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Fred Gélard

Actor, Author, Director, Filmmaker and Screenwriter

Paris, France

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About Fred

Fred Gélard is an actor, director and screenwriter. Formed in Beaux-arts scool and National Conservatory of Dramatique Art in Rennes, he begins in movies in 1991, plays the main character of "Beau fixe" by Christian Vincent and "Fast" by Dante Desarthe in 1993 and 1994. He continues to play in Cinéma and begins to work for télévision from 1999. He begins as director in 1996 with a first short movie "Où tu vas" in wich he plays and who will be programme on Arte the following year. Then he made two others shorts movies "Ma vie active" and "Dans mon île" both programmed on French TV and primed in severals festivals. "Free party" is his fourth film. He works on two feature films at the moment.


  • Free Party

    Free Party (2014)
    Film (short) by Frédéric Gélard (Drama) Director, Writer Julian, eighteen, arrives unannounced at his half-brother Max's place. Max, twenty-six, lives in a truck in a travelers camp in the middle of the forest. Julian falls in love with Lise, a casual lover of Max, what is going to damage their reunion. Written by Anonymous

  • Section de recherches

    Section de recherches (2013)
    Television by Yann Le Nivet (Crime) Actor The police work of a special Gendarmerie unit that operates in Bordeaux, their complicated cases and the interpersonal relationships established among the team members.

  • La croisière

    La croisière (2013)
    Television by Jeanne Le Guillou (Comedy) Actor

  • Clash

    Clash (2012)
    Television by Pierre Linhart Actor

  • Profilage

    Profilage (2010)
    Television by Sophie Lebarbier (Crime and Thriller) Actor Chloé Saint-Laurent is a profiler and works with a police team to solve murders in Paris. She's very sweet, she wears very colored clothes and a huge yellow bag. She looks like a little girl who need a doll, but she's very smart and a very good profiler. Step by step, she fit in the team and her colleagues, very reserved at first, became her best friends. Written by Ruxandra Gheorghe

  • Enquêtes réservées

    Enquêtes réservées (2010)
    Television by Clémentine Dabadie (Crime) Actor

  • Julie Lescaut

    Julie Lescaut (2010)
    Television by Alexis Lecaye (Action and Crime) Actor Julie Lescaut is divorced and works as the police commissar in Clairiéres, an imaginary village in the suburbs of Paris, where she tries to reconcile her stressful job with the education of her two teenage daughters.

  • Le soyeux de la belette

    Le soyeux de la belette (2008)
    Film (short) by Jean-Michel Fête (Drama) Actor The solid friendship of two trappers isolated in the middle of the woods is jeopardized by the fantasies of the elder one. He is literally haunted by the memory of a woman, which he continuously keeps talking about. So much that she ends up materializing in the younger trapper's bed. Written by Anonymous

  • Microclimat

    Microclimat (2007)
    Film by Marie Hélia (Drama) Actor

  • Louis Page

    Louis Page (2007)
    Television by Jean Nainchrik Actor Father Louis Page, a catholic priest, has lost his mother. Facing doubts in his faith, he decided to make a pilgrimage to Compostelle. On his way he's involved in many stories, trying to help people and to lighten his own burden.

  • La volière aux enfants

    La volière aux enfants (2006)
    TV Movie by Olivier Guignard Actor

  • Le voyage en Inde

    Le voyage en Inde (2004)
    Film by Yann Piquer (Comedy) Actor

  • Dans mon île

    Dans mon île (2004)
    Film (short) by Frédéric Gélard Director, Writer

  • Hôtel des Acacias

    Hôtel des Acacias (2003)
    Film (short) by Laurent Bruneteau Actor

  • Monsieur Bourrel

    Monsieur Bourrel (2003)
    Film (short) by Pascal Lahmani Actor

  • Un homme

    Un homme (2003)
    Film (short) by Stéphanie De Fenin Actor

  • Georges chez les tops

    Georges chez les tops (2002)
    Film (short) by Olivier Chrétien (Comedy) Actor

  • Avocats & associés

    Avocats & associés (2002)
    Television by Valérie Guignabodet (Crime and Drama) Actor

  • Le juge est une femme

    Le juge est une femme (1999 - 2002)
    Television (Drama) Actor The cases of judges Florence Larrieu and Alice Nevers.

