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  • XXistence

    XXistence (2016)
    Television (Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Sangre Negra

    Sangre Negra (2015)
    Television (Drama) Actress Political struggle and volatile romance form the explosive backdrop to this epic series. "Sangre Negra" is the cross-generational saga of the Santos Family which is told Telenovela style and combines the family drama of "Dallas" with the underworld intrigue of the "Sopranos". Set in modern day Los Angeles, the Santos family consist of Guillermo Santos Sr. , the wealthy patriarch of La Familia de Santos, his glamorous but vindictive wife Laura, the eldest son Guillermo Jr. a slick and ambitious criminal defense attorney, Ricardo "Ricky" Santos, the half black, half Hispanic illegitimate son of Guillermo Sr. The charismatic Ricky is an upcoming star in world of organized crime, Christian Santos the youngest of the Santos brothers, is a decorated policeman dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles, even if it means putting his half brother Ricky in jail. Christian is engaged to Francesca Natal, a former beauty queen, who is also the mother of Ricky's daughter Natalya. Finally, ... Written by Steven Samblis

  • The Familia

    The Familia (2014)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »

  • One Moment: Web Series

    One Moment: Web Series (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Krissy Belle

    Krissy Belle (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Actress The adventures of a wholesome 'Southern Belle' transplanted into the center of Miami's Latin community. It's a Fish Out Of Water story that gives new meaning to the phrase 'culture shock.' It's humor with a Southern Twang and a Salsa Twist. Written by Anonymous

  • Runner Runner

    Runner Runner (2013)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Actress Princeton grad student Richie, believing he's been swindled, travels to Costa Rica to confront online gambling tycoon Ivan Block. Richie is seduced by Block's promise of immense wealth, until he learns the disturbing truth about his benefactor. When the FBI tries to coerce Richie to help bring down Block, Richie faces his biggest gamble ever: attempting to outmaneuver the two forces closing in on him. Written by 20th Century Fox Distribution

  • Pain & Gain

    Pain & Gain (2013)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Actress Based on the true story of Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) a Miami bodybuilder who wants to live the American dream. He would like to have the money that other people have. So he enlists the help of fellow bodybuilder Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) and ex-convict, Christian bodybuilder Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson). Their kidnapping and extortion scheme goes terribly wrong since they have muscles for brains and they're left to haphazardly try to hold onto the elusive American dream. Written by napierslogs

  • Warm Bodies

    Warm Bodies (2013)
    Film (Comedy, Horror and Romance) Actress With much of the world's population now an undead horde, R is a young and oddly introspective zombie. While fighting with and feeding on a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens next is the beginning of a strangely warm relationship that allows R to begin regaining his humanity. As this change spreads through the local undead population like a virus, Julie and R eventually have to face a larger issue when the very nature of their friendship is challenged. Caught between the paranoid human forces and the ferocious "Bonies", zombies who are a mutual threat, R and Julie must find a way to bridge the differences of each side to fight for a better world no one thought possible. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • Caught in the Middle

    Caught in the Middle (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actress A brainiac pre-teen boy and a stunning, popular, and trendy girl come to the realization, with the help of his friends, that they are not too different after all and that being true to your heart will take you further than you ever imagined possible. Written by Anonymous

  • The 2nd Annual Women in the Arts Miami

    The 2nd Annual Women in the Arts Miami (2012)
    Video (Family) Director Add a Plot »

  • End of Watch

    End of Watch (2012)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress In South Central Los Angeles, street cops Brian and Mike are partners - balls-out cowboys patrolling the streets as Latino gangs are in a power struggle with Blacks. Brian and Mike get lucky a couple of times, making big drug and human-trafficking busts, so a Mexican cartel orders their deaths. We meet Mike's pregnant wife (whom he married out of high school) and watch Brian's search for a soul mate. There are internal squabbles within the ranks of the LAPD and lots of squad-car conversation. Can the lads escape the cartel's murderous reach? Written by <>

  • The Client List

    The Client List (2012)
    Television (Drama) Actress Riley is a single mother living in a small Texas town and leading a shocking double life. Her secret would send shockwaves through the community and possibly land her in jail if it was ever exposed. Riley's taken a job at a seemingly traditional day spa, but soon realizes that the parlor offers a little more than just massage therapy. It's not the happy ending she was expecting but it does open her eyes to a world she's never seen before. Written by Lifetime

