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Daniel G Garza

Lilmesican Productions
Actor, Director, Editor, Producer, Translator and Host/presenter

Laguna Beach, California

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Daniel G Garza began his career in theater in Monterrey, Mexico. After a long hiatus he returned to acting in a commercial in Houston, TX. In 2009 he moved to Laguna Beach, CA where he decided to take his career to the next level.
Filling his resume with commercials, films, and television. Additionally, he created Lilmesican Productions, where he was able to highlight his hosting and interviewing skills.
Hosting, since 2012, three podcast; Put It Together, Con El Corazon En LA Mano, and Vita Positvum. Only Put It Together is on the air at the moment. Daniel was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and took a short break from working.
Today, being on remission, he has included Put It Together Podcast - Live & Put It Together Podcast - En Español. Where he is able to speak to artist about their work on a live setting where fans can ask questions.
Through Lilmesican Productions, he created Zodiacs with Daniel & Wayne. A spiritual show, with horoscopes and card readings. Daniel was able to achieve a Reiki Masters level while going through cancer treatment.
Along side of producing, acting, and hosting, Daniel, is dedicated to his volunteer projects. Either presenting HIV Prevention classes at; high schools, colleges and universities. Doing readings for benefit events.
On a regular week, Daniel is either, on-line hosting an interview, hosting Zodiacs with Daniel & Wayne, at a school or on the one of the local Latino radio stations doing card readings on the air.
For more information please email: danielggarza@ or Shauntiel Lindsey Talent Agency at info@

Unique traits: Card Reader, Basic Sign Language, Bilingual (Spanish & English)



  • Callejero

    Callejero (2015)
    Film (Action, Drama and Sport) Actor For Javier, running away from the tiny border town of San Luis Rio Colorado and his professional fighter father when he was just a teenager meant growing up on the streets of Tijuana and being bred in the world of cartel-run underground fighting. Years later, the grizzled veteran fighter known as Callejero, and his quick-talking ever-scheming manager Jose, are faced with a dilemma: Throw the next fight or face the consequences of a gambling debt owed to the cartel. When things go awry, only a longstanding relationship with the man in charge keeps Jose and Javier alive, but they're forced out of the fight game and Tijuana for good. Irreparably damaged by all his years in the ring, Javier returns home alone, lost and broken. With nowhere else to turn, he tries to build a new life forging a relationship with his father, his own wayward teenage son and his son's mother, who he all but abandoned a decade earlier. And while nothing comes easy, the family bond begins to strengthen when ... Written by Martin Derbyshire

  • Vista Point

    Vista Point (2014)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Chet Beckwith drove to the Grand Canyon to find himself. And then he did.

  • Abnormal Entertainment Presents

    Abnormal Entertainment Presents (2014)
    Television (Talk-Show) Director Abnormal Entertainment presents celebrity interviews, video podcasts, animation, and more.

  • Sammie & Davey

    Sammie & Davey (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor When Sammie & Davey get hold of the most hallucinogenic weed on the market they are in for one wild ride.

  • Sushi or Quesadilla?

    Sushi or Quesadilla? (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Woggie

    Woggie (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Actor A man moves to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune but ends up wearing a dinosaur costume at the Hollywood and Highland Mall taking photos with tourists for tips. After foiling the hi jacking of a Metro bus in his costume by accident a college student decides to feature the costumed hero in her final school project, a documentary. Written by Abe R. Rated

  • Backroad

    Backroad (2012)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actor Abigail Hawkins sits alone, deep in her thoughts at a Sunday church service on the one-year anniversary of her husband's death. Her son, Jasper Hawkins, is noticeably absent from the congregation. He wakes up in a shabby motel room on the outskirts of town next to Irma Mae, a local barmaid. After helping himself to Irma Mae's tip money and a little more, Jasper is out the door and begins the long walk into town. During the journey he reflects on the last memory of his dying father and the events that lead up to this day. A black '69 Plymouth Road Runner stops on the deserted country road to pick up the hitchhiking Jasper. The driver is Joseph Iblis, a traveling salesman offering "the future". The two men hit the road and soon begin a verbal chess match of wills. The ride leads to a trail of blood as big as Texas as Jasper becomes progressively unhinged and is forced to face his darkest demons. He will soon discover that evil takes a different route. Written by Moonlite Filmwerks

  • Bro

    Bro (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actor Bill (Josh Jacobson), a pizza delivery guy, is threatened by Henrick, his crazy landlord (Joe Duffy), to pay overdue rent by 8:00 P.M., or Bill and his brother George (Harry Allen) will be evicted. On his way to deliver a pizza, Bill stumbles upon a 'Happy Farting Contest' between stinky contestants cramped inside a skyscraper elevator! Bill neglects his pizza delivery, so that he can compete for the $20,000 prize, and use some of it to stop their imminent eviction. Does Bill have the most smelly and offensive farts to win, or will he lose both the contest, their apartment, and his job, too? Written by Joe Duffy

  • H.O.G.'S Tooth

    H.O.G.'S Tooth (2011)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama and War) Actor When two American scout snipers fail to quell an insurgent attack on a small Iraqi village, the mission becomes a rescue operation when one of their own is taken behind enemy lines.