  • Brigade spéciale

    Brigade spéciale (1999 - 2002)
    Television (Crime and Thriller) Actor

  • Rue des plaisirs

    Rue des plaisirs (2002)
    Film by Patrice Leconte (Drama and Romance) Production manager Having stayed on as a wartime handyman in Le Palais Oriental after being born there, Petit Louis has become immune to the charms of the working girls. Then Marion arrives and he is completely smitten. Feeling he is not the sort of romantic figure she deserves, he encourages a relationship between her and shadowy Dimitri Josco while also fostering her singing talent. As the war ends and the authorities close down all bordellos a strange triangular relationship develops, complicated by Dimitri's black market past. Written by Jeremy Perkins {J-26}

  • L'interpellation

    L'interpellation (2001)
    TV Movie by Marco Pauly (Crime and Drama) Actor

  • J'ai tué Clémence Acéra

    J'ai tué Clémence Acéra (2001)
    Film by Jean-Luc Gaget (Crime) Actor

  • La dernière Bibliothèque

    La dernière Bibliothèque (2000)
    Film (short) by Alexis Dantec Actor

  • Au suivant!

    Au suivant! (2000)
    Film (short) by Hervé Tourmen (Comedy) Actor Tino can't take it anymore: He is tired to be always the "next" guy. Now is the time to become someone and do something different: Rob a bank, for instance...

  • Cours toujours

    Cours toujours (2000)
    Film by Dante Desarthe (Comedy) Actor Fueled by klezmer and set in the Paris night world,iintelligent yet hilarious screwball comedy. Jonah, a young musician and father to a newborn son, learns at the last minute that, he must rush to bury the foreskin of son.

  • L'âme-soeur

    L'âme-soeur (1999)
    Film (short) by Olivier Chrétien Actor

  • Nos vies heureuses

    Nos vies heureuses (1999)
    Film by Jacques Maillot (Drama and Romance) Actor Intertwined stories of six friends searching for happy lives. Julie is released from hospital after a suicide attempt, Ali leaves Morocco to study in France, Jean-Paul is a religious militant, Emilie is in the midst of a breakup, Cecile staves off boredom by taking photographs and Lucas has broken up with his wife and is in the midst of finding himself sexually. Written by

  • Petits frères

    Petits frères (1999)
    Film by Jacques Doillon (Comedy and Drama) Actor Talia runs away from home taking her beloved dog with her. When her dog is stolen Talia enlists the help of a gang of boys to help her find her pet.

  • La nouvelle Ève

    La nouvelle Ève (1999)
    Film by Catherine Corsini (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor

  • Ma vie active

    Ma vie active (1999)
    Film (short) by Marc Fitoussi Director, Writer

  • L'affaire est dans le sac poubelle

    L'affaire est dans le sac poubelle (1998)
    Film (short) by Alexis Dantec Actor

  • Madame Dron

    Madame Dron (1998)
    Film (short) by Régis Roinsard Actor

  • Où tu vas

    Où tu vas (1997)
    Film (short) by Frédéric Gélard Actor, Director

  • La divine poursuite

    La divine poursuite (1997)
    Film by Michel Deville (Comedy and Mystery) Actor An old and invaluable statue is stolen from Mali in Africa.Its thief decides to go a step further and steals from other people too.

  • En apparence

    En apparence (1995)
    Film (short) by Olivier Zimmermann Actor

  • Fast

    Fast (1995)
    Film by Dante Desarthe (Comedy and Romance) Actor

  • La séparation

    La séparation (1994)
    Film by Christian Vincent (Drama and Romance) Actor One night at the cinema, Pierre reaches for out to take Anne's hand. She is annoyed and rebuffs him. He feels rejected. This moment begins the story of the disintegration of a couple... Pierre and Anne live in Paris with their two-year-old child Louis. After the night in the cinema it is clear that Anne is distracted and the small gulf between them seems to widen as time goes on. Lunches, evenings out with friends, there's obvoiusly something wrong. One night after a party, Anne tells Pierre that she is in love with another man. Although her confession is not surprising, Pierre's reaction is. He seems to accept it as a fact of life and refrains from asking the most burning questions. However, as Anne continues to see the other man, Pierre's feelings become more violent and it begins to dawn on them that some thing intangible has happened that can't be put right. Written by Anonymous

  • Flics de choc: Le dernier baroud

    Flics de choc: Le dernier baroud (1994)
    TV Movie by Henri Helman Actor

  • Villégiature

    Villégiature (1993)
    Film by Philippe Alard Actor

  • Beau fixe

    Beau fixe (1992)
    Film by Christian Vincent (Drama) Actor A group of 4 girls decide to revise for their exams together, in the summer vacation. They move from Paris to the countryside, where Valerie's grandmother has a vacant house. The film is all about their inter-personal relationships, and how living together effects each of them. Then Valerie's male cousin arrives one day, and we see how they deal with the young man, and vice versa. Written by ajmal hussain <>

  • Villa Beausoleil

    Villa Beausoleil (1991)
    Film by Philippe Alard Actor


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