  • Casa de mi Padre

    Casa de mi Padre (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Western) Actress Armando Alvarez (Will Ferrell) has lived and worked on his father's ranch in Mexico his entire life. As the ranch encounters financial difficulties, Armando's younger brother Raul (Diego Luna), shows up with his new fiancé, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). It seems that Raul's success as an international businessman means the ranch's troubles are over as he pledges to settle all debts his father has incurred. But when Armando falls for Sonia, and Raul's business dealings turn out to be less than legit, all hell breaks loose as they find themselves in a war with Mexico's most feared drug lord, the mighty Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal). Written by Production

  • The Butterfly Warning

    The Butterfly Warning (2012)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actress In a race to solve a deadly ancient riddle hidden within a cryptic art exhibition, geneticist Raquel must track down her lover's killer before he unleashes a virus that will change the course of humanity.

  • The Rum Diary

    The Rum Diary (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress Hard-drinking journalist Paul Kemp takes a job at a besieged newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His volatile editor, Lotterman, assigns him to tourist pieces and horoscopes, but promises more. Paul rooms with Sala, an aging and equally alcoholic reporter, in a rundown flat. Sanderson, a wealthy entrepreneur, hires Paul to flack for a group of investors who plan to buy an island near the capital and build a resort. Sanderson's girl-friend, the beguiling Chenault, bats her eyes at Paul. His loyalties face challenges when he and Sala get in trouble with locals, when a Carnival dance enrages Sanderson, and when the paper hits the skids. Is the solution always alcohol? Written by <>

  • Quantum Savior

    Quantum Savior (2011)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actress A Man is questioned by a police psychiatrist to determine his state of mind after committing a double homicide.

  • The Games We Play

    The Games We Play (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress This is the story of Amy, a smart but lonely sixteen-year-old. Bullied at school by a girl gang led by the vicious Faye, Amy finds little solace at home where she's required to look after her two-year-old sister, Carla, due to the neglect of their mother, Dawn, and the presence of Dawn's alcoholic and creepy boyfriend, Gary. One day Amy is invited out by her one and only friend, Claire, who is going to a club with Faye and her gang. This night will prove monumental. Hope, disappointment, twists and turns - by the following morning everything will have changed in the life of young Amy. Written by Rhys Bendix-Lewis

  • Deadly Honeymoon

    Deadly Honeymoon (2010)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Handsome silver spoon Texan Trevor Forrest can't always control his tendencies to flirt and gamble, even on honeymoon cruise to Tahiti with Lindsey Ross Forrest, which may compromise their business ambitions. The ship captain asks FBI agent Gwen Merced, on cruise, to investigate discretely when Trevor goes missing, probably fallen or pushed overboard as blood traces are found. It's unclear whether the Hungarian business trio Luka, Max and Ben are innocent flirtatious gamblers like Trevor or criminals, but others have hidden agendas too. Written by KGF Vissers

  • The Scar Crow

    The Scar Crow (2009)
    Film (Drama and Horror) Actress From 1450 for 300 years European communities panic with the fear of witches living among them. The witch-hunts seek out, torture and murder ten's of thousands of mainly women. The 3 Tanner sisters live in fear after their mother is hanged for witchcraft, in her absence their father takes advantage of his daughters leaving the family somewhere between life and death cursed for an eternity. Written by Anonymous

  • Cuento de amor y hadas

    Cuento de amor y hadas (2007)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Shackles

    Shackles (2005)
    Video (Drama) Actress An aspiring teacher (Hughley) takes the one job he's offered, a position at a school inside a prison.

  • Outrage

    Outrage (2003)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Lainie Wheeler has two daughters, but her husband leaves them for a Thai monastery. She completely neglects her job in TV production but finds a new vocation in nursing terminal patients, even after the death of her friend in that home. She also finds a new lover, Matt Harper, who is also great with her kids, but still gets addicted to pills, causes a major accident, loses custody and needs long-term institutionalized therapy. After her release, a friend gets her another job in TV production, which makes her meet baseball star Harry Brewer. When he proves adulterous and gets too intimate, she ends up murdering him. Detective Webster investigates... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Coralito tiene dos maridos

    Coralito tiene dos maridos (1999)
    Film Actress Add a Plot »

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