  • Mardi Gras: Spring Break

    Mardi Gras: Spring Break (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor For three college guys, it's senior year and the co-ed experience has left them high and dry. Their solution: A road trip to Mardi Gras, where beautiful babes are happy to lift their shirts and open containers are always welcome. But after dressing in drag, breaking into Carmen Electra's hotel room, starring in a scandalous sex show and accidentally exploding a feces bomb in a swank hotel lobby, will the Mardi Gras magic kick in and their wildest fantasies come true? Written by Vito

  • Roll Call

    Roll Call (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Crime) Actor Roll Call is a comedy about a little girls whose Lawyer Mom is kidnapped by a recently released, revenge hungry, psychopath that the Mom put in jail twenty years ago, the precocious little girl enlists the help of her Grandfather, a retired policeman, who recruits his retired buddies to help track down the ex-con, and reunite the girl with her Mom.

  • Storyteller of Terror

    Storyteller of Terror (2011)
    Film (Horror) Actor Domenic Walker was once the number one horror writer in the world. His career was great until his books and movies started to flop. His friends and the media, especially a movie critic by the name of Henry Torres, bashed him constantly on his radio show. Domenic's divorce didn't make things any better. He was being sued for millions by his soon to be ex-wife Alicia. The only two people left that supported Domenic was Professor Khalun and his agent Eric. Domenic's fascination for the supernatural powers of ancient artifacts worried his professor. Eric tried to get Domenic back on his feet several times with little success. Over emotional and stressed, Domenic's life took a dive. Drinking and depression took its toll. Domenic wanted revenge and to recover his once lost fame. He was in no position to accomplish this, but he wondered about the legend of the supernatural powers held by a medallion recently discovered by his professor in Spain. Could it be true? Could something from the ... Written by Jose Jimenez Jr

  • Rent a Car

    Rent a Car (2010)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Rent A Car

  • Cabella

    Cabella (2010)
    Film (Short, Action and Adventure) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Queerburgs

    The Queerburgs (2010)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Treasure of the Black Jaguar

    Treasure of the Black Jaguar (2010)
    Film (Action and Adventure) Actor Two boys with a get rich quick scheme end up in prison, but when they meet a famed treasure hunter named Blake West with a plan to break out they agree to journey out into the unforgiving desert to uncover a mysteriously cursed artifact. Blake West's former employer, a Japanese industrialist, is determined to beat our hero to the treasure and stop the boys by any means necessary. Written by Daniel Pleacoff

  • I'm Alive

    I'm Alive (2009)
    Television (Documentary) Actor Featuring the death-defying and moving stories of people who-regardless of the obstacles or consequences-were determined to survive an animal attack. Driven by thoughts of loved ones and the desire to live, these individuals found the strength to survive terrifying and unexpected encounters by some of nature's most dangerous creatures. This inspirational drama combines victim interviews with true-to-life reenactments, giving a replay of the split-second decisions that saved lives. Over the course of 10 episodes, I'M ALIVE immerses viewers in the psychological experience of those involved, focusing on what pulled them through and what left them powerfully changed. Every survivor had something to live for, and in that fleeting moment of chaos, their desire for life outshone the attack. Written by Anonymous

  • The Real Deal

    The Real Deal (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actor Just days away from graduation a group of seniors at Arrupe High School join the world in experiencing a major media takeover by a group calling themselves "The Real Deal." The takeover lasts an hour and during that time The Real Deal broadcasts images and facts via every media outlet available, including cell phones, television, radio, and computers. These facts, disturbing but true, challenge people to act. Some of the students are unphased by the media jolt, others are more deeply affected by The Real Deal and begin a journey towards self discovery and growth leading up to and following their commencement into the real world. Written by Daniel DeSantis

  • Jamal and Rome

    Jamal and Rome (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actor Jamal and Rome is an online TV series, a dramatic comedy about two young men who find meaning in life through the help of each other. One of the characters is Rome, a drug dealer whose dad passes away in Iraq and his mother, to support herself, marries a wealthy doctor. Rome never gets along with his step-father (as he feels this will betray his real father) and moves out to live on his own. The other character is Jamal, whose mother left when he was little. He feels disconnected with his father who has raised him all his life. Since Jamal has no mother, his personality is that he is very dependent on women to fill that empty gap in his life, however, love and luck are not in his fate. Written by Ubaid Seth

  • 12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate

    12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate (2009)
    Film (Short and Romance) Actor Actors Judy Rayne & Sal Watkins fall in love inside Sal's mind during the last 12 Minutes of brain activity.

  • Call 911

    Call 911 (2008)
    Television Actor Add a Plot »

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