrie Love gets in way over her head when she’s hired by the wife of a Hollywood producer to investigate his murder. Before she knows it, her next-door neighbor is killed. Then the producer’s partner. Suddenly all fingers point at her, and Carrie must race against the clock as she tangles with deranged suspects, her detective ex-husband, a not-quite femme fatale and her own inner demons in order to nail all three killers. LA CONFIDENTIAL meets PULP FICTION.

  • The Heisters

    The Heisters Crime Thriller Career criminal Kelsey Hazard has just pulled off the perfect robbery at a rock concert. But when the money from the job is suddenly stolen, she and her gang of heisters try to find out who took it, with shocking and violent results. THE KILLING meets THE USUAL SUSPECTS by way of THE ITALIAN JOB.

  • Hit & Run Holiday

    Hit & Run Holiday Adventure Comedy Crime Thriller When Friday Foster, a desperate, unemployed screenwriter impulsively steals a car and finds a gun and a million in cash in the back seat, she decides to get revenge on the movie studio that killed her first big deal -- and takes it hostage. Live, on TV. She becomes a media superstar, and discovers that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. NETWORK meets DOG DAY AFTERNOON by way of TO DIE FOR.

  • Dazed, Beautiful & Bruised

    Dazed, Beautiful & Bruised Comedy Crime Thriller Homicide detective Carrie Love, along with her ex-partner and soon to be ex-husband Bernie Keko are on the trail of Sparkle Plenty, a crazed, under-aged serial killer hell-bent on recreating her favorite movie murders. But when Carrie gets sucked into an affair with porn star Laura Wood, she’s thrown off the force, and her life falls apart. Just as all seems lost, Carrie confronts her demons and brings Sparkle to justice in a blood-drenched showdown of epic, pop-culture proportions. OUT OF SIGHT meets AMERICAN PSYCHO.

  • Frankenstein In Love

    Frankenstein In Love Comedy Horror Romance Science genius nerd Frankie Stein is in love with head cheerleader Shayla Petrie, but she won’t give him the time of day -- so when she gets killed in a hit-and-run accident, he brings her back to life and starts ‘dating’ her. Meanwhile, Frankie’s childhood sweetheart Vita Heck still pines for him, but when she finds out that Shayla’s been resurrected, she decides to try and win him back. RE-ANIMATOR meets THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN by way of SCREAM.  Optioned and in development. 

  • Zombie & Juliet

    Zombie & Juliet Adventure Horror Romance Thriller Thirty years in the future after a zombie apocalypse, Rommy and Jool fall in love and decide to elope despite their parents’ objections. But when Rommy gets bitten and gets the virus, he has to fight for his life, a cure -- and Jool. 28 DAYS LATER meets ZOMBIELAND by way of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Developed with Mark Ordesky (THE LORD OF THE RINGS.)

  • The Invisible Girl

    The Invisible Girl Comedy Horror When overweight teen Bettie Bee gets cyber-bullied by the popular kids at school, she runs home and hides. But when she accidentally drinks her scientist father’s secret formula, she becomes invisible -- and then starts getting even. HEATHERS meets CARRIE.

  • The Dish

    The Dish Crime Film-noir Thriller B-movie actress Haven Crayce and personal trainer Jett Targo meet cute at the Marina walking their dogs, and are thrust into a torrid affair. Haven convinces Jett to kill her husband, an elderly film director who keeps her prisoner on his houseboat. At first things go to according to plan, but soon go horribly wrong when someone from Jett’s past arrives to dig up her dirty secrets. BODY HEAT meets BOUND in a twisty, sexy film noir.

  • Blue Hotel (AKA Blood Gets In Your Eyes)

    Blue Hotel (AKA Blood Gets In Your Eyes) Comedy Crime Thriller Hooker Alona Tal, her drug dealer boyfriend Beggar Leck and wannabe screenwriter Holly Land live an idyllic life at a sleazy hotel on the Venice boardwalk. But when Holly overhears Alona being attacked by a client, she races into her room and kills him, which sets off a chain of events over the course of one long, hot night. As the body count rises, so does the body heat. VERY BAD THINGS meets AFTER HOURS in this pitch-black comedy.

  • Little Girl Blue

    Little Girl Blue Crime Thriller Private eye Carrie Love must defend her family, her client and her ex-husband against a home invasion on Christmas Eve in Beverly Hills during a freak snowstorm. CRIME WAVE meets PANIC ROOM.

  • Gun-Wild

    Gun-Wild Crime Thriller When heiress Cameron Clinch escapes from a mental institution, she hooks up with a bisexual, drug-fueled gang of bank robbers, and goes on a one-way trip to hell which ends in a confrontation with her father of Oedipal proportions. BONNIE & CLYDE meets KALIFORNIA by way of GUN CRAZY.

  • Nowhere Girl

    Nowhere Girl Action Adventure Crime Thriller When exotic dancer Cherry Nation is mistakenly given a suitcase nuke at an airport bar, she’s suddenly pursued by Homeland Security agent April Street, an arms dealer, a terrorist sleeper cell, her CIA agent ex-lover and a trio of assassins – as she races against the clock to deliver the package before sunrise in order to save her family, her ex, a new flame, and her life. NORTH BY NORTHWEST meets THE BOURNE IDENTITY by way of WANTED. Soon to be a graphic novel.

  • Baby Heister

    Baby Heister Action Crime Drama Thriller When Kelsey Hazard’s parents are killed trying to rob a bank, her family’s secrets are exposed. She decides to follow in their footsteps and persuades her grandfather to teach her how to be a heister. Her initiation comes full-circle when she pulls off the perfect job – at the bank her parents tried to rob. THE TOWN meets HEAT in this prequel to THE HEISTERS.


  • The Legend Of Fillmore Slim

    The Legend Of Fillmore Slim (2012)
    Film Screenwriter

  • A New Tomorrow

    A New Tomorrow (2007)
    Film Screenwriter

  • Cappucino

    Cappucino (1996)
    Film Co-Producer


  • Audience Award, Seattle Independent Film Festival, A NEW TOMORROW

  • Second Place, Hollywood's Next Big Success Screenplay Competition, HOLLYWOOD 5-0

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